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Bella POV

Sighing heavily, I hoisted myself out of my truck, and started up the concrete pathway to the house. I opened the door, and dropped my backpack onto the floor, wandering into the kitchen and grabbing a bag of chips, before heading up the stairs, and I sat down on my bed, before falling back to lay on my back. I sighed, and asked myself,

"What are you going to do Bella? You have one day left before you'll be held captive." The majority of the Cullen family was going on a hunting trip, so I would be staying with the one remaining member, Esme. I love Esme, she's my mother, essentially. Renee was never really a parent to me, almost the other way around. I still love Renee, with both of them I feel loved, but with Esme, I feel safe, too. Protected. But all the same, I didn't like feeling trapped like a prisoner. It isn't right to do that to anyone, let alone your girlfriend!

Suddenly, a thought came to me; something to do, finally. I walked to my dresser, and grabbed another sweatshirt, along with a rain coat, and slipped both on, looking out the window. It wasn't raining, but it was overcast, like always. Forks wasn't one for the sun. I traded out my flats for tennis shoes, and carefully walked down the stairs, and out the door, locking it behind me, slipping the key into my pocket. I stepped off the porch, and around to the back of the house, before venturing off into the woods. Back in the shed we used to use for storing wood, I pulled out my motorcycle, along with a box of emotions, which pulled relentlessly at my heartstrings, but I ignored them. I started to remember him, and everything he'd said to me last time I saw him. I shook my head quickly, trying to shake off the memory. To my surprise, it worked.

I took the bike along the semi worn path, pushing it beside me, until I had reached the road, and fired it up, swiftly speeding up, taking back roads, past Forks city limits, past La Push. I'm not sure how long I was driving, but it was awhile, maybe 45 minutes. I just kept driving, until I saw a sign that said Green's Market, Beach ½ Mile. At that, I slowed, and took the turn onto the gravel drive. The weather had stayed the same through most of the drive, it was now a dark, foggy overcast, but it was in this weather that I was most comfortable. I could see the ocean from the path, it was dark and stormy, as if the water itself was a deep shade of gray.

I kept on riding until I reached a parking lot, stopping the motorcycle in one of the empty spaces, and putting the kickstand down. I then turned and walked into the little building opposite the lot, and was rewarded by warm air. I took a look around, while zipping the bike's keys into my jacket.

Inside the store, there were two rows with snacks, and two walls of coolers, one of them sodas, waters, and things of the sort, the others alcohol. The cash register was on a rather crude setup; a table that wrapped around into an 'L' shape. The table was cluttered with many things. Despite the odd quirks to the store, I rather liked it; it was a mom and pop shop; it felt homey. The person sitting next to the register was a boy, maybe 16 years old, with a ruggedly shaved head, and was wearing shorts and a cutoff t-shirt, and he was flipping through a muscle car magazine.

I walked up to the cooler, and grabbed a coke, before quickly looking over the candy racks, and got a bag of cookies, before walking up to the register. He manually put in the prices, and gave me my total. I handed him the money, and stuffed the rest into my jean's pocket, brushing aside a stray hair from my face, before turning and walking back out the door, thanking him on the way out.

I kept up my slow pace, past the bike, and along the track to the beach, which was a fairly short distance. There were large rocks littered about, and I sat against one, my knees pulled up to my chest, and rested my chin against them, allowing my head to flop to the side. I opened the soda, the crisp clean sound of opening the bottle like music to my ears. I lifted the bottle to my lips, and took a nice long drink. It burned a bit as it went down, but it tasted so good. I didn't usually have soda. I gazed out over the ocean, and lost myself in thoughts.

Before I knew it, I was crying, I couldn't stop. So there I sat, just crying. No one around, just me, the ocean, and a world of memories.