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Several manilla folders were scattered along the back seat and front seats of Dom's car. It was a Friday night, a night meant to relax and unwind. It started out that way, innocently enough, but blended into another work day at a drive-in. The movie being shown was forgotten by the two as they sifted through layers of paper work from the garage, in fact, Dom had purposely turned the volume down on his radio so they could work in peace.

Letty was currently checking the list of tools and parts and matching it up with their stock papers. They had planned to go to the drive-in and relax, as friends, but worked called them away from a night of fun. Instead they brought everything with them.

" Looks like we need to order a few more parts."

Dom lifted his head from a folder frowning. "How many?"

"Not as many as you'd think," answered Letty. "It won't hurt us in the long run."

Dom sighed shaking his head. "We're running thin on cash Lett."

Letty nodded before growing through the numbers again. They were getting plenty of customers, but between the expenses for the shop, store and utilities on the house, a strain was showing. Letty hadn't noticed it before until Dom pointed out later on that week. The 'morning fancy' incident was set aside, it had been weeks since the shared event. Instead, both Dom and Letty immediately sprung to action at the sign of trouble with the fiancee, with help from Mia, and tried to account for the garages budget.

"Want a beer?"

Letty looked up slightly surprised. "I'm 18," she stated.

The man let out a snort. "Like that's stopped you before."

She smiled. "A little later. I want to finish this list."

She didn't wait for Dom to nod before she went back to work on the papers. For the next ten minutes they didn't speak a word to each other. It was a comfortable silence, one that Letty was happy to surround herself with. Letty never thought she would be content to be seating, in a car, with her ex-boyfriend. She couldn't believe how much of a 180 degree their relationship had turned.

She gave a quick glance at Dom with a small bit of curiosity. He had been surprising her all these weeks. Instead of pushing a discussion on what happened between them, Dom had backed off. Letty hadn't been grilled on why it happen or harassed to start a new relationship; she was left alone, with the occasional hints from Vince.

It puzzled Letty at times, but she welcomed Dom's new behavior, though it was getting extremely annoying how unresponsive he was to what happened. Letty almost got the feeling that he was avoiding the subject, which was odd, because wasn't she suppose to be doing that?

"I think we may have to wrap it up tonight Lett, technically we're suppose to be watching the movie," said Dom after closing a large binder on his lap.

Letty just gave him a bored look before turning back down to the lists. She could hear Dom chuckling near her. "Stubborn as always I see."

"Are you sure you're up for name calling?"

"It's not name calling if it's a fact."

"I wonder where I get it from.."

Dom snorted. "Not me."

Letty finally closed the folder. "Wow, you going to lie with a straight face?"

The large man shrugged before arching into the backseat and grabbing a Corona. He gazed at the large screen, ignoring Letty's stare.

"You've been different lately," she said after a while of sitting silently.

"Me?" He said in surprise, "I'm the same as normal."

"Bull-shit." She replied.

Dom just shook his head, but didn't reply or try to further defend her accusation.

"Seriously Dom, whats up with you?"

He glanced at her and rolled his eyes with a shaky chuckle. "What the hell Lett, can a guy just watch a movie and drink a beer?"

Letty frowned. " I think you're being indecisive."

"You're wrong."


She was met with silence. Now she knew something was wrong, he was too casual, too normal. It didn't seem right at all. "Dom."

He turned around so fast to face her that the folders in her hands spilled messily to her feet. He looked serious and a bit annoyed at her pushing and prodding. Letty could see his white knuckle grip on the beer bottle.

"What is it that you want Letty? I'm trying to act supportive, trying to give you the space you want and still you're pissed off and unsatisfied," he started. " I forgot about that morning because I know it was just a moment, nothing to look into and nothing to get riled up about. Isn't that what you wanted? I mean what the fuck?!" He accused.

Letty glared and slightly puffed out her chest. "What I want is for you to start acting like an adult."

