Okay , so. I said I was starting a new FF , but. I wanted to write this first. I haven't seen a lot of Wheatley/OC stories. I have seen some , like ' Love as a Construct ' And that is a really good one.
So~ Here you have it. A new Wheatley/OC story. Yes , I am still working on my other FF , I finally found you. I don't own anything related to Portal 2 in this story , except my OC Lily Smith.
Random name, I know. This story is a little odd , it goes from reality to finding that Portal 2 is based off of true things and real characters like Wheatley and GlaDOS. Enjoy~~ ( Oh , by the way , they are all Androids, it will be explained,not cores for the Portal 2 characters. Continue Testing. )

~ Lily POV ~

So um. Hi there, my name is Lily. Let's just say I'm a TOTAL Portal Fan. I am 19 , about 5 foot 2 , chestnut brown hair , and strikingly lime green eyes eyes. I'm pretty average( And short.. lets just say that I have Short Girl Problems... Wait a minute that sounds like a good hash-tag name for Flitter, anyways! ) I Have pretty good grades , good friends and a wonderful family... AAAHHHH TURRETS OH MY GOODNESS I JUST DIED DUUUUUUUUDDEE. Forgot about the turrets. Haha... let's pretend that never happened. I'm near the end of Portal 2.
I've already passed where Wheatley tried to kill me and PotatOS. Argh He is such a moron. But. I kind of feel bad that GlaDOS's mainframe has corrupted him. I mean, it's not like he intentionally corrupted himself or anything right?But , that IS how the game works out.

~ 1 hour later~

Okay. So now I'm at the place with corrupted androids... I wonder if Aperture science is real. Oh god that would be awesome because... I'd rather not say. Only my best friend Winter knows why and I would rather kill her than anyone else know about it. But it's probably not. It's just a game. Awe. It's just a game. Oh well, at least it's good. Oh,Oh. ( Okay that did not sound dirty at all /shot)So now your trying to throw bombs at me. So that how you want to play. Alrighty then Wheatley!...lets put a bomb here and BOOM. Conversion gel. Okay so lets take this Android to the Control room.
( AN: Instead of attaching to the Mainframe , in my version you have to put the Cores In to the Control room instead. You plug the ports in the backs of the necks and it's like they are attached to Wheatley or GlaDOS. )

Okay so , Now that all the Androids are connected.. Lets go to the Stalemate Re-re.. Whatever it's called! Heehee, gasp NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Wheatley you blew Chell up!.. Wait. HOLD UP... she is still alive. Hah. Still Alive.
No controls now?PSH PLEASE I CAN SO CONTROL THIS. Not. Oh well. Lets just sit back and watch the Screen.

~ Regular POV ~

Chell shoots a portal to the ground under Wheatley then to the moon. Lily hears a ding , the everything starts getting sucked in. "What?" Lily says. Wheatley and Chell get sucked out into space.
'' Let go! I can fix all of this! I've already fixed all of it. And you are NOT COMING BACK! G-grab me Grab me GRAB MEEEE!" The map loading sign comes up.

~ Lily POV ~

I frown a bit. So this is how it ends. That's sad. Wait. Wait wait waaaaaaait. HOLD UP AGAIN WHAT IS GOING ON OKAY HOLD ON WHAT. Oops. Rambling again.
Chell is waking up.' Oh thank god your okay. You know , saving you taught me a lesson just now. The surge of emotion that went through me when I saved you , taught me where Caroline lives in my brain."
"- Buzzer Caroline Deleted. -""You know , Deleting Caroline just now taught me even valuable lesson. The solution to a problem is usually the easiest. And lets face it , Killing you. Is hard. So just go. It's been fun. Don't come back"... Did GlaDOS Just let Chell go? Whoop! Oh no.. nononononono Turrets. Hey they aren't shooting Chell!... oh. They are singing. But it doesn't sound like that Turret ,song in Chamber 16. Huh. Hey. Is that GlaDOS Singing? Oh well. I'm going to be late for the last day of school if I don t hurry!Eek! CRAP WINTER WILL BE SO PISSED AT ME IF I MISS THE BUS.

