I run downstairs in my lace underwear and pantyhose since it's the closest pieces of clothing I have. I jump down the last five steps and almost slip on the tile. I run to the kitchen and find haul at the sink. I throw my arms around him, "yes!" I say and we spin around. "Yes I will marry you" I say, tears running down my face.

I hear Haul chuckle and he hugs me tighter. "Great" he says in my ear. I kiss him passionately and he holds me by the waist. I don't have on my heels so I'm on my tippy toes. Holden walks into the room wiping his eyes and stops when he sees my outfit, but I don't care. It's not for him.

Haul opens his eyes and smiles, "well go ahead and put the ring on, and get dressed I'm making a special breakfast." He says and kisses me again. I let go of him, "morning Holden" I say and walk off.

Holden POV

I stare wide eyed as she walks past me and out of the room. Wow that girl…Sheesh; I might have to restrain myself. "What- how'd you get that" I say pointing to the door she went out of. He looks at the door then back at me, "what?" "How'd you get a girl like that?" "What do you mean like that" he asks me. "With a body like that! I didn't know she was that sexy"? "Uh, you can't say that" he says turning to me. "Sorry but it's the truth I mean she doesn't have any fat, she's got big boobs and...", "you can't say that" he says a bit upset. "okay, okay im sorry" I say and sit on the table.

Why can't every girl in the district look like that? Haul gets her and the rest of us get the flat chested ones.

Haul begins to fry up some bacon and make omelets. He chops up some tomatoes and onions, thaws out some shrimp and throws it all in the pan.

I begin to think about next weekend. The games. The tributes. And I have to mentor this year. I sometimes have nightmares about the arena, a volcanic wasteland. One wrong step and you would be killed by a blast of hot steam, or the ground would crack open and you'd fall into the lava. The games were quick that year, only lasted about two days. There was no food, or water. The only way to survive was to win. Everyone was just fighting, fighting 48 hours straight.

I managed to win because I was light on my feet and when the ground cracked I would quickly run away and if someone ran for me I would be able to dodge them. Not any more though, I don't really like to get out much. But I do have a few weights in my room.

"so, you worried about next weekend" I ask. My brother shakes his head, "no". "I am, I feel bad for whoever is going to get picked" I say and run my fingers through my hair. I lie down on the table and sigh. Haul comes over, "have a bacon" he says and puts one into my mouth. I munch on it thankfully.

"so where were you last night" he asks. "rye kicked me out so you two could have the house to yourselves". He laughs, "she kicked you out of your own home". Now that I think about it she did, "hey ya!" he keeps laughing, "you're so stupid!" I get off the table and pop him in the back of his head and run out of the kitchen before he decides to try and get me back.

"you are such a man child!" he calls and I laugh.

Back to Rye's POV

I admire the ring on my finger as I sit on the side of the bathtub waiting for it to fill up. I pour soap inside so it fills with bubbles. When it fills I turn the water off go out to the bedroom and gather some petals. I make a trail from the door to the bathtub then drop a few onto the foam.

I take some sweet smelling candles out of the cabinet and place them on the edges of the large bathtub. I grab a lighter and light them then dim the lights.

This will be my new way to get him turned on because when there are candles and dimmed lights he knows what'll happen next.

I undress and step into the hot water. I sit down and lean against the wall and wait. He comes in a few minutes later looking at the petals on the floor. He looks and sees the candles again and he smiles. He shuts the door. He has a plate in his hand, and the food smells really good.

He sees me in the bathtub and sets the food on the stair. He pulls down his sweat pants and steps out of them. He's naked now. I smile and lift my leg out of the water a little. He gets in and sits next to me. I put my left hand on his shoulder and then rub his cheek gently. "I love you" I whisper. "I love you too" he says and turns my head to kiss me. He kisses my jaw every so softly, then my neck. "You hungry" he whispers. I nod and he reaches and grabs the plate he brought in.

Cheese Omelet and bacon. Yum. He feeds it to me piece my piece and it's really good. I take the plate and feed him, "you never ate" I whisper. He smiles and opens his mouth for food. I feed him a few pieces of bacon and omelet. I pick up a shrimp and eat it.

When the plate is empty he puts it back onto the step then goes back to kissing me. "Don't give me any hickeys" I say. He bites my neck anyway and I giggle, "You don't listen". He chuckles and put his hand on my breast and massages the nipple with his fingers. He licks my neck and bites it. His hand slides down between my legs and into me. He kisses me and fingers me. I moan into his mouth and swirl my tongue around his.

