Title: The Perfect Love Potion

Pairings: Read to find out *smirk*

Hint: Yaoi couples

Rating: T/M

Summary: Juvia's done it again; she's managed to get her hands on another potion and now Fairy Tail is in trouble! Will she get the results she expected or face another disappointment? Read to find out!

Disclaimer: If I owned Fairy Tail and its characters, then Juvia would be obsessed over someone else other than Gray and Gray would be happily married to Natsu! But since that hasn't happened, then obviously I don't! –sobs-

Warning: This fic includes madness, sudden personality changes, sudden nosebleeds, yaoi couples, stripping, pouring of drinks on each other, sudden crying out loud, lots of kissing, lots of molesting, lots of love confessions, lots of drama, more crying and more kissing!

Also includes lemons in later chapters!

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Chapter Four: The Lime before the Lemon

'First it was Happy...then Laxus...then Jet...then Wakaba...then Ezra and Lucy and now Gray?! What the heck? I can't take anymore of this...that's it, I'm outta here'

Smacking the Exceed that was currently and comfortably latched onto his arm like a leech dreamily nuzzling his arm awake from a dream the black exceed did not want to know about, Lily dragged the other towards the entrance as quickly as he could with the extra load, gulping in large amounts of air to clear his stuffed up lungs; the current Fairy Tail had the air of a perverted and sick fantasy of some hormone driven fifteen year old whose mental capacity was of a twelve year old and the neko wanted no part of it in him.

'Now this is more like it...fresh air and no craziness...'

Groaning, he quickly took his words back as he saw Shima and Warren making out furiously behind the trinket stall (1) the telepathic mage had set up awhile back, cursing his bad luck which seemed to get worse by the minute if the way those two were moaning and going at it like there was no tomorrow was any indication; was there no place that was un-perverted anymore?

"They look like they're having fun..."

Shooting a very dark glare at the other for his inappropriate (and not helping) comment, Pantherlily blinked furiously for a minute before looking away as the other neko's attention suddenly settled on him...or to be exact on his lips; and no he was no imagining it for personal pleasure!

"Baka...what are you talking about? That doesn't look like fun to me..."

"Really?" Happy ! #$%^&* his head innocently to the side although it was ruined by the glint in his eye; that glint did not look good. "Have you ever made out before, Lily – chan?"

"Lily-chan? You..."

"I know, let's go to Lucy's place...I bet she has some really fish there..." Happy chirped, oblivious to the other Exceed's dangerous and dark aura after he rudely interrupted him; he was just a hair breadth away from getting killed awhile ago by Lily...and was only half that now. Glaring for good measure, the neko sighed in defeat and allowed himself to be dragged off into the direction of 'Lucy's place'; he just hoped that this 'Lucy's place' wasn't as perverted like Fairy Tail was currently.

"We're not done yet..."

'...Oh ! #$%^&*...'

Trembling in slight fear and (dare he admit it) anticipation, the ice mage sweated nervously as the fire mage smirked evilly at him, choking down a moan when the other suddenly bucked upwards, hands curling in black cloth as he felt just how hard the other was, his erection also coming back with a vengeance; ! #$%^&*, he might even be harder than before.

"But...not now..."

...Say what?

"I don't like the big audience..."

Gray sighed in relief, heart slowing down to normal when it was apparent when he wasn't going to go into hyperventilation mode; the mage thought he'd have to wait...and possibly if Natsu was taking too long, take matters into his own hands.

Not that he wanted it, mind you...or desired it in...

Oh to hell with it!

He wanted it ! #$%^&* it!

"Then where, idiot?"

"How about Lucy's place?" Natsu asked, after awhile, blinking in confusion when the other gaped at him in horror; what did he say?

"Are you nuts? Lucy would kill us!"

"But...she has a soft bed...I just thought..."

"No, No, No...absolutely not..."

