I flinched, walking over to my master with my head bent towards the floor. "What did you do?" He asked me angrily, sitting on the floor with a clinging Shizuo in his arms. Rubbing his back, he continued,"What happened?" I frowned, not wanting to explain what happened. Then, a evil idea popped into my head.

Smirking inwardly, I ran over, grabbing the torn up pillow and putting it In front of him. "Here." I said,"Look what the dog did."

Tom stared at the pillow before sighing, moving the sniffing Shizuo from his arms. I watched the scene unfold as Shizuo looked at Tom with a confused look. "Shizuo...did you do this?" He questioned slowly.

Shizuo stared at Tom before nodding and looking at the ground sadly. Tom sighed again, moving away and standing up,"Shizuo..You have to sleep outside tonight, okay?"

The blonde dog looked sadly at me before going up to master slowly and rubbing his head against his leg. Tom looked at him, sadly stepping away and walking into his room,"Not now Shizuo..."

Ha! He finally got what he deserved! I'm not the bad one anymore! We both watched as he shut the door behind him, I looked at the blonde dog as he slowly walked paced, a worried look on his face. I sighed,"Hey, it's alright." He paused and looked at me. "He doesn't hate you, okay? It's a punishment." I don't know why I wanted to do make him feel better, but this is pathetic.

His ears went up, then flattened as Tom walked out of the room again. He quietly went over to the kitchen and made us dinner, me getting tuna and him dog food. We are in silence, not sure what to say.


After dinner, I cuddled up against Tom in the dark as he watched a movie. He kept his eyes on the screen, rubbing my head slowly as Shizuo was outside sleeping in the dog house. This is how it should be. I do feel kind of bad...Kind of.

~15 minutes ago~

"WAAH!" The blonde screeched, clinging to toms leg as I pulled on him."Shizuo, please! How will you learn your lesson? You'll be back tomorrow!" He shook his leg as Shizuo clenched onto him. Grabbing his tail, his eyes widened and he squeaked as I finally pulled him outside, shutting the door.