He sticks a second finger into me and fingers me harder. I moan and my head falls back. I look at his arm that is under the water and grit my teeth, "yea" I whisper through my teeth. I sway my hips as he does it harder. The water is making small waves. Haul takes his hand away and has me sit on his lap. I rise a little bit and slowly stuff him into me which is a little tricky because of all the water, but we manage.

I sway back and forth which drives us both crazy. I put my hands on his shoulders then into his hair, which makes it all foamy. I keep my lips on his and breathe through my nose. "I might consider skipping school today just so we can keep going" he whispers breathlessly and I smile. "we cant. We have to be able to run out of the school like maniacs just to show how happy we are…" I say rubbing my breasts on his chest. "…then we can continue when we come back" I finish. "okay" he says and we wash off.

I dress In my jeans from yesterday and my boots. I pull on a long sleeve red shirt and pull the sleeves to my elbows and put on a black vest. And my gray beanie. Haul puts on some baggy jeans and sneakers, a black tanktop and a plaid blue button down shirt over top.

We grab our bags and head downstairs, say by to Holden and leave. We walk to school and by the time we get there the bell is ringing. I kiss him goodbye and head off to homeroom.

{Fast forward}

Day of the reaping

I wake up before rye and roll out of bed. It's reaping day and I really am not looking forward to seeing who might get picked. I stretch my back and yawn. I notice how rye is laying under the covers looking so comfortable. I suddenly want to wake her up, and just love her until it's time to go. I climb back into bed and move the blanket. She's curled up. Usually if I move her while she's sleeping she would jump up scared, but she trusts me and sleeps a lot more soundly now.

I move her from her side to her back. She only has on a bra and underwear. I reach under her and unclip her bra then slowly and gently slide it off of her. I put her hands down softly. I throw her bra behind me and reach for her underwear. I slowly inch it off and pull them off of her feet. I toss them too.

I take my penis out of my night pants and spread her legs open. I slip inside of her and she goes, "mmm" and moves her hand to scratch her head. I move up and wrap her legs around me. I start to push slowly then speed up when I notice she doesn't react. She exhales and then starts to breathe heavily. I push harder and hit the back the way she likes it and she moans. Her back arches and her eyes fly open. She props herself on her elbows and says, "You're so sneaky". I laugh and lean in to kiss her.

I pick her up by her hips and get out of bed and put her against the wall. We've been having sex everyday this week, just to make sure she gets pregnant. No results yet.

We spend an hour against the wall, and on the floor. I come in her about twice and soon I can't continue. I'm too tired. We lay in bed and just enjoy each others presence. The reaping starts in half an hour and I recommend that we should get ready.

I put on a tan button down shirt and brown pants, so I look simple. I don't do a thing to my hair.

Rye puts on a cream colored dress that's silky and goes to mid-thigh and white shoes. She puts her hair up in a bun with a pretty butterfly pin to match. She twirls in the mirror and I grab her hips and pull her over to me, "our last reaping. There's nothing to worry about" I say and kiss her.

We go down stairs with Holden and leave out. We head to the justice building with the other kids. Holden gets on the stage with booker and the other two victors and sits down in a chair. As I line up I notice booker staring at rye. He's probably wondering why she stopped coming around, it's been almost two months.

I stand in the very back with the other eighteen year old boys. I put my hands into my pockets and wait as the mayor gives his speech. Lane Mole the woman who from the capitol who reads the slips welcomes us. "Welcome! Now. As you all know I am here to announce the names of our tributes, who will participate in the 60th hunger games. May the odds, be EVER, in your favor."

I don't need to worry, rye and I are safe, snow said so.

Lane goes to the boys bowl first and takes the first slip, "for our boy tribute we have….Frent Char". A young boy about the age of fourteen walks up on stage. He's well built with dark brown hair. I feel bad for him though. "and for our girl", she goes to get a slip and reads, "Rye Hemlock".

I apologize if the last part, after it says 'day of the reaping' was terrible, I was being rushed by my brother. When I'm rushed I feel pressured and I still do feel that way. Anyways this was the last chapter and next I'm going to make a sequel for this. I don't have a name for it yet, so anyway I'll see you in the next story.