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Pairing: Goku and Chichi, Vegeta and Bulma.

Rated M WARNING: For language, some sexual content (?), and violence. ( just to be safe)

I. New Habitants

The screams and yells of everyone around the village, penetrated Chichi's mind. She couldn't believe what she was seeing unfold in front of her. It was like a nightmare! Pure horror, she just wanted to wake up. She noticed her own people tumbling down, like dominoes, one after the other. The invaders who attacked were killing everyone. They were showing no signs of mercy, much less signs of retreats. Chichi's hand locked on her sword.

" Dad!" she called desperately.

She waited….nothing-…-then

" Chichi!" the Ox-King voice sounded muffled from a distant.

Chichi turned the corner abruptly, regretting it greatly when she was cornered by two of the invaders. Shit, Chichi didn't hesitate, the moment she saw them, she attempted every move she had learn in previous training. She jabbed her leg in the face of one, while she twirled fast enough to slam a punch at the other. Chichi was satisfied when she saw them down, but they sprang up just as quickly, ending her moment of triumph. These invaders were fast, quick, and strong. Chichi had trained in martial arts for years, but even she had a hard time fighting these guys off. They were simply stronger, not to mention they used their tails as a defense from those who wanted to surprise attack them.

After a few more struggles, the stupid invaders finally managed to capture Chichi, slamming her against the wall. " You fuckin' wench wait until we bring you to the King!"

Chichi glared " GET OFF OF ME!"

" Your lucky you're the princess, if not we would've killed you bitch," the other growled at her, before turning to a person to his right. " Kill everyone, let's get the hell of here."

Chichi gasped. They couldn't possibly kill everyone, no-…no. " No!"

Bulma started her motorcycle, furiously gunning at the accelerator. She was irritated with possibly everything and everyone. Her parents were getting on her last nerves to begin with, then of course the break up with Yamcha complicated everything. She was freaking tired of everyone telling her what to do. All she wanted right now is to be far away from everyone else. She needed some quality time alone. After all even the next greatest scientist of the world, needed some time off to relax, maybe a couple days, weeks, forget that years! Perhaps she should travel to another country, maybe meet some hot men, whatever. She just wanted to leave behind things back at home for a while.

The motorcycle started dying down on her proximately around midnight. Bulma groaned, guess she should of checked the gas tank before going on a 100 mile rampage drive. Checking her surroundings Bulma noticed she was by the country side. Hardly any houses or villages were seen.

A scream generated out.. Huh?…. She cautiously followed the sound, a bad feeling sinking in, but Bulma wasn't the type to run away, she usually like to face off bad omen, so she continued, even as she saw a group of hunks entering a ship. She sense danger just seeing the group of strange invaders entering the spaceship. Bulma crossed her arms, the door was left unattended, she faced two decision…1) Run away and pretend she never saw a damn thing or..2) She could sneak inside and possible be the first woman ever to report on invaders from another planet-…..She sighed and began running inside, her decision made. The hell with humanity these aliens are leaving the chance to actually learn about them. Once inside she quickly darted to the closest place she could hide. A room to the left that seem to be left unoccupied. It was too late to run away now, she was already in the ship and she felt it rising up into the air moments later.

" This is going to be one hell of a ride," Bulma whispered quietly, both excited and terrified at the same time.

She wasn't sure how long the ride was going to be, hopefully it wouldn't last too long. She only carried 4 water bottles, a case full of make up, and only a week set of clothes in her backpack, along with her Ipod, gadgets, and a cell phone. She set her backpack down, scanning her surroundings carefully. Until she approached a person she knew well, who was tied against a chamber, clearly unconscious. " Chichi?"

When Chichi woke up, she was pampered in sweat, her mouth felt dry, like she hadn't eaten for days. Her head throbbed uncontrollably and her wrist burned. She was tied down. She shook herself, trying to break free…nothing. After a couple of minutes, she decided to give up, there's no way she could untie herself at the moment. She was just too weak, using up her energy would be useless.

" Hey there!" a blue headed woman appeared. " Man, have you been gone a long time! I was starting to think they abducted someone already dead."

Chichi recognized her. It was Bulma Briefs, the famous scientist of Capsule Corps, she met her briefly from time to time when she visited special social gatherings. " What are you doing here? How did you even get here? Where are we?" Chichi questioned, her voice coming out hoarse from the lack of moisture in it.

" We are in a spaceship…Those hunk guys with that monkey tail brought you in. I sneaked in," Bulma replied calmly, stretching a bit as she walked over to Chichi.

Chichi frowned. " Why? Why didn't you call for help!"

Bulma now glanced at her confused. " Help…for what?"

It dawned in Chichi, Bulma had no idea who these guys were. She probably sneaked into the spaceship right when they were about to leave. " Bulma! COMING IN HERE WAS THE WORSE IDEA! THEY WILL KILL YOU IF THEY FIND YOU HERE!"

