Authors note: I CAN'T WAIT FOR SUMMER! Can I just emphasize my hatred for school? I'm so done and ready for the love that is summer! Without further ado more Kevedd fluff and angst. Also please note that I have never been to a football game and actually watched so I don't know how football works woops! Nat belongs to c2ndy2c1d!

"Oh, come on just wear it." Edd glared at the jersey in Nat's hands. The football player has been trying for the entire day to get him to put it on but he has refused it every time.


"Why not?" Nat blocked him from going any further into the almost empty school hall.

"Three reasons: one, I don't want to. Two, It's ugly. And three, Kevin and I aren't even out yet. Now if you'd please excuse me I have to get to class."

Nat shook his head and sighed, "Edd, this is the perfect way to come out! I mean come one, I know, Eddy knows and Nazz is pretty damn suspicious! It'll be perfect! And Kevin wants to come out right?"

Edd rolled his eyes and stopped trying to get past him. The bell had already rung and Edd was now late. It wasn't as if he still had perfect attendance anyway. He sat down on one of the built in benches and kicked his feet up.

"It's not that simple. It would ruin his reputation."

"I don't think he cares about that Edd."

"Yeah, but I do."

Nat sat down beside him and chuckled. "I could tell, but why?"

"I don't know." Edd closed his eyes and breathed in sharply. "If I wear the stupid jersey will you let me go to class?"

"Yes! I stole it from him so he doesn't know you'll be wearing it. It will be perfect." Nat smiled giddily.

"Wait, you washed this thoroughly right?" Edd eyed it carefully. It was bigger than his size and smelled like laundry detergent. Edd loved that smell, especially Kevin's; he'd have to ask the brand sometime.

"See you at the game today alright! You better be wearing it!" Nat was already all the way down the hall before Edd could even say good bye. He shook his head and laughed a bit. Then he rose and stuffed the jersey in his back pack and went to science.

The bleachers were filled with just about every person in both schools. Edd walked by Nazz cautiously trying not to get lost in the huge crowd. Eddy hated these sorts of things so Edd was alone with Nazz to cheer. Ed didn't even show up.

"So I was right? Kevin doesn't tell me straight out but I knew it." She giggled and swept the bangs out of her eyes. Edd laughed nervously fumbling with a loose string on the jersey. For some reason Nazz made him feel a bit vulnerable.

"Yeah… Sorry, I thought you just knew."

She smiled whole heartedly. "There are some seats let's snatch em' real quick!" She grabbed Double d's arm and led him up the bleacher steps. They sat down almost in the center. No one seemed to notice the jersey Edd was wearing matched perfectly with the quarter back about to start playing. This made Edd feel relieved.

"Sooo Edd, do you love Kevin?"

The hatted boy was a bit stunned by the sudden random question. Without knowing he smiled, "Yes." He didn't need to answer with a sentence or a declaration of love. The answer was one syllable long but felt as if it was the key to the world.

"Good. Because he loves you more than anything. I can see it in his eyes when someone mentions your name or in his smile when you're around. He really loves you." Her eyes didn't leave the field as she spoke.

"Now you take real good care of him because, well he's my best friend! And I love him like he's my brother you know?"

Edd nodded and smiled watching as the football players ran through the banner. He watched the cheerleaders and confetti, the crowds roar ringing in his ears. Then he saw Kevin holding his helmet and running through the already broken banner.

It was stupid to think that he would see him but Double D shyly raised his hand half way and waved. Kevin was searching the crowd maybe there was a chance he would see… Edd didn't give it much hope until Nazz grabbed his wrist and hoisted him up to his feet with her yelling and calling Kevin's name.

When the red head caught sight of them he smiled brightly and waved his gloved hand. His eyes went wide when he saw the jersey and he had to turn away for a bit to catch his breathe. Nazz laughed and they both sat down again the crowd's noise dying down also.

Edd didn't really get the game but he watched intently all the way until half time trying to figure it out. When girls started dancing on the field Edd snapped out of his concentration and Nazz laughed.

"Hey wanna get Kevin some Gatorade? I'm sure he'd appreciate it!"

Edd nodded and they both walked to the vender and picked up three Gatorade's. Green for Kev, blue for Nazz and red for Edd. They walked to where all the football players were taking a rest and making a game plan. Double D spotted Kevin almost immediately standing by Nat. He was far enough away that he wouldn't notice if Edd was there.

"Go on, you can't give it to him if you don't go up to him. I'm gonna stay here okay?" Nazz gave him a little push and snickered as she went to talk to a different football player, a tall brown eyed one.

He began to walk, slowly as if every step counted towards something very important. He didn't want Kevin to think the jersey was stupid and he didn't know if he would be treated differently now in front of all these football players.

Suddenly a blonde Cheerleader strutted up to Kevin her hair tied up perfectly with a bow. Edd could tell that she was flirting by the look on her face. Edd's heart sunk even though he was sure there was nothing to worry about… right?

He didn't mean to eavesdrop but he ended up in a bush near the two. He mentally punched himself for hiding in a bush but he was curious. Curiosity killed the cat as they say.

Edd could barely make out what they were saying. The cheerleader just laughed at everything Kevin said and touched his arm making Edd glare violently. Kevin seemed unresponsive which made Edd very pleased.

He was about to leave the comfort of the bush and go up to Kevin but what happened next made time stop for Edd. The cheerleader's lips on Kevin's made Edd want to scream. He looked down at the ground panicking his heart beating fast.

Tears formed in Edd's eyes even though he knew it was the cheerleader's doing not Kevin's. He knew that Kevin didn't enjoy it.

Did he? For all Edd knew Kevin didn't mind it.

Edd looked up again, it had been about seven seconds and they hadn't stopped. Edd's vision was blurred by tears. 'Why isn't Kevin stopping her?' He wiped at his eyes and when he looked up the two had separated. However he did not see the way Kevin wiped at his mouth or the way he had calmly pushed her off of him after realizing what was going on.

Edd only saw the kiss, and that was enough. He burst up from the bush quickly, his hands in fists and his face heating up. There were twigs stuck in his hat and he wiped at more of the tears falling. Kevin saw him immediately. The redhead's eyes grew wide.

"Edd, that wasn't…"

"I trusted you. F-f-fuck you Kevin!" Edd ran in the other direction with Kevin running toward him.

The football player was stopped abruptly. "Kevin, we've gotta finish the game their counting on us."

Kevin breathed in heavily and hesitantly he followed his team.

After chapter authors note: DUN DUN DUNNN, sorry for always sending you guys on a feels trip. But yeah this is basically the best I could come up with, it will be a two parter with more football game yay! And SWEARING EDD! WUT IS GOING ON I DON'T EVNE KNOW!