AN: Since everyone love Flower Crown I thought makes another Zero, Ichiru, and Yagari story. As warning Zero and Ichiru are girls in this story I repeat they are girls.



Ichiru look at Yagari as he taught Zero on how to hold blade. It has been few weeks of the attack and the making of flower crowns and Ichiru lost her voice due to her illness or at least that the Kiryu think. Until Yagari saw Ichiru move her lips.

"What's it kiddo?" Yagari ask bending to Ichiru's height.

"Ya-a-ag," Ichiru stuttered out the first part of Yagari name. Zero watch her twin sister stuttered out her teacher's name.

"Yag," Zero said as she supports her little sister in speaking.

"Yag," Ichiru shout in excitement hugging Yagari.

"No, not Yag, it's Yagari." Yagari stated trying to correct the twins.

"No YAG," The twins shouted in unison looking at their teacher. Yagari sigh looking at twins knowing it is pointless to argue with Kiryu girls.

"Alright, you two can call me Yag." Yagari stated as he pat the twins head.


"YAG," Cross shout as he ran hugged Yagari. Yagari hits Cross over the head.

"Who told you, you can call me that?" Yagari shout looking at the Headmaster.

"I overheard Kiryu girls talking about you." Headmaster explains as he rubs his sore head.

"ICHIRU, ZERO!" Yagari shout as the twins ran for their lives.


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