A/N: So I wrote this in my random burst of sympathy for the Master after watching 'The End of Time' for the thousandth time. And it's sort of a song fic for Mumford and Sons' After the Storm. I think it really fits for them in an odd way. Yeah... Anyway, I genuinely hope you like it.

And this so isn't slash. Probably just some strong bromance cus the Doctor and Master are too cute together to not have bromance.

Warnings: Spoilers for basically everything season six and before.

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After the Storm

And after the storm,
I run and run as the rains come
And I look up, I look up,
on my knees and out of luck,
I look up.

This really wasn't the way Jack planned on spending his evening off. But when Ianto came barrelling through the doors of Torchwood like a lunatic, Jack simply had to see what it was the Welshman was going off about.

And boy was that a mistake. Definitely made the top ten list of biggest mistakes made by one Captain Jack Harkness.

Led by Ianto, Jack went above ground into the cool night air in the streets of Cardiff. Ianto hurriedly brought him to what he'd been so insistent about.

To Jack's surprise, in the middle of the damp street, barely visible in the dim glow the street lights provided, lay a man.

A young, skinny, dark haired, rather handsome, unconscious man. Not to mention he was coated in a nice layer of cuts, bruises, and his own thick blood. The most concerning of his wounds being the deep cuts around his wrists. As if he'd been bound and chained giving him the appearance of an escaped prisoner. Which in Jack's line of work was a real possibility.

Jack quirked an eyebrow. Looking first at the unknown man and then to Ianto. "Well?" He questioned feeling slightly confused.

Ianto stumbled on his words a bit. "Well, I-I just found him. Laying out here."

"Exactly, so what do you want me to do with him?" Jack asked a little annoyed and with his usual impatience.

Ianto shrugged at a loss. "I don't know! Make sure he's okay? There's an unconscious, badly injured man laying on the street in front of Torchwood and you don't find it the least bit odd?"

Jack rolled his eyes. "Oh I find it odd all right. I'm just not sure what you expect me to do with him." Jack shook his head. Honestly, what did he want from him?

Ianto shook his head. Sometimes Jack really could be rather thick. "How about we just move him into the Hub? Make sure he's all right and wait for him to wake up." He suggested.

Jack nodded, Ianto was right after all. What else was he supposed to with the kid? He wasn't about to just turn him over to any old hospital. This all seemed too strange to not be Torchwood business. "All right then, help me move him."

Jack gazed down, arms crossed, at the broken man laying on the cold medical -occasionally autopsy- table. He was still out cold, barely even twitched when they dragged him into the Hub.

Now with the mystery man inside and under proper lighting Jack could get a better look at him. He was average height, average build- just a bit skinnier than your everyday bloke. His thick dark hair had a natural curl to it but was too wet with rain water and matted to his forehead to be truly visible.

"Whose he look like to you?" Jack suddenly asked, surprising Ianto as he busily worked around the unconscious man to set up the medical equipment.

Ianto paused, momentarily taken back by the question. He glanced up at Jack, briefly studied the man's face, and then turned back to Jack "Christian Bale."

Jack raised an eyebrow and laughed, "really?"

Ianto nodded and couldn't hold back the smile that pulled at his lips. "A bit skinnier and unshaven, but yes."

Jack nodded, silently agreeing. Truth be told Ianto was spot on. "Eh, I guess your right."

Jack sighed and leaned forward against the railing, content with watching Ianto work. It was oddly adorable watching the man fumble about with all the medical equipment that he barely knew how to operate. That had been Owen's job and Owen's alone. Jack only knew the basics, though from what he could tell Ianto clearly knew more about the shit then he did. Jack smirked, well he was just full of surprises.


Jack hummed in response, not really paying much attention to what he was saying and more to how damn good he looked simply doing his job.

"Jack!" Ianto called louder, a bit annoyed with his boss. He did have a tendency to drift off at times when it was just the two of them alone.

"What is it?" Jack asked snapping out of his little day dream. "He awake?" Jack wasn't too sure weather that would be a good or a bad thing. There was no telling who this guy was.

"No, but uh, Jack, you might want to come down here." Ianto said unsure of himself.

Jack bounced down the small set of stairs and over to Ianto who hovered uncertainly over the man on the table. "What? What is it?" He asked, brows knit in a deep scowl. He wasn't fond of the look Ianto was giving him. If anything it was adding to his concern. A worried Ianto really wasn't all that rare but it didn't stop Jack's own nerves.