Bulma looked stunned at Chichi outburst. Bulma shook her head. " Are you sure? I thought they weren't so bad, I mean other than their abrupt language, they actual checked on you once our twice a day and made sure to have food here ready."

" THEY KILLED MY VILLAGE! They're kidnapping me for God knows what reason-," footsteps approached before Chichi was finished. A look of alarm swept through both woman. " Hide! Now!"

Bulma nodded, taking refuge of standing behind a machine she hadn't quite figured out what it was for yet.

One of the aliens approached her. " Ah so you're awake! Took you long enough wench! In a couple of days we'll be arriving at Planet Vegeta, better start saying your prayers," he laughed humorlessly. He tossed a loaf of bread into the ground. " Enjoy you weakling"

" What are you planning to do with me? What do you jerks care for a weakling!" Chichi shouted outraged. " Why even keep me alive!"

" That's none of your business! After we Saiyans are done with you, you'll wished you were dead!"

Bulma now realized her mistake. These aliens were murderers, not the come in peace type she figured them to be. She leaned herself more against the wall. What had she gotten herself into?

The door slammed shut. Bulma waited a while before coming out. With one look exchanged by them, they instantly understood. They had to figure out a way out of here, one way or another.

" FUCK IT! KAKARROT! LET'S GO AGAIN!" Vegetal growled, ruffling his clothes only a little as he began standing up, powering up for his next attack.

" Why? So I can kick your ass again?" Kakarrot laughed with an arrogant smirk approaching his features.

That irritated Vegeta to no end. " HA! You just got lucky punk! AGAIN!" he demanded.

Kakarrot grinned, powering up. " It's not luck, it's pure strength," he got ready to spar against Vegeta right when a Saiyan officer stopped in between.

" Prince Vegeta," he started to speak, but Vegeta rudely interrupted him. " WHAT THE HELL IS SO IMPORTANT THAT YOU HAD TO INTERRUPT ME!" Vegeta was always grumpy after fighting with Kakarrot, it became a usual thing to see him cursing at everyone, especially when he lost a battle to a low class like Kakarrot.

" The ship is schedule to return in an hour from now. Everyone is expecting to attend to the arrival. Your future wife is to be presented,"

Vegeta grunted, who had time to focus on his future wife when he had to beat this knucklehead. His hands clenched as he noticed that arrogant smirk again spreading on Kakarrot face.

" What are you laughing at?" he muttered angrily at Kakarrot.

" Oh just the fact that the great Prince Vegeta has to stop fighting to pick his suitable future wife for the next couple of days," Kakarrot snorted. " How does it feel to know that you'll be fuckin' your new wife while somewhere else I'll be, the Saiyan that kicked your damn ass!"


" Enough! The King will arrive shortly so hurry up! You'll meet all 20 of your future female mates, so as I was ordered to tell you, you better get ready now! And as for your Kakarrot! As one of the top soldiers you need to show damn respect to our future King!" the Saiyan glared at Kakkarot, who only glared back.


" You bet," Kakarrot replied, still glaring at the officers as they both left.

Vegeta stormed off angrily, while Kakarrot refrained from boasting his victory. He wasn't always stronger than Vegeta. Now they we're evenly matched. It had taken a lot of work to get this strong. He wasn't even sure why he was born so special. He was a quick learner, aggressive fighter, and most of all freaking stronger than many of the higher ranking officers at Planet Vegeta. He watched as every Saiyan , woman or man included began ending their quarrels to get ready for the King's arrival. Fighting, Conquering, and Strength was everything in Planet Vegeta, but when it came time for the future king to meet his future wife, everyone participated. 20 of the most beautiful woman from around the galaxy will come. Out of the 20, the first 5 will be dismissed simply if the Prince finds them unsuitable, the next 15 will have to show strategic skills, and then the last 10 suffer a series of fights and challenges to see which one is the best suited for the Prince. The women who lose are thrown into whatever the Saiyans decide to do with them from then on. They could be given to certain Saiyan soldiers for their own pleasure. That's why every damn male was excited to see the new females arrive. Kakarrot rolled his eyes, overhearing some of the pathetic talk of the man. Sure he'll love to have a fun time with some of the women, he's had his own share already, but right now all he cared for was strength not some play toys for the Prince and the rest of the Saiyans. The spaceship appeared overhead. Kakarrot groaned. Might as well get this useless crap out of the way. The King stepped out, a wide snaky smile stretching in his face.

" Saiyan Warriors I present to you the 20 women!" he announced.

Kakarrot sense the woman before they came, truth be told he was one of the few Saiyans who can sense a presence of a person without using that scoutor. He frowned, something was odd…as the women began to approach he instantly confirmed his suspicions. There wasn't 20 women on the line there was 19. One was missing.

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