Feeling heat flare into his groin (and he meant literally) at the other's pout, he sighed pitifully and wondered to himself 'why him', nodding and blushing when Natsu grinned and hugged him suddenly; bad feeling about going to Lucy's place be damned. Stumbling as the other suddenly got up, the ice mage yelped as he was pulled away towards the entrance before he got find his footing, gulping as he passed Levy who was trying to seduce a broom by belly dancing and Elfman who was furiously humping a door while yelling "Man" over and over again.

He, Pantherlily, was hoping that Lucy's place was much better and saner than this...

'Wow...this is a nicer place than I imagined...'

Nodding silently in approval at the nice but quaint setting of the place, the neko decided to explore a little more than just the living room, relieved when his search proved that no one else but Happy and him were there; if anyone was home then they could have been charged for breaking and entering...or worse, it could be the guild all over again.

Panterlily shuddered in horror. 'I'd rather be charged...'

"Lily – chan, want something to eat?"

"Stop calling me that! And no...I want to rest a bit" Lily sighed, flopping onto the bed and smiling a bit at how soft it was; he could get used to this. "Can you find any aspirin though? I have a headache..."

"I guessed as much..."

Looking up in both question of the weird remark and at the sound of Happy's voice which was way too close for comfort, the black Exceed took the medicine and glass of water before giving a nod of thanks, swallowing the two pills before drinking the surprisingly cool water; now he just hoped that after a small nap his headache would have subsided.


"I'm going to take a nap..."

"Wait, don't ya want to...talk a little?"

"No, because talking with you makes my head hurt...so if you'll excuse me, I'm going to..."

Eyes widening as lips suddenly smashed against his like before, the neko tried shoving the other off of him, gasping in the kiss when a hand reached down to prod his entrance softly and giving Happy enough access to shove his tongue inside, stiffening when the other Exceed moaned and prodded at his tongue to move and at his entrance a little harder.

'Wha? This wasn't supposed to happen...'

Wanting very much to say stop but finding it difficult with a tongue in his mouth, the neko's eyes shot open (when did he close them?) as he felt the prodding at his entrance prod just a bit harder to push the tip of a nail inside him, growling deep in his throat and flipping their positions easily, holding and bounding the other's hands together onto of his head with the sheet; there was no way he was being submissive...not now, not ever.

Shoving the other's tongue back in his mouth, Pantherlily greedily ravished Happy's all too willing mouth, mapping out his mouth and moving his hips painfully slow to grind against the other Exceed's obvious arousal, eyes half lid when the other moaned, feeling the vibrations all the way to his own hard member.

Pulling back and narrowing his currently slit eyes at the string of saliva connection them, the Exceed quickly latched onto Happy's neck and sucked hard, grinding his erection faster into the other's, pleasure practically zinging through his veins and causing him to approach his release faster, the bed creaking slightly as he gave a hard thrust; ! #$%^&* he wasn't going to last long.

'...It's too quiet...guess I'll have to change that...' Pantherlily smirked, licking the new and quite big hickey adorning Happy's neck before biting down on it hard, smirking harder as he felt the blue Exceed scream in pleasure and buck erratically against him, moaning when he felt warm wetness on his already heated erection and giving a hard buck before also releasing, flopping down heavily onto the other; god that was good.

"So...you still up for taking a nap or...is talking still an option?" Happy joked, effect ruined terribly by the obvious lust swirling in his eyes...or at least it was ruined for Lily that is...

Chuckling Pantherlily rested on the other's chest, black tail moving about mischievously, chuckling when Happy sweated nervously at his silence and the movement of his tail before deciding to end his suffering, finger trailing lazily onto the other's chest and getting dangerously close to his nipples but not there, smirking when the other whimpered softly at the torture; it was so easy to tease him.



"You do know that you're gonna regret what you just did to me do you?"

Nervous Chuckle.

"Oh really?" Happy joked, gulping at the evil smirk on the other's face and panting when the other's finger trailed just a bit closer to his nipples, whimpering a bit louder when the other Exceed smirked wider at his torture; although the neko was no psychic like Carla, even he knew that what Pantherlily had in store for him wasn't good...


End of Chapter Four

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