This is my new story called Cedars and Wheat. It's the first time I've ever made a story while working on a different one at the same time. This should be fun! Well okay. Enjoy!

Many don't know the story of a family with five.

The husband a spy and had them all burned alive

He was from the capitol, sent out for information.

That is until he met a young rebel woman, and had to show his appreciation.

She had given him food and clothes to last

He fell in love and let go of his secret past.

But to Snow it was unacceptable, he needed the job done

So he let go of his wife and daughters and son

If the job wasn't complete it would be his life

So he set the house on fire while his children were asleep next to his beloved wife.

He hated what he'd done and went in to save his family

But he could only rescue two and the remaining deaths were a tragedy

No one knew about the two children who'd survived

But they quickly found a way to keep themselves alive.

They got jobs for food and a place for sleeping

All was fine until the day of the reaping

The chirpy capitol woman selected a slip from the bowl and read the name

It was the boy, who survived the plot of his father

And he left his little sister who was still but a toddler.

She grew up in a house with a very mean couple

She stayed with them for the food but she always got in trouble.

For crying at night and sucking her thumb

She was bullied at school and told she was dumb

It became even worse when she watched her brother's games

And saw him get killed by being pushed into flames.

It was the same way the rest of her family passed

And her brothers killer had won the games at last.

He was the only family she had left

Now she's determined to avenge her families death.

She knows that it was snow who is to blame

Why her family has all gone down in flames.

It was because her mother was a rebel so she had to be killed,

Then when it was known she and her brother survived, the reaping bowl was rigged.

Snow knows about the little girl but now she's not so little

She's out there somewhere, planning the fall of the capitol

She's out there and she wants snow to see

That I am a survivor, and that he can't hurt me