"W-Wait, Aomine-kun!" Aomine slipped Testu's pants and threw them off to the side. He gripped Tetsu by his waist and flipped him over. "W-What are you—!" Aomine sunk his chilled hand deep within Tetsu's light blue boxers and caressed his member roughly with his calloused hands. Tetsu shuddered as he felt a cold sense of pleasure glow from within his lower body. "A-Aomine-kun . . ."

Aomine refused to respond to the sky-blue teen. He let his finger rub hard over the tip of his ex-lover's dick, stopping the constant flow of warm precum. Aomine rubbed his body against the back of Tetsu's. He was almost getting heated to the point where he would actually take his pants off, but he forced himself to wait. His grip in the hem of Tetsu's hips tightened, his nails sinking in deep, earning a gasp from the smaller teen.

"T-Too tight . . ." Tetsu gritted out. He used his weak, numb hand to try and pick at Aomine's large hand but he couldn't move it. "L-Let go . . . you're making me . . . bleed," Tetsu whispered out. The stroking continued on, going faster one moment then slowing down; going a little more gentle with his strokes then going harder against the sensitive skin. Tetsu looked down at his hip which was already slightly bruised and little streams of blood slowly curved its way down his thigh around his inner areas. He watched Aomine's hand move away for a quick second from his dick and he rubs his hand across the blood then he goes back to stroking Tetsu, roughly nipping his nails in the opening. Tetsu sucked in a hitched breath. He shakily rubbed his backside against Aomine as he continued to feel the slight bulge that Aomine had. He didn't know why—no—he didn't fully understand why he was being teased in such a hurtful way . . . but he wanted to feel Aomine . . . he needed to touch him.

"A-Aomine-kun . . ." Tetsu moaned his name.

"What is it?" Aomine asked by Tetsu's ear.

"T-Take it off . . ." Tetsu said, grinding his ass against the front of Aomine's pants.

"Take what off?" Tetsu let out a little whine when Aomine sent a little thrust towards Tetsu.

"I w-want it off . . ."

"What? My pants?" Aomine stroked Tetsu some more. He gave his pale lover a soft kiss along his jawline. Tetsu moaned quietly. "You want something from me, Tetsu?" Tetsu moved his hands towards Aomine's.

"Aomine-kun, why are you teasing me like this?" Tetsu asked him. Aomine smirked at Tetsu. He brought one of his hands up to play with Tetsu's pink, hardened nipple. Tetsu flinched at the cold touch. Aomine could tell Tetsu was reaching his climax. Unexpectedly, the smaller teen whipped around and topped himself on Aomine.

"Tetsu . . . you're that eager?"

"I can't . . . wait any more." Tetsu unbuttoned Aomine's pants and pushed through his boxers, pulling out the tanner teen's large length. Tetsu groaned at the sight and in a flash, he did himself on Aomine, slowly riding the bigger teen.

"Tetsu . . . you like riding me?" Aomine asked, breathless. Tetsu shot him a cold glare as he continued to roughly slam himself down against Aomine. The boy moaned loudly as he felt Aomine's cock run deeper inside of him. "This is our first time . . . I wanted to make you hurt, Tetsu . . ." Tetsu grabbed Aomine by the back of his hair and rushed him in for a hard kiss, both teens bruising their lips slightly from the impact. Aomine groaned into the kiss, sucking on Tetsu's bottom lip, biting it slightly, drawing blood.

Aomine snaked his hands around Tetsu's hips, groping his ass hard, making his nails dig into the soft flesh. He continued to pump into Tetsu. He was starting to become furious. Tetsu wasn't supposed to take over. "Remember, Tetsu?" he growled angrily, pushing Tetsu's body hard against his member. Tetsu whimpered hotly against their kiss. "You left me . . . you fucking bitch!" Aomine scratched his hands along Tetsu's back. He laid the pale boy back on the bed and continued to fuck him hard and fast. He pulled out until all of his length was out, his tip slowly leaking of precum and blood, then he slammed back in, making Tetsu cry out in pain, yet a small moan would be let out.

"A-Ah! A-Aomine-kun," Tetsu cried out. The smaller teen reached his arms out for Aomine but Aomine pinned them down against the bed, using his hold as a weight to hold him steady as he rammed into Tetsu's tight virgin hole. Aomine noticed a new color being added to his bed, other than the original blue, he saw a thick crimson being splattered across his clothes and sheets. Tetsu was bleeding. He was making Tetsu bleed. But he didn't mind. After what Tetsu did to him . . . cheating on him with the fucking redhead. He just got more angry thinking about it.

"Tetsu . . . you don't feel as tight as you should've been . . ." Aomine grunted out slowly as he slowed his pace. Tetsu looked up at his ex-partner with teary eyes and an open mouth that would cry out in agony with every thrust Aomine made.


"You did it . . . with someone else . . . didn't you?" Tetsu shook his head. Aomine glared at him harshly. "Remember our deal . . . that I'd be your first?" Tetsu looked away slightly, a tear escaping his eye. Aomine grabbed his chin, making the sky-blue haired teen look at him forcefully. "Don't tell me you forgot." Tetsu's lip quivered as he was forced to stare into Aomine's fierce sea-blue eyes. Aomine seethed at him. He shook his head, disappointed. "And don't you dare fucking tell me . . . that it was Kagami." Tetsu gulped slightly.

"It was . . . wasn't it?"

Tetsu nodded slightly.

