Aomine looked across the court and watched as his ex-best friend bumped fists with his new light.

"Tetsu . . ." Aomine growled under his breath. He two-stepped back over to the benches and sat next to his senpais. He threw a towel over his head and continued to glare at the other side of the court where the Seirin team was resting on the benches. He watched his ex-best friend gulp down cold water from his water bottle. Aomine looked away. "Tch." He looked at the score board: 56-48. They were already winning, he didn't even have to be there. But he had to show Tetsu. He had to show him that no matter what the kid thinks, he can't beat him.

The time was called. They were back on the court.

For the time being throughout the game, Kagami's been on his ass. He was trying to overpower him. Aomine made sure he didn't, couldn't. After all, he was Tetsu's first light. He glanced over and easily spotted Tetsu, hiding behind everyone else. Why? How could Tetsu do such a thing?

Aomine dribbled the ball. He bounced it to his left and pivoted, bouncing to the right, slipping past Kagami, catching the redhead off guard. He made a 3-pointer. Aomine ignored the cheering crowd and praise from his teammates. The ball was now in Seirin's hands. He watched with a close eye until the ball was about to be passed to Tetsu then to Kagami. Kagami was blocked by Glasses-senpai. The creepy bastard smiled at the redhead. Aomine didn't care about the game at all. He just wanted to get close to Tetsu. He couldn't wait for the game to be finally over.

Aomine stared with angry dark blue eyes as he finally caught eye to eye contact with light blue eyes. Tetsu acknowledged him, but continued to keep his focus on the game. He was determined to win. Aomine smirked. He couldn't wait till this game was over.

The game was a pain in the ass. Aomine was on the edge the entire time thinking about what he'd do after the game. Kagami continued to tail him trying to score and defeat him as much as he can. Too bad, though. Tōō beat Seirin brutally. A score all the way in the hundreds. Seirin's was half that. He watched, not feeling bad at all, as the team members of Seirin treaded back to the exits like zombies. They were in shock. Disappointed, even. It shouldn't have been unexpected, because they should've known that once you've entered Aomine's ball game, don't expect yourself to get a win. Tōō alone can smoke all of them.

Aomine waited as he was gathered up with his team. His coach began to talk. "Okay. I know you guys are tired like hell, but we've got another game. So, get as much rest and energy as you can, because you're gonna need it."

Aomine threw his coach's words from his ears and bolted out of their locker room. Faint yells were calling for him but he ignored them and began to jog through the hallways, searching for Seirin's locker room.

He finally found it and busted the door open, scaring half of the team inside. He looked around for Tetsu and saw him sitting next to Kagami, eating some lemon-honey looking thing, it looked terrible. He glared at Tetsu, communicating with him. He stormed up to the teen, grabbed his wrist, and stomped out of the locker room pulling Tetsu with him.

"Aomine-kun, what are you doing?" Tetsu asked. They stopped abruptly in the hallway. Aomine turned around and looked down at Tetsu. He glanced around the hall, making sure it was empty. He cupped Tetsu's face in his hands and pulled him into a kiss. He leaned further down to reach the smaller one's height, putting more into the kiss. He felt Tetsu gasp when he entered his tongue into his mouth. "A-Aomine-kun. Why're you doing this?" Tetsu asked, flushed. It was bizarre to see such an expression on this unique teenage boy. Aomine scowled at him. He grabbed Tetsu's wrist and pinned his body against the wall. Aomine breathed along the teen's neck, his hot breath making his goosebumps rise.

"Tetsu . . ." he growled in his ear. Tetsu squirmed beneath Aomine's grasp.

"Let go of me, Aomine-kun," Tetsu said quickly. Aomine tightened his grip on Tetsu's wrist, holding it high above the boy's head. He let his other hand slide down the side of Tetsu's body, slipping his fingers in the pit of his Seirin uniform, flicking his light pink nipples. "A-Ah . . ."

He watched Tetsu squirm, trying to slip away from him. But Aomine was taller and stronger; he had the advantage either way. He merely laughed inside when Tetsu tried to reason with him.

"A-Aomine-kun, we can't do this here. Let me go now. Why're you doing this? You're making no sense," Tetsu blabbered on with his quiet voice. Aomine dug his body against Tetsu's, pushing the boy against the wall even more, making the smaller one squeak. "A-Aomine!"

Aomine leaned down and whispered harshly in his ear. "I don't give a damn where we are. You'll pay. You'll receive what I want to give you." He licked his earlobe lightly. "Tetsu . . . I want you."

They heard a noise down the hall and in came running Seirin's captain, the Hyuuga guy, Mr. I Can Always Pinpoint My Shots, or, Mr. I Love My Figurines.

"Hey! What's going on here!" the captain yelled. He stomped up to them. Aomine still hadn't let go of Tetsu, leaving the boy feel embarrassed by being overpowered by Aomine. Hyuuga glared at Aomine. "Let go or I call security." Aomine returned the glare and then finally let go of Tetsu, leaving him bruises on his wrist. He rubbed at them and stepped away from Aomine. Aomine continued to glare at the both of them. Hyuuga turned to Tetsu. "Are you alright, Kuroko?" he asked. Tetsu gulped then nodded slowly and walked back to Seirin's locker room. Hyuuga turned back to Aomine. He pointed a finger at him. "I'm reporting you to your coach. Who the hell are you to manhandle our players?" Hyuuga turns on his heel and starts jogging away to find Tōō's locker room. Aomine stood there, his jaw clenched, pissed. He shook his head and scrunched his nose.

"I'll get him," he muttered to himself. He turned around and started walking in the opposite direction towards the exits. "Tetsu . . . you can't run away from me."