The minute that Thor dropped them off at the side of the building that was farthest from Thanos, Harry quickly cast a shield on himself that would move with him. He also strengthened the shield that he had on Loki, to protect him from Thanos' magic. Harry glanced at Loki, who in turn turned toward him and Harry smiled then pulled out his wand.


Loki stalked toward the purple creature, already with a ball of green magic in hand. Harry followed behind Loki, readying a couple of offensive spells and one defensive spell in his mind. He could dimly hear Tony sassing Clint and Steve over the comms but his attention stayed on the upcoming battle.

"So you have come back to me," Thanos smirked at Loki. It wasn't a nice smirk; Harry had often seen that kind of smirk on Voldemort's face when he was addressing his Death Eaters or about to torture one of his minions. "Did you bring the one I asked for?"

"I am no longer under your control!" Loki shouted back.

Thanos took a closer look at Loki then stiffened. "You broke my control!"

"No, that would be my doing," Harry replied nonchalantly and walked out from behind Loki.

Thanos took a couple of steps toward them and stopped a couple yards away.

"So you are the one that I felt," Thanos remarked curiously. "I have not felt magic from this realm at all and then I felt a strange magic come from Death herself."

"Yep, that would have been me," Harry sighed, feeling Loki's curious stare. "Though I didn't know that Death was a woman."

"You are mortal," Thanos replied with a growing anger in his body. "How did you come back from Death's embrace?"

"You died?" Loki murmured, still holding a ball of energy in his right hand. It looked like a green flame this close.

"Yeah, I kind of do that?" Harry muttered back to Loki, still holding Thanos' gaze.

"How?" Loki hesitantly asked, inching closer to Harry's side.

"It's a long story," Harry said. "I'll tell you later."

"You are closer to Death than me!" Thanos yelled at them. "I cannot let that be!"

"Uh-oh," Harry muttered quietly, already casting his patronus. Prongs leapt from his wand to stand in front of him and Loki. "Listen, buddy, I've fought my fair share of dark wizards. Can we just end this peacefully?"

Thanos conjured a large, red, ball of energy and flung it towards them. Harry gestured for Prongs to charge and cast a shield in front of him. He saw Loki do the same and fling his waiting magic toward Thanos at the same time.

Then the battle really got started when a couple of Chitauri landed their ships and pointed their alien blasters toward them. Harry cast a couple of blasting spells their way and they fell from the roof. One ended up with an arrow in its' head, courtesy of Clint.

"Need anymore help, Harry, Loki?" Clint called through the comm. Harry could see him standing on a roof a couple of buildings over.

"No! We're doing quite fine here, Hawkeye!" Harry said over the comm.

"You do not have any magic within you, Barton," Loki replied over his com. "You would be dead within a minute."

"Well, then. Point taken," Clint dryly replied and shot off an arrow while he was talking. "...Mr. Pessimistic."

Harry cast another high level blasting spell at Thanos who roared in outrage when the Chitauri that had landed on their roof all died within a couple of minutes of each other. Loki had taken them out, either by casting an illusion at the edge of the roof and letting the aliens fall off the roof or by throwing a couple of daggers at them.

Thanos proceeded to cast a couple of spells, resulting in magic pouring out from him and coming toward Harry and Loki both. They shielded themselves but it did take a lot of energy to block whatever spell that had been. He had long since ended his patronus since Thanos had too fast. Harry saw Loki cast another spell to shoot it towards Thanos who dodged it. Loki audibly growled in frustration and shot another spell, this one a green mist at Thanos.

At the same time, Thanos cast another spell, this one a tiny ball of red magic that came speeding toward Harry who put up a shield and braced himself. He always was careful about facing new sorcerers and not knowing their strength level. And his carefulness, well, it sort of paid off; his shield caught most of the energy. But the force of the spell propelled him all the way off the roof...


Harry fell and he could dimly hear Loki shouting, more like ordering, to Thor or Stark to go get him. However, Tony was too busy flying through the gut of a flying worm ship and Thor was too busy helping Steve and Natasha fight out from out of a battalion of Chitauri soldiers. Neither would get to him in time. He was falling fast and later, he would be glad that Thanos had chosen a skyscraper to fight from, as he wouldn't have had the time to do what he was about to do from a low-rise building. Harry reached into his battle armor and to his pocket, blinking rapidly from the wind and the speed at which he was falling and brought out his shrunken broomstick.

He could hear Tony, Steve, Natasha and Clint all yelling frantically into the comms. Harry could even hear the Hulk roaring in anger and distress.

Harry had known that it might come in handy in this fight and he was proved right as he unshrunk it a moment later. He managed to mount it the next second, almost a minute away from going kersplat on the ground, and slowed his fall. And luckily, there were no civilians around to see him do this. However, when he glanced into the building across the street, he could see the gazes of a lot of people following his every movement. Thor came into sight a second later only to stop and hover in midair.


"My friend, you're okay!"

Harry blinked and flew closer to Thor and saw Tony flying over here. "Of course I'm okay!"

"Couldn't you have shifted into your hawk form?" Tony asked over the comms.

"It would have taken too much magic. Speaking of which, I have a battle to get back to," Harry replied.


Harry raced upward, passing by various floors of the skyscraper. Finally, he reached the top and sped to hover by the roof. Though he winced when he saw Thanos holding Loki by the throat a couple of inches off the roof. He reshrunk his broom and tucked it into his pocket.

Harry pulled out his wand and cast two spells, both in unison: one very strong stunning spell and one gentle summoning spell. However, after that powerful stunning spell, Harry's magic would be pretty much depleted afterwards. Though Loki was still presumably at half-strength. So he aimed his wand very carefully and cast them both.