"When I was at Torchwood One their file on Time Lords, specifically the Doctor, was extremely small." Ianto started, talking a bit rushed. "I'm talking little to nothing-"

"What are you getting at?!" Jack snapped loosing his temper. His team rarely ever mentioned the Doctor and they only met him once, besides the attack at Canary Warff, but that was just Ianto and Hell! He was brainwashed by Cyberman technology nearly the whole time anyway. Point being, his team knew better to bring up the Doctor. It was a touch subject to say the least.

"Basically the only thing they had on the Doctor was that he had two hearts!" Ianto spoke so quickly that Jack had to admit he was a little impressed with the Welshman.

"So?!" Jack said, taking note that their entire conversation was gradually growing louder and louder as they progressed.

"Jack, he has two hearts!" Ianto shouted, emphasizing each word by pointing at the sleeping man.

Jack's eyes widened almost comically. "What?" It came out barely above a whisper. There was no way in Hell-

"He's a Time Lord, Jack. He has to be, what else has two hearts? Nothing we've encountered."

Jack shook his head and roughly rubbed his temples trying to ease the bubbling headache. "There was Rift activity wasn't there?" He asked, fearing he already knew the answer.

Realization flashed in the other man's eyes at Jack's words. "Just before I was about to leave actually," he responded just as quietly as Jack spoke. "You think he came through the Rift?"

Damn it! "Seems to be the only answer," Jack decided. Albeit reluctantly.

"Do you think it's the Doctor? Torchwood One said he could change his face, regenerate or whatever." Ianto asked.

Jack shook his head. "I don't know. There's always the possibility I guess. Did you check him for any form of identification?" He asked, urgency filling his voice.

"No. I was about to before but..."

"Do it now." Jack demanded before standing back and crossing his arms impatiently. He swallowed thickly, afraid of what Ianto may found. As far as he knew there were only two Time Lords that this could possibly be, and if it wasn't the Doctor then that only left one other option. Both possibilities scared him. For starters, if this was the Doctor, it would definitely take some getting use to. the man before him was far to gruff in appearance to be his lovable Doctor. And whatever this man must have gone through to end up looking like this, he would never wish on his Doctor.

Ianto quickly searched the man's pockets, the clothing clearly a size or two too big for his gaunt frame.

Jack froze as Ianto pulled something from the man's pocket that glinted as the light caught it. A fob watch. Jack gulped, of course it just had to be that damn fob watch.

Without warning Jack snatched the watch from Ianto's grip to inspect it With a scrutinising gaze.

"What is it Jack?"

Jack's gaze visibly darkened as he glared at the antique watch like it was a cancer. He would never forget the ancient language scrawled on the back of it: Gallifreyan. He knew exactly who's fob watch he held. And he knew exactly who this man was. Jack's voice was dark and full of raw emotion. "Get him out of here."

"What? Who is he?" Ianto asked surprised by Jack's reaction.

"Just get him out of here!" Jack yelled, instantly regretting his action. He hated when he snapped at Ianto. "Put him in a holding cell in the sub-basement. I need to make a call."

Ianto nodded and complied to Jack's wishes, rather reluctantly.

Jack slammed his office door shut as he came barrelling in. Rattling the little ornaments that littered his desk and shelves. All his thoughts jumbled together in his sudden haze of rage and emotion. It couldn't be, it just couldn't be! He didn't even want to think about how difficult it would be to explain this man to Ianto and Gwen.

Picking up the old out of date phone off his desk he quickly dialled the familiar number. He'd never actually had to call the number before, but he knew it by heart. Having taken many hours of his time to carefully memorize each digit.

"Hello?" An unfamiliar voice answered on the other end. "This is the Doctor who's this?"

"Doctor? It's Jack."

"Oh, 'ello Jack!" He said cheerfully, Jack could practically hear the grin he was wearing through the phone. "Sorry but I'm just a bit busy with things at the moment, you know how it is, if you could give me a call back latter that-"

"It's the Master," he cut in. Not getting any immediate response from his old friend he continued. "He's here. At Torchwood."

"When are you?" The Doctor demanded. Sounding nothing but business.

A/N: So chapter one down. If anything it was just an introduction to it all. So I hope you liked it. Next chapter will have conscious Master and the eleventh Doctor! Yea!