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II. Contained

Gasping, stumbling through various trees Chichi and Bulma ran as fast as their legs could carry either of them. They weren't sure how long it would take before anyone else would figured out their absence. All they thought as the ran out of the ship is that they needed the get the hell out of there. The farther away the safer, it was this thought that enable them to continue running even as their feet burned and their legs began aching.

" You think they'd noticed by now," Bulma gasped for breath. Placing two hands on her lower thighs she stopped to catch a small breather. Her blue hue hair was already clamping with sweat. It didn't help that she took her backpack, which slowed both down. But she didn't regret taking it, all her necessities would be there. They had multiple plans, but the first had been this one. Run, Hide, then find a way to go back home…somehow.

" Let's hope not," Chichi also stopped to catch her breath. She sneaked a glance at the direction where they came from. She didn't hear anyone chasing after them. Maybe that was as good sign. Taking the moment she quickly took note of everything else. She's never been taken hostage before, but now that she looked her mouth opened. It definitely felt like another world. The gravity here was also much more thicker, her breathing and muscles weren't used to it.

A sudden alarm blared. The sound had been so quick that it was hard to distinguish where exactly it came from. Chichi bit her lip for a moment. A gut in her stomach told her that she was in danger.

" Come on Bulma we have to keep going," Chichi said, suddenly feeling that the sense of danger was growing.

They began running again. They didn't get very far before the sound of Saiyan officers passed by in quick movements. They ran the other way, soon realizing that they were surrounded. The Saiyans were everywhere.

" What now?" Bulma asked coming to a halt, she hid behind one of the tree branch as several other Saiyans passed by at a distance.

" Over there!" Chichi pointed seeing a clearly empty road where no other Saiyan seem to be heading over to. They made their way over carefully at first, then with a burst of speed they sped over the road.

" God! I haven't ran this much since I was in high school!" groaned Bulma as they dodged towards a set of bushes.

The sense of something powerful was making its way over. Chichi heart accelerated, knowing that whatever she sense it was very close.

" Chichi please tell me that's not-,"Bulma didn't get to finish as an shadow appeared in front of them. Both Chichi and Bulma bolted back. The shadow grinned.

Chichi almost gasped. The man in front of her had black crazed hair that sticked out in every direction. She didn't even want to considered how that was even possible. His eyes were dark, but at the same time the deepest color she has ever seen anyone have. A thought of how incredible attractive he was crossed her mind, right before she shook it down. Right now wasn't the time to focus on stupid hormones.

" Two…I thought only one was supposed to be missing," he said, a sense of cockiness in his tone, along with arrogance. " Stupid bastards don't know how to count." he grinned at both of them.

Chichi didn't waste any more time admiring him. She sprung to her feet, she knew these Saiyans were ultimately stronger, but she wasn't going to go down without a fight. An amused look suddenly crossed the man in front of her.

" You think you can fight me off, wench?" he asked, mockery in his tone. " You can't possible win."

Chichi narrowed her eyes at him. " No…but I can try," she dared to say.

Bulma behind her gasped." Chichi I don't think that's exactly a good idea."

The man narrowed his eyes back at Chichi. The smirk still in his face, just waiting for her to do the first move. Knowing full well what the man was expecting she march towards him. She attempted her very best move as she rounded up her leg to connect to his face, a hand shot up as he caught her by the leg. Twisting her body around, she used her other leg to kick him away from her. All it managed was for herself to get more into an awkward situation. He brought her down.

" Not bad…-for a weakling," he replied, anger bursting through Chichi eyes.

The sound of officers approaching brought both their attentions away from each other. Chichi frozed. She almost forgotten about the running away part.

" Hmm. Stay quiet wench," he said suddenly pulling her over shoulder.

" HEY! What the hell do you think you're doing!" Chichi screamed.

" I said shut up wench!" he yelled back, roughly locking his arms over her bottom so that she wouldn't move much. Chichi gasped at that contact, his arms were impossible to break free. Before she could utter a word he turned to Bulma.

" That goes for you too. If you so much as make a noise. You'll regret it," he told Bulma as he used his spare arm to grab her as well. Bulma merely nodded, too shock to utter words.

" Where are you taking us! Fuck! Let us go," Chichi refused to take his orders as he burst into a run.

" Don't you understand QUIET when you hear it," the man replied ruffly as he sped up.

" What does it matter?!" Chichi yelled back. " You're probably taking us captive for your own satisfaction! "

" DO YOU EVER SHUT UP!" suddenly he yelled too harshly that Chichi flinched at his words. They came to a halt suddenly to what seemed like a house. An eyebrow shot up as he went inside and basically dropped them on the ground as soon as they got there.

" Ow! A little heads up would've been nice," muttered Bulma as she lifted herself from the ground.

