oh, Nothing belongs to me.

Daring hoped if anyone saw him with his brother's dweeby friends, they'd think he was doing them a favor. Not the other way around= the truth.

"So this guy can take off the spell the wretched villainess put in me. Good." Daring said as he and Dexter walked down a dark stairwell.

"Yes, even though I can't find a reason Raven would do it in the first place." Dexter said. He held his iMirror up for light.

"The ghoulish girl wanted to put my heart on her mantel. It's almost sympathetic if it weren't so pathetic." Daring almost felt pity but pushed that aside and thought of his pretty face.

Dexter wanted to defend the ghoulish girl but he thought it would reveal too much on his side. Also, Daring probably wouldn't hear of the idea that a girl wasn't attracted to him.

Honestly the idea of Raven being attracted to Daring was gross so the younger prince had to concentrated on not slipping.

The prince brothers made it to the dungeon. There was an iron dragon on the welcoming door. Dexter pulled the dragon's tail, causing the iron creature to roar and squirm to reveal the peep-hole.

The white of an eye appeared in the hole."Who goes there?!"

"Hey, Gygarnson. I need a favor."

"Oh, hey Dex. Give me a sec."

The door opened to reveal the chubby ginger wizard.

"All hail the Bloody Murder of the Laboratory." The young wizard held up a hand- only the pinky was down.

"I am welcomed, Stunning Scribe Named after the Talking Dog." Dexter made the same hand gesture to his friend.

"Oh please stop being nerdy in front of me! It's getting into my clothes!" Daring wanted to defend his brother to his bros, but seeing this made it so hard for him.

Gygarnson was not impressed. "Why'd you bring the Mirror Magnet?"

"Was that a shot?" Prince Daring asked, feeling his base-ball thick arms flex.

"He's under a spell that could harm the peace of the kingdom. We need help." Dexter explained for his lug-head brother.

Daring sat in a very comfortable chair with cold leeches sucking on his legs. There was green liquid in his ears, fuzzy-undefined animals in his lap and he wore chains of random junk with magical properties.

Out of ear range, Dexter asked what all the items did for Daring's condition.

"Nothing, he just needed an attitude adjustment."Gygarnson truthfully told his companion.

The wizard held up a gold wand. At the end was a bright crystal tied on by spider-web.

Not being able to trail the wand at all times, Daring just put faith that his illness would be cured soon. The wizard began at the floor and went to Daring's crown. The little 'hmms' annoyed the royal-quarter-back but he stayed as dignified as he could with a light-bulb secured in mouth.

"What are the results, Gy?" Dexter asked, hoping his weird day would end.

"The one with the abbs does not have any sort of magical enhancement."

Daring lit up, and through the light-bulb said, "I'm cured!"

"You misunderstand. You didn't have a curse when you came in. Other than a fat ego, you are pure of all impurities." The wizard informed him as he waved his wand to put the items away.

The items around Daring flew away. Leaving an angry prince to walk up to the pimply dork.

"You missed something! I am not well in the head!"

The wizard wasn't afraid. "I did not. Yes you are."

Riddles and jocks did not always mix well. Dexter got in the middle of his arm-raised brother and his thick-necked friend.

"Gy, this could harm the balance of everything of everything we hold sacred. Are you 100% sure?" Dexter almost begged.

"I am 110% certain. Prince Daring has a crush. It will lead to humiliation and self-hatred but magic is not at fault here." The ginger said, and then chomped on the floating BLT.

After pushing the wimp out of his way, Daring looked around for something he could punch. Gygarnson's dungeon had a large, beautiful mirror hanging on the wall. Dragons framed it; one had bat-wings, one looked like a T-rex, one resembled a potato/bee hybrid. The bratty prince grabbed Dexter's tiara and smashed it against the glass and silver.

"You may send me the bill." The elder prince said as he sat in the comfy chair.

"Happily." Gygarnson would add many items to that list, knowing the prince wouldn't look at it once.

With pity for his big, dumb sibling Dexter walked to the chair instead of his tiara. He patted on Daring's jersey shoulder.

"It could be worst, right? It's not like you have to marry anyone...nevermind."