Chapter one: Raw Emotions

Danny's POV:

Great, not a week into school and I already have a fucking project, just fucking great. It the English teacher this year was already giving out 1000 word reports this year was going to be absolute hell.

The library had the same musty smell of old pages and glue as it had all last year and the year before. I saw Allison and Lydia sitting at a table not too far away so I moved in their direction. The book I had in my hands was accompanied by the rubric for my report and a notebook.

Jackson left without so much as a word to me. Well I guess he said something, I mentally corrected myself. A Letter.

Not a phone call, not a text, nothing, but a god damn letter. It wasn't even a nice one, just telling me to forget our friendship. I was wrong, Jackson was an ungrateful son of an unknown bitch.


It was fun while it lasted but now I'm moving to London with my adopted parents. This town is a hell hole and I can't take it anymore. Every week for the past year there has been a murder or a disappearance. Good luck. Since I am leaving beacon hills I am choosing to cut all ties with my old life. Unfortunately that means you as well, I am changing my number and email so that I can completely start over, goodbye Danny.

Sincerely Jackson

My mind was so wrapped up in my past I couldn't focus on my present. For weeks I was hurt. My only real friend was gone, and he didn't even give a fuck about the life or the people he left behind. Once I rounded the corner of a book shelf I ran directly into the Adonis in front me.

I drew a blank. He was, perfect. His body was… Sculpted. My book dropped to the floor along with everything else in my hands. My heart was racing, and I could feel a blush rushing up my nick and onto my face. The only word that registered in my mind has was Embarrassment.

"Uhh… Sorry, I didn't mean to, I meant I didn't see you."

Several mental slap worthy comment later I just decided to shut up. I knew that he knew I didn't know what to say.

"Its fine, By the way I'm Ethan."

"Hi I'm Danny."

I was shaking. I was excited to say the least. I didn't even know the guy but for some reason I almost couldn't keep control of myself. Those lips, my god. That face. His features overwhelmed me. His cologne Acqua Di Gio, one of my favorites. Heat radiated off me and I couldn't control my mouth. It Smelled much better on him than me. My mouth watered, was I really falling head over heels for a guy that I didn't even know. The aroma of the ocean was expressed beautifully in the eyes slightly fluttered and he noticed. Oh shit.

His eyes were a beautiful brown and his hair was a dirty blonde. With teeth that perfect it should be illegal for him to smile. The thoughts of what I'd do to that body made me twitch in my most desirable of places. The moment became awkward. I was hard as a rock, and I scrapped against my zipper so much it hurt.

What if he wasn't gay? Shit. He wasn't, not with that body. Every girl at Beacon Hill High Would be all over him by the end of the day. Word of the sexy twin teens had already circled quietly around the school. How could I ever….. I just wasn't good enough.

I would be lucky to get a smile every once and a while when he wasn't busy fucking the brains out of his soon to have girlfriend. That's it, just another fantasy. A man I could never have. I was gonna' jack off to him later I already knew it. With that thought I looked down at my jeans. Thank goodness that my boner was visible, it was there without a doubt, but thank god you couldn't see it.

Don't make the assumption Danny, I told myself. Stay optimistic, you have most of your classes with him. On kiss that's all, even if it's a mistake or an accident, I don't give a fuck I'm gonna' try.

He just smiled. That's all. He just fucking smiled.

Ethan's POV

The smile wasn't leaving. I tried desperately to stop but I couldn't. All my control flew out the window. His awkward behavior and smell of arousal turned me on. No, I can't, he's pure, I can't destroy his world. I'm here for a job, he can't know. If I get close to him ill only rip his heart out of his body when I leave.

(Flashback) Earlier that Month:

"I am sending the two of you to high school," Deucalion Said with a powerful growl.


"Because, …. I don't have to answer to you."

"Well if I'm going I need to-"

Before another word could leave Aiden's lips he was on his back. My brother had been hit. Kali looked in amusement as the beating continued. I stepped forward in some kind of lame attempt to defy or challenge him. I couldn't just sit by as by as Aiden was brutally handled.

Before I could rush forward Ennis grabbed me. His arms wrapped around me and pulled me to his chest.

He knew no one had the power to defy him successfully. I struggled to move but I was too weak, too young, too unexperienced to get out of his iron clasp.

He bent down and whispered in my ear "You don't want to see this.

Despite my anger and alpha powers, I felt helpless. Steaming tears rolled down my face as I cried into the older man's chest. This wasn't the life I wanted.

I could hear my brother's screams for mercy. Trying to plead with Deucalion.


"You need to learn your place, and I'm the perfect teacher."

"No, NO. NOOO"

After that all I heard was bones break. All I could do was listen; I had no control. The tears kept coming and Ennis just kept tightening his arms around me.

Once it was all over he told me to take my brother to the Penthouse and with Kali's unwilling help I did. Aiden was unconscious in the aftermath of the thrashing he had received.

I snapped out of it and bent down to help Danny with his books. All I knew of Deucalion's master plan was that I was to distract this kid and my brother was to do the same with some red head named Lydia. I went over the plan over and over but my mind kept wandering back to how I could do this sort of thing again. Could I do it to Danny, the kid I didn't even know but had to for my and his sake. I shook all the concerns off. Focus Ethan .Aiden was fully healed now so there was nothing left to worry about. Well except for that.

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