They were in one of the luxurious rooms of Avalon's grand towers. Vivienne had calmed Jonah down, and then instructed him to stay away while she led her daughter to a quieter place. Surprisingly he had listened without much protest, but Morgana didn't miss the look of pure hatred he shot her way before storming off with his creatures following behind him.

As if she needed any more enemies.

Morgana's tears had all dried up, and now all she could do was close her eyes and breathe in her mother's scent. The scent she had been deprived of for years.

She knew she should be angry, at something or someone, but she was far too exhausted to feel any emotion other than an overwhelming sadness. Rage required strength, it required passion, which eventually lead to some sort of drastic action.

But melancholy? It came so easy. It required nothing other than a feeling of falling away, drowning deep down into murky waters until all around her was darkness. Just like that pit so long ago.

But this was different kind of hell. She had failed her sister once again, and the guilt inside her chest felt like it was going to make her implode.

The only anchor she had was the strong arms of her mother as they steadily wrapped around her, holding her close enough to hear her wild heartbeat.

She was a child once again. Seven-year-old, crying because of nightmares, the soothing voice of Vivienne in her ears: it'll be okay, it'll be okay, it'll be okay.

"Sshhh, it'll be okay darling." She reminded her as Morgana's shaking slowly subsided. She pulled herself up but did not completely let go of her mother.

" I…" she began, thinking of the myriad of ways she could finish that sentence. She chose the simplest truth. "I missed you."

Vivienne kissed her forehead. "My beautiful daughter. How I missed you too. How sorry I am that I missed so much of your life."

A spark of that Pendragon anger ignited in her heart. "Then why did you abandon me?" Why did you lie about my parentage? Why did you betray the one man who truly loved us both?

The cold look was back in Vivienne's eyes. "As if I did that on purpose, as if I wasn't made a pawn in Gaius and Uther's games?!"

She paused for a moment, looking like she might continue, before regaining her composure and saying, "What's done is done. Now is the not the time to look back, it's time to move forward."

She stood up and Morgana followed her.

"What do you mean mother? What are you planning?"

A chill shot up her spine at Vivienne's smile. She probably meant for it to be reassuring but it had the opposite effect. For in her smile, Morgana saw hints of the madness that had once consumed her.

"Oh my plans aren't anything grand Morgana, I just want to have a talk."

"With whom?"

"An old friend."


Uther was in a bad mood.

Not only had he failed spectacularly at last night's raid on the Druids, Arthur couldn't even meet his gaze much less answer his questions. His stupid servant had dropped his pitcher not once, not twice, but thrice with a distracted look in his eyes, probably day-dreaming about some barmaid he rolled around in the hay with a week ago.

And that serving girl informing him Morgana wouldn't be able to join them for breakfast due to coming down with a severe fever, and then having the audacity to ask him not to go into her rooms since Morgana requested privacy.

The nerve of a serving girl refusing to let him go see his ward! Not that that would stop him, but for now he focused on eating the slightly overdone meat and bread that the cook had deemed to call breakfast.

It was a horrible morning to say the least.

So when the doors to the great Hall suddenly flew open and he heard the sounds of guards falling to their feet, he could only groan once about how much worse it had gotten before being shocked into silence at the sight in front of him.

He was hallucinating again, he must be.

That cursed witch Nimueh is back. She showed me Igraine and now she's showing me…

"Vivienne." Uther's voice carried across the room, and the person it was aimed at gave him that beautiful smile he had fallen in love with decades ago.


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