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"Izaya, Shizuo is coming today so be good." I snorted at Tom. "When am I never not good?" He gave me a look, and got up quickly as someone knocked on the door.

I looked curiously at a tall blonde lady, holding onto a leash which connected to the blonde dogs collar.

"Ah, welcome, I'm guessing this is Shizuo?" Tom asked, and the lady nodded sadly.

She petted the puppy's head and kisses him on the cheek,"Im sorry Shizuo, I can't take care of you anymore. You'll be happy with Tom and his cat" The blonde dog, "Shizuo" looked at her curiously as she handed Tom the leash and he led him inside.

She gave one last wave, and closed to door behind her. Poor guy. He doesn't even know what's going on. Tom spoke,"Well Shizuo this is your new home."

The blonde stared at my master for a couple seconds before smiling and barking happily. Tom laughed as Shizuo put his hands on his stomach and jumped up on him, sitting on his knees. "Woof!" Tom smiled happily at him, and the blonde puppy wagged his tail. After that whole situation was over, Tom looked at me.

"This is izaya," He pointed. "I hope you two can get along. Izaya. Don't be mean, okay?" I nodded grumpily and watched him walk away into the kitchen. I glared at Shizuo who was staring at me curiously.

"What do you want, mutt?" I asked a girls and he flinched.

"Um...nothing.." He mumbled. I answered , "But you were staring."

He looked at me nervously. "Sorry, um, I never actually saw a cat so close up, and your hair looks really silky and soft.."


I laughed loudly at this statement, making him flinch. "Thanks, I guess, I'm not a girl you know?" He nodded quickly. I was still Angry on how he was all over my master. Just the thought of it made me growl. He took a step back on all fours.

I quickly turned and walked away, ignoring him.