A little bit of fun for my ladies on Facebook! I think we've all experienced this moment, haven't we?

Stuffing the last of her notes into her briefcase, Hermione returned to the bedroom she shared with her husband of three years to give him a kiss before leaving for work. She had an early morning court case at the Ministry and wanted to wish him a good day.

She started to speak but stopped, a warm smile replacing the words she had been ready to utter. The man in the bed simply amazed her. She watched his face, admiring the way his stubble gave it a rakish look and then ran her eyes over his sexy body.

Hermione thought that Severus never looked more relaxed than when he slept. Even his post-coital relaxation was not as complete. The worry lines, the sneer, the furrowed brows all gave way to the boy-like innocence of his youth. She had come across an old picture of him when they cleaned out Spinner's End before selling it and knew that as a boy, he had the most charming smile—with a dimple in his cheek!—and his face had yet to take on the countenance of a child traumatised by abuse.

She could tell by the tented bedclothes that his body starting to waken, even if his brain had not reached full consciousness. With a determined bit of the devil guiding her, she walked over to the bed, grasped the tented area of the blankets, and squeezed. Leaning over, she whispered, "Are you having a good dream or just morning wood?"

Severus smiled in his sleep, his closed eyes crinkling as though he knew what naughtiness his wife was up to. He began to stretch, pushing his arms up over his head and then very swiftly he brought them down, snatched her by the waist and drew her down onto the bed, rolling over on her.

"Wife, what do you think you're doing?" his sleep roughened voice purred.

Laughing, she said, "I'm sorry, love; the devil made me do it!" Lifting her head, she caught Severus' lips in hers, and they kissed for a while.

This did nothing to relieve Severus of his little morning problem, and he ground his hips into Hermione's thigh. "What am I to do about this?"

"Save it for later?" she coyly asked.

"It doesn't want to wait," he answered, emphasising each word with a thrust of his hips.

Hermione struggled to get out of his arms. "I have to go! I have a court case that starts in an hour."

"That's plenty of time," Severus responded, kissing her neck and sucking slowly at the most sensitive part. He knew he was winning the battle when Hermione's body arched into his. "We are magical you know," he said.

Hermione looked into Severus' face. His eyes were so bright and earnest with the flame of desire sparking as well. Her hands stroked his face, her fingers brushing his lips. "Severus, I really need to go," she said softly.

He ground his hip into her again and raised an eyebrow. "Divesto," he whispered.

Hermione popped into the street outside the Ministry and headed for the phone booth.

"Hermione!" two voices called. She turned to see Harry and Ron headed her way.

"I thought you'd be here by now," said Ron, falling into step beside her.

"I got um…delayed a bit at home."

"Yes," said Harry, grinning. "I can see your delay on your neck. Bloody huge that is; are you sure he's not a bat or vampire?"

Hermione was horrified that she forgot to check her neck before leaving. "Please, Harry, cast a glamour; I don't have time to run to the ladies!" she cried.

Harry looked at Ron, who rolled his eyes. The pair laughed as Harry took out his wand and cast the charm.

As they stepped into the phone booth, Harry asked conversationally, "So do you ever leave marks on him?"

Ron snorted, "Bet he doesn't forget his glamour when he goes out."

Hermione, somewhat peeved at the boys for teasing her, replied, "He doesn't show off his pelvis in public."

She flounced out of the phone booth leaving the two green faced boys in her wake.