Aomine cursed at him. Oh how he wanted to hurt his ex-partner so badly. After all he's done to him . . . but he couldn't. Tetsu was hurt, yes, but he wanted him to feel terrible for leaving Aomine. He betrayed him.

A half hour later, Aomine sat on the edge of his bed staring down at his dark blue, carpeted floor. He avoided looking at Tetsu. Every time he looked at him, his anger would rise and his body would become heated. He had a cold water bottle to cool him down beside him on his dresser. There was rustling on the bed. Tetsu was trying to stand to gather his clothes.

"What are you doing?" Aomine asked, his voice gruff. He didn't look at Tetsu, but he stared at his shadow that was casted upon the floor. He heard the other teen sniffle.

"I . . . I think I should go . . ." Tetsu said, his voice quiet, cracking from the pain he was in. Aomine noticed the boy's body shiver.


"Y-You don't want me here . . ."

"You don't know what I want."

"You want to hurt me . . . isn't that right?" Tetsu asked him. Aomine glanced up at the standing teenager. Tetsu stepped closer to Aomine, his bloody, broken, naked body right in his face. Aomine's brow twitched in anger. "I'm sorry, Aomine-kun."

"Fuck you, Tetsu."

"I mean it."

"You lost your virginity to that asshole!" Aomine yelled at him. He pointed to himself and then looked down at Tetsu's lower areas with a scowl. "I was supposed to be your first. But I guess you weren't in the mood for me, huh. Being with your 'new' light and shit."

"It . . . just happened . . . but it didn't mean . . . it didn't," Tetsu said, his voice mumbling to silence as he tried to think of a way to end his sentence.

"It didn't mean anything?" Aomine stood up, looking down at his ex-partner. "Your first time didn't mean anything? Tell me. How did you feel when Kagami's dick ran up your tight ass! Did it feel good? Huh, Tetsu? Did you ever wonder what it'd be like having sex with me?" Aomine sucked his teeth for a second. He started to notice that his Tetsu was looking ashamed. Tears were falling softly down his cheeks. He scowled at him again. "I bet you didn't expect your first time with me to be like this, didn't you?"

Tetsu didn't answer him. He stepped back shakily. He avoided eye contact with Aomine, searching for his clothes that were dropped all over the floor. Once Tetsu gathered all of his clothes, he started for the door, but then Aomine grabbed his arm roughly, pulling him back and turning him around to face him.

The tanned teen hoisted up the paler boy and pulled him into a kiss. He ignored the almost dried blood rubbing against his new white tank as he tried to taste Tetsu's mouth once more.

Angry hate . . . angry love . . . Tetsu was confused, but he still accepted the kiss. He liked being touched like this, but then again, he didn't. Aomine was always sweet with him . . . but not anymore. Not when Tetsu hurt him badly. Now he understood why Aomine was so pissed at him. How could he be so oblivious?

All of a sudden, a loud noise of a door being slammed was heard throughout the house.

"Daiki!" Aomine's mother called. Aomine cursed under his breath.

"Fuck . . . the witch is home," he grumbled to himself. He looked at Tetsu, staring into his watery blue eyes and at his light pink, bruised lips. Aomine gave him one last wet kiss before letting Tetsu go. He opened his door slightly and called out to his mother.

"What is it, woman!"

His mother could be heard cursing to herself. "Ungrateful brat! Help me with the groceries!"

Aomine sighed heavily, running his hands through his dark blue, short hair. He looked at Tetsu.

"Can you walk?" he asked him. Tetsu gave a slight nod at him, but Aomine knew better. After what he did, he was making sure that his Tetsu couldn't walk. "Just go back and lay down. I'll let my mom know that I have a 'friend' over." Tetsu nodded. He limped over to the bed and lay down on the side that wasn't as bloody. Aomine said he'd change the sheets later.

"Ma! I got a friend over, so stop bitchin'!" Aomine said. He ran to the kitchen, greeted by a glare from his witch of a mother, a beauty with long dark blue hair and tanned skin as him. His mom snickered at him.

"I can't wait till your father gets here. He'll teach you something about that mouth of yours." Aomine rolled his eyes at her but quickly kissed her cheek and dove out of the house to help get the groceries. He wondered slightly if Tetsu was hungry. Maybe . . . but then, maybe not. Aomine hit him pretty hard inside, so maybe his stomach hurts. Aomine paused slightly to think of the male anatomy and where his dick would go if it could go that deep . . . he shook his head.

He was supposed to hurt Tetsu. Not feel bad about it.

Aomine went back inside, helped his mom, and then rushed back upstairs.

Tetsu was found half asleep on his bed. His eyes fluttering closed and then opening again because he was trying to fight sleep from his fatigue.

"Go to sleep," Aomine whispered, rubbing Tetsu's light blue hair gently between his fingers. Tetsu shook his head.

"What if someone sees me like this?"

"Who would see you like this except for me?" Tetsu sighed and then closed his eyes, using Aomine's lap as a pillow. A slight smile grew on Tetsu's face as he heard Aomine's mom cursing downstairs.

Aomine groaned.

"Fucking woman . . ."


"I didn't say that. I said 'lovely mother!' Jeez, go back to cooking dinner!" Aomine yelled down the stairs. He never understood how his mother could have such great hearing. She really was a witch. Or a dog. Whichever she was.

"Aomine-kun . . ."

"What is it, Tetsu?"

"I'm sorry."

"Shut up."

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