Always Together

That evening, after the rest of the family returned from the lake, Aylene spent as much time with them as possible. Derek had kept his promise and got his little sister a puna-shell necklace. It was green in the shape of a starfish.

One thing that Aylene was very relieved about was that her parents didn't ask too many questions about what happened earlier. Right now, she just wanted to enjoy a nice, quiet evening with everyone and have some fun. Even just a simple game of cards was very meaningful after all the time she was separated from them.

And a nice game of scrabble to end the night was great for laughs, especially when they play it that whoever spells a certain word first automatically wins. And her grandmother's hot chocolate was always good for any gathering.

"It is good to be home." she smiled to herself as she sipped the delicious hot beverage.

Eventually, the time came for everyone to sleep.

Aylene tiredly made her way upstairs and back to her room. As she changed into her pajamas, she couldn't help but wonder how her friends were enjoying their first night in their new home. She could only guess that they were enjoying it as much as she was enjoying hers.

Finally, Aylene crawled into bed and pulled the covers over herself. The moment her head hit the pillow, she instantly fell asleep.

Aylene looked around and saw that she was standing in the Great Valley in the middle of the night. The stars shown brightly in sky and the moon gave off its hopeful radiance.

Just in front of the human girl, a large shape began to take form. It arched its long neck down until its face was directly in front of Aylene. As it took on full form, the girl stared in wonder as she realized what it was.

Littlefoot's mother!

The translucent Apatosaurus looked at Aylene with eyes filled with gratitude. She smiled and nuzzled the girl.

Aylene returned the gesture by petting her snout.

The female longneck slowly pulled away and looked at Aylene once more

"Thank you for saving my son," she said graciously.

Aylene smiled and nodded.

Then, almost as quickly as she come, Littlefoot's mother gently faded away in the breath of the wind.

In the Great Valley, Littlefoot gazed up at the night sky.

He smiled softly as the stars' luminous glow reminded him that he was safe in his new home. He looked over at his sleeping grandparents and felt happiness grow in his heart. He was back with his family once again.

Although Aylene had left, he couldn't shake the feeling that it wasn't the end. It was as if a small whisper was telling him that he would see her again. As for when, he wasn't sure. All he could do was hope that someday she would return.

"I hope it's soon," he whispered as he laid down his head and drifted off to sleep.

When the week coming to an end, it was time for Aylene and her family to head back home. After saying their goodbyes and thanks to Elaine and Richard, they piled into the car and drove back to their town.

As Aylene watched the landscape fly across her window, she replayed the memories of her adventure over and over in her head. Even now, she still had a hard time believe that she really went to another world. What's more, she was amazed that she was still alive.

One thing was for sure though, she had finally had a special place she could call her own, and she couldn't wait to go back.

As the thought of this, a faint glow down in the corner of the window caught her attention. She glanced over and realized it was part of her reflection. She looked down and saw that the Time Stone around her neck was starting to glow again. She smiled to herself and clasped the Stone with her right hand.

She knew what she was doing when she got home.

Five hours later, the car pulled up into the driveway.

Aylene quickly helped carry the luggage in before grabbing her suitcase and archery equipment. She hastily got to her room and immediately unzipped the suitcase. She rummaged through it and pulled out her green two-piece swimsuit, black gym shorts, and navy blue sandals.

After she laid those things out, she grabbed her gym bag and made her way to the kitchen. She filled up a large water bottles, grabbed a small handful of granola bars, a few packets of peanuts, a couple of selected spices out of the cupboard, and threw them into her gym bag.

After that, she went to the laundry room and found a large beach towel in a cupboard above dryer. She rolled it up and stuck it in the gym bag. She then went back to her room, closed the door, pulled out a drawer of her desk, and grabbed her Swiss-Army Knife. This she stuck into the gym bag.

She then opened her archery case and pulled out her bow and quiver, which was completely restocked with homemade arrows.

She quickly changed into swimsuit, shorts, and sandals. She then strapped on her quiver, threw her bag over her shoulders, put two black hair elastics on her left wrist, and put her bow over her shoulder.

She was ready.

She held up her Time Stone and said in a clear voice, "Portal Open!"

A stream of light emerged from the stone and the rift opened up.

Without hesitation, Aylene leapt through and the portal closed behind her with a small snapping sound.

The human girl smiled. She was back in the Great Valley.

The warm sun sparked through the trees and the sweet smell of flowers and grass swept all around her, as to welcome her back to this world.

"Now where are they?" Aylene said out loud, looking around for any sign of her friends.

She looked to her right and a huge smile streaked across her face.

On a small hill with his back turned toward her was Littlefoot.


The long-neck looked back in surprise as he heard his name called out by a familiar voice. He turned around and surprised happiness filled his soul.


The two friends immediately ran to greet each other.

When they met, Aylene wrapped her arms around Littlefoot's neck and he rubbed his face against her soft hair.

"Aylene!" the longneck laughed. "How'd you get here?! I thought you went home!"

"I did!" the human explained. "But it turns out that my grandmother came here before me! She told me how to use the Time Stone! Now I can come here whenever I want!"

The two friends embraced each other again, happy that they were reunited.

"Littlefoot!" Cera's voice came from over the hill.

At the sound of their friends, Littlefoot and Aylene sprinted up the hill and were soon joined by the others. Joyful laughter overflowed from the Gang as they happily greeted Aylene and welcomed her back with friendly hugs.

"I knew you'd come back!" Ducky cheerfully said. "Yep, yep, yep!"

"Me glad you back, me miss you!" Petrie responded happily.

"I missed you guys, too!" Aylene laughed as Spike licked her check.

"Welcome back, Aylene!" Cera nuzzled Aylene's face.

They all huddled together into a group hug.

"Now we'll always be together." Littlefoot smiled.

Their herd was complete once again. Their journey was at an end. However, they knew deep in their souls that this was just the start. There were still more adventures out there that were waiting for them.

As long as they faced them together, they knew they would be just fine.


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