Harry was walking around the indoor perimeter of the facility that he was stationed at. He had only been here for a week or two and it had started to get a little boring. The tesseract had interested him for a couple of days, but it was doing nothing but sitting there. Glowing a transparent blue. Yeah, you could understand why Harry was bored. Yeah, it reeked of a different kind of magic, but when Harry tried to get his magic to interact with it, his magic encountered a tunnel that lead somewhere he didn't want to follow. He was quite unsure of where it lead to and he wasn't that bored to actively get into trouble.

The facility that Clint had flown him to was covered with other busy SHIELD agents. In fact, the facility was not the only SHIELD building in the area. The agency had taken over a small piece of land in Maine and now the population was that of a small town. Harry had even recognized Eric from New Mexico and had said hi to him. He had asked where Jane and Darcy were and he had said that they were still in New Mexico, trying to figure out what mode of transportation Thor had used.

Occasionally, he received phone calls from Tony or Pepper, but they were busy. Clint was still based here and his job was to observe the tesseract and he was also the head of the security for this specific building. Harry had never seen the amount of technology that was in this building; it was astounding. Most of it, he didn't even claim to understand.

When Harry got back to where Clint was, which was on the series of walkways that ran the entire length of the building and were close to the ceiling, he sat down next to him.

"Anything new?" he asked the archer. Harry could see Clint jump in surprise.

"Harry, what did I tell you last week? Don't sneak up on me! Do I have to warn everyone else that you sneak up on them?" Clint exclaimed.

"I didn't do it on purpose! That's how I walk! I'm not..." Harry trailed off when he saw Clint's expression. "Hilarious. You're an asshole."

Clint chuckled and then straightened up when he saw something on the ground floor that interested him. "Nothing new here, though the tesseract is emitting more energy around itself. That might interest you." Harry glanced where Clint's gaze was pointed and saw Nick Fury walking over to talk with Eric. They had been expecting him to come through here this week. Harry was hoping to be moved back to New York, so that he would become less bored. Being around Tony never proved to be boring.

"Agent Potter, you're needed down here," he heard through his comm, which he had been given at the start of this pseudo-mission thing. Harry stood up and Clint did the same, apparently having received the same order.

Clint took his rope down, like he usually did and Harry shifted into his hawk form and followed him down. The agents that were working here were quite used to him shifting forms very suddenly and ignored him. At first, they had been all startled at seeing him change from a human shape to a hawk shape. However, he had only ever changed to his hawk form here; never his lion form.

Once on the ground floor, he shifted back to his human form. From here, he could definitely sense that the tesseract was about to do something new, whether it was a good new or bad new, he didn't know yet. Harry walked over to where Clint and Fury were talking right in front of the tesseract.

Eric had walked over to talk with Fury, too. Harry knew something was entirely different with the tesseract when its magic actively sought him out. Harry was about to walk over it when he thought better of it. He wasn't about to let some strange unknown magical thing have access to him.

"Potter, do you have anything to report?" Fury was asking. He was looking at Harry with a strange look.

Harry turned to look at him, "The tesseract is definitely acting in way that it hasn't the past couple of weeks. It's magic is reaching out to mine, though, don't look at me. I don't know why." Harry replied. "It's a very strange kind of magic; I've never seen it before."

Just as he finished saying that, there was a big boom of magic. Harry had to back up a few paces from where he was standing, lest he get covered in strange magic. He glanced around the room; everyone had startled at it. The few guards in the room walked over, drawing their weapons.

Harry then turned his gaze toward the edge of the room where one of the biggest setups of equipment were. There was a man there, lying on the ground. The man had a strange set of armor on him, though it was torn and completely ripped off in other parts. Harry could also see what looked like blood coming from different lacerations on the man's body. The guards trained their weapons on the stranger and walked toward him.

"Wait, let me," Harry said to the guards. "He reeks of more than one kind of magic." The guards backed off at his order. And that was true. Harry did recognize the man, it was Thor's brother, Loki, but he was also wrapped in the magic that Harry had felt a couple of weeks ago when he had been shadowing Steve.

As he slowly walked up to Loki, the god sat up and screamed. Then suddenly started speaking. Though, Harry was pretty sure that the voice coming out of that body was not Loki's voice, which totally creeped Harry out. He was quite sure it creeped out other people too, as he turned to glance around the room and he saw people inch away from the tesseract and out of the room. The voice was very deep but it had a quality to it that Voldemort evoked the adjectives, slimy, and dark. Maybe all super villains have that. Harry would have snickered at that, but with what was happening, he was too transfixed on Loki's body.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am Thanos, conqueror of death. My purpose here is to find the mortal that came back from death a month ago. I tortured the frost giant Loki to try to find out who the mortal was, but he was still withholding information. But I finally burrowed into his mind and found the required information. I require the presence of Harry Potter in two days' time. I will have arrived at your planet by then. If you don't have him there when I arrive, then I will be forced to conquer your pathetic planet. Remember, two days time. Farewell."