chapter 1:

There was nothing i could do, but watch as Watanuki suffered in the other glass container, meant to keep us separated.

earlier that day:

"you don't haft to walk me home all the time you big jerk!" Watanuki yelled as covered my ears and merely said "too loud."

it was night-time, and the shadows where out and about, I felt it wasn't a good night for him to walk alone, though, the stars were comforting and beautiful, I still felt like someone was following us, maybe if that idiot would quiet down we could lose who ever it is, but, I doubt that would happen.


he stopped and looked at me "yea? you seemed worried, what was the real reason for walking me home, did yuuko put you up to this!"

"No. but I think something is following us." I said, and the moment I said it he stopped and looked around worriedly

" well it's not a ghost, I can't feel their presence, are you sure your not being paranoid?"

"No. Some one is following us. I can tell" he eyed me suspiciously, but then shrugged and said " I can't see any one" and we kept walking

everything was fine, I still had that eerie felling of being followed, but nothing happened, well nothing happened until we got to the four way inter section, that's...that's where it all went to hell

i stopped walking, and when I did he did to "what?"

"Did you hear that?"

" hear what doumeki?" Watanuki looked scared, I've never seen him like this, he look like he was about to cry out of fear, I put a hand on his shoulder to comfort him a bit, and he relaxed slightly

"foot steps" he tensed up once again when he heard some one running towards us, we turned around just in time for the person to knock out Watanuki, I only had time to stare at watanuki's lifeless body befog I was knocked out as well.