This idea has been nagging at me lately, to the point that I just had to write and post it. I really hope you guys like it. Disclaimer: William Joyce and Dreamworks own the guardians. And I don't own Apple.

Chapter 1, part 1

I was your average American teenage boy...for the most part. I lived in Burgess, Pennsylvania with two parents and a little sister named Pippa. Unlike my parents, who nagged at me-my father about taking over the succesful family business in the near future and my mother about everything else-Pippa was my sole object of happiness. We were closer than most of my friends and their siblings. I enjoyed it and I protected her from anything that could harm her.

With a heavy, fast and loud pound on my bedroom door, and some sort of threat my mother goaded me with, I reluctantly rose from my bed. I rubbed my eyes and tousled my hair before getting up and plugging my iPod into the speakers, playing Bliss by Muse as I gathered clothes for the days. I jumped into the shower right after, only taking long enough to wake and freshen up a bit. Afterward, I dressed in a black shirt and jeans, ruffeling my brown hair and smirking back in contentment when my brown eyes met a satisfactory reflection.

"Jackson, you better hurry with your breakfast or you'll miss the bus." My mother, Sara, warned as I entered the kitchen a few minutes later.

"Jack." I enunciated. I didn't like my full name. It was formal, old and pompous-like my father, though God knew I loved him. "And that's fine. I'm not really that hungry." I didn't bot