After months went by and things were changing when Miranda was in her controll room she had a pregnancy test in her hands and it said posstive so she didn't feel like now to show her test to Johnson and she knew that Jewel and Chole are already pregnant covent pregnancy was diffrent when her's.

What in the world did Johnson did to me? should I tell him? Miranda was thinking about her morning sickness, cravings and the test thinking about how to tell her husband about what is going on then Johnson came to ask her if he can use her shotgun.

"Miranda, can I use your shotgun for a few minutes? there is allot of brutes. And Chole's ellites needs help."

"sure Johnson." Miranda said handing him her shotgun then Johnson was going to ask her what was behind her back but he needed a mission to be done so he didn't bother to ask so he lefted.

Few minutes later

Miranda was on her laptop looking online about ellite pregnancy about how long does it last up she was finding great data about it so she started reading it and it said that ellite pregnancies last up to 7 or 8 months it was very rare for an ellite to be born in 6 months, it was closer to human pregnancy due date then she was wondering when is Jewel's due date is so she clicked on January the day she got pregnant and it said she was due on June or July and Chole was due this month witch is May and the moment was coming and Miranda is 4 months pregnant and she was due on October.

"wow, Chole is due sometime this month. Woah I better prepare myself for this." Miranda said then Cortana and Andy were talking as Miranda went to the other roomto see Cortana pregnant at 6 months and they were going to tell Miranda something.

"Miranda, can we tell you something?" Andy asked.

"sure. What is it?"

"oh, it is did you hear that Carley is pregnant?"

"wow, Master Chief tolled me that this morning. How far is she?" asked Miranda.

"2 months." Cortana said.

"that's amazing, we're going to have more people joining our ship; very soon."

"yep, we are."

Few minutes later

Johnson came in and see Miranda with hands behind her back with the test in her hands.

"Miranda, I have to ask you this. But what is behind your back?"

"nothing Johnson, I have nothing be hind my back." Miranda said as she put the test on her table and showed Johnson that she doesn't have anything in her hands.

"see, nothing in my hands."

Then Johnson went behind her and found the test on her table and Miranda was lying to him all along.

"what is this?" he asked Miranda.

"it's a pregnancy test Johnson, I have to tell you this; but I was a little scared to tell you."

"why is that?"

"I was just...well. Worrried, I was thinking that you would be mad, upset, or even angry with me." Miranda said as she brust into tears as Johnson wrapped his arms around his wife.

"nah sweet heart, why would I be upset, angry or mad with you?"

Then Johnson looked at the test and then looked at Miranda knowing what has happened to her what did I do? it can't be... Johnson was thinking for a minutes before getting back to Miranda.

"ok, tell me what did you want to say?" Johnson asked.

Miranda sighted and was goingto tell him "I'm pregnant." then johnson stared at her for a minute then he was going to say something to her.

"Miranda that's amazing, I don't know what to say."

"you don't have to say anything, I'm getting bigger too." Miranda said showing her stomach getting bigger.

Then Johnson was so happy that he was going to be a dad and that makes Miranda a mom.

"I'm very happy for you Miranda, soon we'll have children in our ship." Johnson said to his wife as they kissed each other then they heard a scream that sounded like a female ellite.

"what was that?" Miranda asked.

"I think that was Chole, I'll get your stuff; you go to Chole and see if she is ok." Johnson tolled Miranda as he went to get his wife's stuff while Miranda go to find Chole.

Few room passed and Miranda found Chole in a room with Arbiter by her side keeping her calm.

"what's going on Arbiter?"

"Chole, I think she is having a baby; there's a fight with the brutes outside."

"ok, I'll be sure Chole is doing fine; and nothing's wrong." Miranda said as Chole was keeping herself calm.

Johnson got Miranda's stuff and went to help the ellites and his men incase for help or injury.

Chole was gripping Arbiter's claws and they hurt him.

"ow! you're breaking my claws." Arbiter moaned as Chole losened her grip and Arbiter's claws felt like they were going to snap then the Shipmaster came to the room Chole is in to see Arbiter.

"Arbiter, we need your help to kill the brute who is going after Johnson." he reported.

"oh my god." Miranda said in fear.

"I can't, my wife needs me too."

"well, Johnson is need of help right now." Shipmaster said "Chole will be fine, Miranda is here for her."

"ok." Arbiter sighed as he kissed Chole's head armor and ran out the room to help Johnson.

Once Arbiter and Shipmaster got outside they can see Johnson getting almost beat up by a brute Shipmaster grabbed him and Arbiter used his plasma rife and shot the brute at the head Johnson was saved and the brutes were all wipped out.

"wow, that was close." Johnson said to the two elites.

"yeah, it was to me too." Shipmaster replied then Arbiter heard a baby crying from inside the ship he raced to the room where Chole was in with Miranda then he saw Chole on the bed holding a baby in her arms.

"Arbiter, come see our daughter." Chole said as she was smiling and crying at the same time.

"I have a daughter? wow." Arbiter said he was so sruprise and Shipmaster was ruprise too so they went up to Chole and her daughter who was all like Chole and had her blue water eyes.

"wow, she's cute; what's her name?"

"Jessica." Chole said.

"that's what my mother's name was, until she passed. But that's great Chole that you named her after my mother."

end of chapter 2