We all know the story of Cinderella, but what if there was a complication? A slight change in plans? What if Cinderella got side-tracked on her way to the ball?

Cinderella was sitting on the edge of the large fountain in tears. Her homemade ball gown was in rags, and she had once again been abandoned by her horrid stepmother and sisters. She held her face in her hands as her body shook with sobs and tears streamed down her cheeks.

Suddenly there was a small pop, like a bubble, and a tap on her shoulder. Cinderella raised her head and wiped the tears from her face. There was a fairy floating by her head. The fairy was only about the size of Cinderella's palm, and she wore a tiny blue dress.

"H-hello?" Cinderella asked. "Who are you?

"I'm your fairy-godmother!" The fairy answered. "I'm here to make all your dreams come true!"


"Yes. Now what is it that you wish?"

"I wish I could go to the ball," Cinderella told her.

The fairy crossed her arms and paused; looking Cinderella up and down, and thinking.

"No, no I don't think so," she said.

"What do you mean?" Cinderella wondered.

"I think you just want to get out of the house. You're always cooped up in there, never allowed to leave. And I know just what to do!" The fairy grinned. "Just let me make a quick call."

Cinderella nodded, and the fairy disappeared with another magical pop. Cinderella was left pondering the fairy's words.

Seconds later, the fairy returned and said gleefully, "He'll be here very soon!"

"Who is he?" Cinderella asked.

"You'll see." The fairy said nothing more after that. She just stared at one spot as if she was waiting for something to just appear out of nowhere and land on that exact spot.

Cinderella didn't have to wait long to find the answer to her question, for just as the fairy had said, there was a faint grinding noise that was followed by a small light, and then a large blue box.

Cinderella stared wide-eyed at the box until the door opened and out stepped a young man in a green tweed jacket.

"Hello," he said. "I'm the Doctor. I heard someone was due for an adventure."