I'm going to continue the story on season three, but I'm going to wait until season four is airing on tv. So it might be October 13th til I can write again. Sorry :( please be patient and I've planned to write juicy things about Val and her adventure on walking dead so watch for an new story about her and Daryl. I've already have a title for it, I'm titling it (All The Things I Hate Revolve Around Me) Which explains about her experience in season three. So that's all I have to say about this right now.

However I'm going to write other stories. So if you like the way I write you can look some up when I get them posted. If you have an suggestions of what you want me to write please review and tell me why :3

Thanks for the support and reviews! I greatly appreciate it all :)

RainbowKissez101 signing out lol