~ Later that day after school , After 20 minutes of the First ' Day of Summer Vacation ~

So there is this one wheat field that looks strangely like the one in the end of Portal 2.
I think I should check it out. Water? Check. Food?.. Well. Granola. And Chocolate. I should probably stuff my bag just in case. Anyways, check. Blanket? Check. First aid kit? Check. Poncho and umbrella. Check. Alright. I'm already to go! .. Might need those keys! Yeah. Really need them if I make it back. Part of me hopes I won't come back , because that Most likely means that Aperture ,Wheatley and GlaDOS is real , and if I DO come back that means it sin t. But I brought my Aperture Science Test Subject suit and Long Fall boots with me so if it is , and I end up getting captured I already have my stuff~

So , it has been almost an hour. I'm like halfway through this giant vast of a wheat field. Hopefully I will find something by tonight. Gah, so this is how Chell most of felt when she got out here... in my mind! I laugh and trip over something, falling dramatically to make It feel like it's less lonelier out here..

~ Meanwhile in the Portal 2 Universe , in the laboratories ~

GLaDOS pulls Wheatley back in from space and Wheatley starts to shake

"Okay , I deserve a punishment , but Please don't make it hurt too much. Please Luv."" I won't make it TOO painful if you agree to never call me 'Love' Again. I am not your lover, and I would most likely crash if I ever found my self falling in love with you,moron. Got it?"Wheatley nods vigorously." You are going to be in the relaxation rooms again , since Orange and Blue found the Human vault. We have lots of testing to do now." With a nod Wheatley steps in the Elevator that goes up to the Relaxation Vaults and remembers this is where he first met her. The Lady. She escaped , at least he thought she did. Oh, how he hoped she did.

With a sigh he goes into the monitor rooms and sees a human waking up from their suspension. He goes off to get them to testing safely , and to do the gymnastics part of their waking up.

~ Regular POV ~

Lily walks up to the shed looks to the side, takes a deep breath in, and squeals ." EEEEEEE! I cant believe it's actually real! "

Down below GLaDOS hears something and looks at the camera on the shed and see's a human with a bag jumping up and down squealing."I wonder what that is about. Well , looks like I have another Test Subject "She then tells Wheatley to go up tot he top and grab a girl with Chestnut hair and get her in a relaxation Vault.

He then rides the elevator up . When he see's the girl the girl is starting at him with her jaw dropped. She dropped her bag and her eyes widened" Oh. My. Goodness. "Wheatley raises his eyebrow at her. "Aperture really is real! I thought this was a prank." " No, this really is real, love" The girl opens and closes her mouth like a fish, trying to say something but no words came out ans she was somehow hit in the head by a rock and got knocked out. Wheatley then proceeded to carry her into the elevator with him and rides down to GLaDOS who then She rummages through her bag .
"You can go back to your job now Moron."I AM NOT A MORON! GLaDOs see's a I.D card and looks at it,' Lily Smith , age 19. Perfect. Why does she have Long fall boots , and a Jumpsuit already though? And a necklace with a blue and orange portal on it? Odd."

Okay, so I just want to say I'm so sorry for going dead on you guys. I went on a Portal 2 and Hiatus, and got addicted to Hetalia, Transformers ( Funny story because I was bored, turned on the T.V , got reminded how cute Bee is and somehow got caught up in reading Transformers X Oc's and X readers... Anyways! ) But I'm slowly starting to get out of my Writers block since I realized I was getting D's in Language Art class. So I'm hoping re-writing this will give me a change and my writing style has changed! Once I get the newest chapter I'm working on, you'll see the actually stuff, since I just changed some stuff here and there. Thank you if your actually reading this, you deserve and a Mochi Pet. No eating it though! Jut kidding haha/shot. But chu can has cookie. So, bye until next chapter!

Updated: 2/6/14