Anon Prompt: Mystrade – Lestrade has been hospitalised.

The fuss around his head wound had finally abated, and Greg sat still as a single nurse prodded gently at the back of his skull. The pain was an ache, rather than sharp, and not bad enough to cause him to wince. There was no deep wound, just a few small scrapes which had stung as they had been cleaned out.

"Well Mr. Lestrade, it looks like you're going to be just fine. We'd like to keep you in overnight, as there seems to be some very mild concussion. You'll be fine to leave tomorrow morning after we've checked you over," the nurse told him, moving around to stand in front of him as she spoke.
"I suppose you're going to insist that I stay?" Greg asked.

"It's strongly recommended, though of course we can't make you stay for the night. Head injuries can be dangerous for some time after they actually happen," she replied.

"Right, of course. Is there anywhere I can go to make a call?" Greg's phone had been switched off inside his pocket since he had arrived, and he had been itching to call Mycroft to tell him he would be late home.

"Just out in the hallway will be fine," she told him. "So long as you promise to sit down if you start to feel dizzy." Greg nodded, mock saluting as she stepped out through the curtains surrounding the bed he was sitting on.

Out in the hallway a few minutes later Greg pressed his phone to his ear and waited for Mycroft to pick up on the other end. As the ringing played out, he wondered idly if he could go home if he told the nurse that Mycroft would be there to keep an eye on him. It would probably work, but with Mycroft's uncertain working hours he doubted that it was the best idea. While he felt fine, he knew that the nurse was right about the potential dangers of the bash to the head.

"Gregory?" Greg did his best to avoid calling Mycroft while either of them was working, so the hint of confusion in his voice as he answered the phone was not surprising.

"Hey, do you have a minute?" Greg asked, leaning back against the wall and keeping the phone pressed to his ear.

"I have an afternoon of paperwork which can wait for a moment. Is everything okay?" Mycroft's office was always unnaturally quiet, and Greg could hear the click of the other man placing his pen down on the desk.

"Fine," Greg reassured him immediately. "I'm at the hospital, took a bit of a knock to the head chasing after your brother earlier today. Thought you'd want to know that they want to keep me in overnight."

"Thank you got calling, I would have worried." There was silence from Mycroft's end of the phone, and Greg waited for a moment for him to continue. "I'll have someone bring you an overnight bag."

"Right, thanks. See you tomorrow."

"Certainly. Goodbye, Gregory." The line went dead, and Greg frowned at his phone for a moment. He had hardly been expecting gushing declarations of love, but a little more concern would not have gone amiss. Mycroft may not need to ask him for the details in order to find them out, but Greg did not think asking which hospital he was at was too much to ask of the other man.

Mycroft arrived at the hospital ten minutes before the end of visiting hours, brushing through the curtain around Greg's bed and dropping an overnight bag at the end of the mattress. Greg had been trying to keep himself amused with a spare book which one of the nurses had brought round for him and it had not been passing the time as quickly as he had hoped.

"Hello." Mycroft settled himself into the plastic chair beside the bed, looking as entirely at ease as he always did.

"Hey, wasn't expecting to see you this evening." Greg sat up a little more, swinging his legs off of the side of the bed so that he could face Mycroft more easily.

"I'm aware that I was not, perhaps, as comforting as I could have been on the phone. I wanted to see you." Mycroft paused. "You will be okay?"

"It's just a bump," Greg told him. "They're only keeping me in because it knocked me out. No real harm done."

They spoke quietly until nearly an hour after the end of visiting time. None of the hospital staff made any attempt to get Mycroft to leave. As the conversation trailed off Greg muffled a yawn against his hand, rolling his shoulders against the tension in his back.

"I should leave you to rest," Mycroft muttered, leaning towards Greg and pressing a kiss first to his forehead, then to his lips. "Tomorrow looks to be quiet, I'll come and pick you up first thing in the morning."

"Mhm." Greg stood along with Mycroft, tugging him into a tight hug. "Thanks for coming."

"I could get them to sign you out, if you'd rather," Mycroft suggested. Greg shook his head.

"I should listen to the doctors. It is their job, after all." The policeman pressed forwards into a brief kiss before releasing the hug. "I'll see you first thing tomorrow." With a rustle of curtain, Mycroft was gone, and Greg turned to the overnight bag so that he could settle in for the night.