The man paid no attention to them. He glanced outside, frowning before turning his gaze back at the two women.

" Follow me," He told them sharply as he headed to another place in his house. Once he noticed that Chichi and Bulma hadn't moved he aggregately stormed back. " Not only do you talk when you're not supposed to but you're also deaf! FOLLOW ME!"

Chichi frowned, finding no choice but to follow him. If she tried running away he'll probably harm her. He sure was loosing his temper pretty fast. As Bulma and Chichi followed him to an empty room he stopped at the door.

" GO IN," he ordered.

" Why?" Chichi asked, again the word spilling out before she could think of it.

" Don't ask questions, wench! Just get the fuck in," his eyes narrowed at her.

" Well you're not being very cooperate! If you're planning to lock us up in there, then why don't you at least say so instead of yelling orders!" Chichi yelled back.

A look of amazement suddenly crossed him again. Quickly trying to hide it, he muttered back. " You ungrately woman don't you understand when someone is trying to help you- how stupid are you?"

At that Chichi eyes expanded, completely taken aback. " You're trying to help us?"

Realizing his mistake he snapped back" Shut up and get in already,"

Bulma and Chichi exchanged glances before taking a step inside. " I won't be gone too long! STAY HERE! IF YOU VALUE YOUR STUPID LIVES! I"LL BE BACK -" he replied closing the door. He glanced at Chichi once last time before he zoomed out.

" Uhm. Okay tell me something Chichi. Is that alien hot throb digging you?" Bulma murmured a couple minutes later.

" WHAT! Bulma how can you be thinking that right now. Come on let's try to find a way out." Chichi went towards the door opening it carefully.

" That handsome guy said not to leave. I don't know-he's one of them but…-I don't feel that scared now," Bulma said coming right after Chichi.

" They're all the same! He probably kidnapped us for another reason." Chichi replied, making her way down the hall.

" Yeah. I guess," Bulma shrugged, crossing her arms. " But he did say he was helping us." After pointing that out Chichi frowned. Shaking her head she move to a room to her left.


Chichi walked in. Curiousity winning her over.

" Hey-these controls look like the ones my dad used when he created a spaceship," Bulma walked behind Chichi.

Chichi glanced at the button. " What do you think they do? Could this possibly be a hidden spaceship?" she asked Bulma as her fingers ran lightly on the buttons.

Bulma shrugged. " It can happen, but I'm not sure."

Chichi's eyes locked on 25x. She couldn't help her curiosity. She pressed it. All of a sudden Chichi and Bulma both collapse to the ground unable to move.

"WHAT THE-UGH! I CAN"T….MOVE," Bulma struggled to even lift her head from the ground. Chichi had the same problem.

" Automatic transferred to 50x" the computer suddenly spoke up.

50x. God no! The next thing Chichi knew she couldn't even move her fingers. She was completely immobilized. Even blinking required work as she was sprawled on the floor with gigantic amount of pressure all around the room. Breathing was becoming harder as well. The next thing she knew she couldn't keep her eyes open anymore.

Kakarrot jerked his head back to his home. He had definitely sense when the two women chi had dropped. He was ready to bolt back, when he noticed that his fellow Saiyans were still looking for the missing woman, or women. The fact that they had discovered two women gone instead of just one rose some amusement, and bewilderment. He had no idea on why in hell he had brought the two women to his own home instead of turning them in, but he found the one wench with black hair damn amusing. The moment he had surprised them, the sparkling gleam to her eyes as she had the gut to actually face him off, thinking she could possible win against him.

" The fuck you just standing there Kakarrot! We have to find that stupid bitch who escape! Move your ass."

Kakarrot forced his attention back at the others who were searching every possible location. The fact that the chi of the women had dropped though made him unable to keep the search.

" I will search as I please. !" he left towards his own house.

After making sure no one was following him he stormed into his house. Now where were those stupid wenches? He went to the room he left them, surprise to see it gone. Cursing he slammed the door to the room shut heading down the hall when he suddenly noticing that the door to the gravity room was open. He went in right as he noticed the two women sprawled on the floor. He went inside shutting down the gravity control, before turning his attention to the two women. At least they hadn't got a chance to run away, he thought before picking up the black haired woman. Like before he felt the curve of her body as he picked her out. Carrying her, he placed her on his own bed, getting a strange sense of smell from her. Staring at her, his body suddenly reacted. The wench was beautiful in her own way, not like the girls he's come to know here. Just staring at her he had the strange urge to touch her, feel the the skin behind her covered clothes. The woman suddenly opened her black beautiful eyes slowly.

" You idiot. I told you to stay put wench."

The woman closed her eyes and brew a sigh. " Oh go to hell," she replied earning a smirk to appear again in Kakarrot face. He rather liked this woman, she was different. Which only reminded him that he had forgotten the other woman back at the gravity room.

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