He heard both aliens yelp though with Loki it turned into a quiet sigh of relief as he was dropped slowly onto the roof. Harry stalked over to Loki's side and glared at Thanos.

"Now, I'm pissed. People don't just throw me off a roof and live to tell the tale," Harry insisted, grinning. It wasn't a very nice grin and Thanos had been stunned with his jaw dropped. It seemed that the purple alien had never met a wizard as powerful as him.

"You're alive!" Loki exclaimed.

"Yeah, that's usually the most common result of my accidents," Harry remarked. "Be they on purpose or on accident."

"You tried to..." Loki trailed off, looking at him with an odd look.

Harry turned to look at him with a sorrowful look. It seemed, from Loki's expression and tone, that Loki had indeed tried to kill himself when he had fallen from Odin's spear. "No, I didn't. We can talk after we're done here."

After Harry turned back to look at Thanos who was now beginning to try to wriggle out of being stunned, Harry became aware of shouting on the comms.

"Steve, what is it?" Harry asked over the comlinks. Everyone was pretty much talking at once, so it was hard to figure out what was going on. Loki glanced at him, raising an eyebrow.

"Tony... there was a missile heading toward New York City," Steve started. He sounded exhausted and his voice was hoarse. "He decided to take it up into the hole that the Chitauri were coming from."

"Where did the missile come from?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, some idiot decided to nuke the city that had aliens in it," Natasha replied. "Fury's probably yelling at them right now." She also sounded exhausted; hell they probably all were. Even Harry was starting to yawn a little bit, though he was keeping an eye on Thanos all the while. Loki was too and Harry saw him try to cover up a yawn with a hand. Harry smiled softly at him but tuned into the conversation.

"What's the problem then?"

"He hasn't come back down yet," Steve replied. He sounded worried, which was understandable. "It's been a couple of minutes since he went up into it. And, the portal closed a second after he flew through it."

Harry glanced toward Thanos who was smiling and that was never a good sign, when a villain smiled like that. It looked like Thanos had managed to move his mouth even when stunned.

"Loki, could you watch him for a minute?" Harry asked. "Feel free to stun him again."

"Yes, I can," Loki replied, grinning smugly.

"In fact, Thor, could you come up here?" Harry requested. "If you're not busy."


Harry knew that he had cast a tracking spell on Tony a couple of months ago so he looked inward to his magic center and found the magical strand that felt like Tony. Then he cast the spell that would allow him to see the magical line with his normal sight.

When he opened his eyes, Thor had landed on the rooftop and was glaring daggers at Thanos. The Hulk had also landed on the rooftop and was smiling in a not so good way at Thanos. In fact, when Harry turned around, Steve, Natasha and Clint were on the rooftop too. Thor might have brought two of them up to the roof with him, Harry presumed. He glanced around the city, looking for any lingering Chitauri but saw none.

"Thor, you wouldn't happen to have any magical cuffs with you, would you?" Harry asked. "Or Loki or does SHIELD have any? Natasha, do you know?"

Loki turned to look at Harry with a betrayed look. "Oh, for Merlin's sake they're not for you. They're for Thanos."

Loki in turn looked chagrined and turned back to watch Thanos. Thor walked up to them and held out some cuffs.

"Odin had the foresight that I would need some when I came down here," Thor commented. "And it would appear that he was correct."

Harry went over to the edge of the roof and looked up into the sky, hearing Loki follow. Thor was just putting cuffs on Thanos and Clint was picking off the last few remaining Chitauri warriors that had escaped Harry's sight.

"I don't have any experience going up into space," Harry commented. He gazed at the hole in the atmosphere. "Loki, Thor, any experience in this department?"

Thor turned to look over at Harry then at Loki. "Not as of yet."

"Okay, looks like I'll be the one to get Tony out of there," Harry replied then walked over to Thanos and glared at him, hexing him with one of his more nastier hexes for good measure. Thanos' eyes widened for just a second but that was all the reaction that he gave.

"If our friend is hurt at all, there will be hell to pay," Harry informed Thanos, in the voice he had learned from a certain professor.

Harry then walked over to the edge of the roof, hearing Loki walk over to stop alongside him.

"Harry..." Loki trailed off and Harry turned to look at him.


Loki was blushing a light pink and he turned away to look elsewhere. Harry reached out a hand to grasp Loki's chin and turned him to look at Harry.

"What is it?"

Loki sighed and pulled Harry into a kiss, reaching an arm to curve around the back of Harry's neck. Harry startled for a minute then groaned and melted into the kiss, leaning into Loki's body. They stayed like that for a minute then finally Harry drew back, smiling softly. Harry dimly heard catcalls from Clint and distinctly felt the absence of one of their teammates.

"Be careful," Loki whispered with a slight grin on his face as well. "And I'm coming with you."

"What?" Harry yelped then groaned when he saw Loki. He was crossing his arms and laying a level look at Harry.

"There might be more Chitauri up there," Loki replied steadily. "You stand a better chance of getting Stark out of there if I come with you."

"Oh, fine," Harry grumbled though his tone was more pleased than he meant it to be. Though he startled when he felt Loki's magic settle on him. He glanced at Loki with a questioning look.

"It will allow you to breath in space," Loki replied to his unasked question.

Harry glanced at Steve, Thor, Clint, Natasha and the Hulk(Bruce had yet to change back; he was standing and glaring at Thanos). "Guys, we'll hopefully be back in a couple minutes. Hulk, watch Thanos and feel free to smash him into the ground."

"Hulk smash, smash good."

Harry chuckled then wrapped an arm around Loki's waist, focused on his tracking charm on Tony, and apparated them both.