Her statement seemed to make him angrier. Dom's lips formed a thin line and his eyes started to narrow. " You got a lot of nerve. You're the one that doesn't know what you want. Mixed signals and shit! And you're pissed that I'm not trying to hound you?"

The comment stung and made Letty's face grow warm, but she didn't back down. "At least I'm not the one pretending that everything is so fucking okay."

" I'm not pretending-"

"Save it Dom!" She interrupted. "Being friends means being yourself around that person and thats one thing you're trying NOT to do. You're walking around me like some fuckin china doll, like I'm going to break. Well FUCK YOU. I'm tough, I can take care of myself and I don't need you to judge me or think you know whats best for me. Just be fuckin Dominic Toretto, it's what you're good at."

"Maybe I don't want to be Dominic Toretto!"

And that was it. The thing that shut Letty up with a quick snap of her jaw. She never thought she would every hear Dom say such a thing. He was always confident, arrogant but overall a good guy that made the wrong decisions. But to hear him…say that. It was like he didn't like himself and to Letty that was something very wrong.

"Why?" Was all she could muster.

Dom immediately deflated and placed his beer in a cup holder. "I'm not a good guy Lett." he explained. "I've almost killed a man, hurt people I love…hurt you. I'm just bad."

Letty paused thinking about his statement. "That doesn't make you a bad person, it just tells you that you've made mistakes…a few more serious than others."

"Can you look me in the eye and tell me that I'm not an asshole? Or some arrogant prick or some homicidal psycho?"

"Yes," she said without missing a beat. He looked a little shocked at her sureness, but said nothing. "I think you use to be an asshole and you're still arrogant prick, but not as much as you use to be."

Dom faced the movie screen and gave a deep sigh. He really looked depressed and lost. It was strange to see him vulnerable. It just seemed off. After another few moments of silence, she reached over and punched him in the arm.

"What the fuck!" He yelled.

Letty shrugged and crossed her arms. "Apparently me being nice to you is not helping, so I guess I'll try another approach."


"You're being ridiculous," she started, "And you're not homicidal maniac."

"I never said maniac, I said psycho."

"Its the same thing and you're neither of those, so get it through your head." She said playfully.

Dom rested his head on the drivers seat before sighing. "Lett, I know what you're trying to do-"

"Dom just shut-up. Out of everybody I've ran into so far in my life, I think you are the most deserving of my wrath…and you're not an idiot, some of the time and I know that you know this."

Dom instantly went quiet, which suited Letty just fine. "I could be angry and hurt, but I'm over it. I have way too much to worry about than your past wrongs. The point is that you're changing, you're different from who you were years ago…and I can say it's for the good, even though you can get extremely annoying."

She registered a small curl at the corner of this mouth and exhaled mentally. He was going to be okay. She was happy for that and a little weirded out that she came to his defense. Years, heck, months ago she would give nothing to tear him a new one, especially about what happened between them, but instead she was comforting him and giving him a pep talk. Letty guessed she WAS really over it.


She cleared her roaming thoughts and focused on his face. Dom's expression was unreadable, but it was clear that he was feeling better.

"I'm sorry how it turned out, how we turned out. But I'm still happy you were here to pick up the pieces after I messed up," he said softly. "Thank you."

Letty gave a small smile and nodded her head. This was defiantly unfamiliar territory. She didn't know how to react or what to say, she was too tough and hated the mushy stuff. But for some reason she just wanted to cry at his apology. Like something had been in her chest secretly and had finally collapsed to bring on the water works.

Letty tried hard to not sniff or clear her throat, especially with Dom looking at her like that. He grabbed a Corona from the back seat and handed it to her. Letty replied with a weak 'thanks' before focusing on the movie. She needed something, anything to block the raw emotions from spilling out and embarrassing herself. Dom turned back to the screen and nursed his own beer bottle, he turned up the sound and started to focus on the movie.

Truthfully, Letty was at loss. She didn't know what really to do, but for the first time in a while, she was content.

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