This is very early and not much is known about these kids. But I doubt the characters will be surprises as the webisodes/ book continue.

Oh, this is a One Shot so I'm just writing the scenes I've invented. It's not so much a real story as it is cutesy fluff.

The tragedy started in Dexter and Daring's castle home.

Prince Dexter: "Uh, Daring, have you been leaving your hair-cream bottles open?"

While pretending to read a book, Prince Daring says "No, Dexter. Could you not bother me? I'm very interested in this book."

The cover title was upside down. What first got Dexter's attention was Daring was holding a book- for more than evening pool-tables.

"Alright then." Dexter turned to leave the room (one of dozens of unmarked rooms their mother changed decoration of every month on a whim).

The blonde prince squeezed the pages then threw the book to the side. "Oh, I can trust you, little brother. You wouldn't spread rumors to your small circle of friends."

"You really know how to butter a guy up, bro." Dexter waited for his stupid brother to explain his troubles.

"Give your compliments after I spill my magic beans." Daring said as he clapped his hands.

The curtains drew, the doors locked and mouse holes were covered by moving book cases. Magical furniture was so convenient.

Daring stood up and paced in front of his 4-eyed brother's view. "It seems I've, well, I don't know how to put this."

Not wishing his brother harm, Dexter only hoped Daring finally did something bad. Heinous enough that a few people wouldn't think he was so perfect...for a just a minute.

"I've grown...fond of ...a girl." Daring slowly admitted, as if someone were pulling his teeth out.

In between the words Dexter had about a hundred guesses on what else could've been said. 'I've grown...magical mushrooms, a wart, a tiny Johnson'.

"Why keep that a secret? You and Apple spend a lot of time together, your stories are intertwined, everyone is expecting it-"

"It isn't Apple." Daring woefully admitted.

"Ohh." Dexter understood why Daring looked so guilty. The younger prince felt guilty too then. He never wished pain on his brother but wishing misfortune at all had lead to a worst fate.

Dexter took of his glasses to pinch the bridge between his eyes. "Please tell me it's not her best friend."

Daring stood straight and pushed a curly lock out of his eye. "Her roommate, actually."

The prescribed spectacles broke in Dexter's hands. Daring flinched, he expect this reaction.

"How-how-how-how-how-how-how-hooaw?" Squinting through his bad vision, Dexter tried not to hyperventilate.

"Don't ask me! It makes the littlest amount of sense." Daring's tone went snobbish as he spoke. "The contrast between is worst than clashing- we'd explode upon one another. Raven is far too-"

Complex, beautifully unique, genuinely warm....

"-depressing and bookish. Not to mention evil, at least she's destined to be." Daring had paid enough attention to Raven recently to note she wasn't as bad-natured as Apple had ranted about.

"Daring, you just have to swallow these stupid feelings down and forget! Slam your head against a stone tower; get a troll to punch you- I don't care just Stop. Being fond. Of. Raven!" Dexter tried to remember where a mallet was located in their huge home.

"Dear brother, I've being trying! For weeks now. I've tried to notice all of her flaws and annoying habits as to de-infatuate myself." Daring was proud of this method, even if it lacked success.

"Good idea on paper. Can I have an example of how you look at her?" Dexter predicted he would feel either very sick or amused in a twisted martyr way.

"Well, there was early this morning. Apple was discussing a ball or something charitable and I was standing next to her as she spoke to our group. I heard a ridiculous giggle, from Raven's odd alcoholic friend. The two were about ten feet away from us. I focused my attention on her high collar and the dull shade of grey it was. It led me to notice her long neck and her perfectly shaped ears- I thought they'd be green from cheap jewelry but they weren't. Then her wicked violet eyes locked on mine, her pretty purple lips smiled. She held up a silver-braced hand and it started to glow. She then used her witchling powers to pull me out of Apple's grip. I quickly floated to her, feet off the ground- her still glowing hands landedon my chest. She gently scratched my chest and said she'd rip out my heart and keep it in a little box near her bed. Forever and ever and-"

"That never happened, did it?" Dexter flatly said to wake up his brother.

Daring cleared his throat and proudly said, "Parts did, just not the interesting ones."