She couldn't just tell Lori about , that would be too obvious that she wanted her to get mad at him. Lana thought about what she could do to expose Shane's little secret. It's not that she hated him, it's was the fact that he was being unfaithful Lori. And if she hated to pick one thing that she hated in the world, it was someone who cheated. She had her fair share of partners who cheated and broke her heart, and it pissed her off."

Lana..." Daryl said, touching her shoulder flinched and looked up at nodded towards the food she was going to cook and she sighed. She took a match from the little book Andrea had given her and let the wood catch fire.

"You alright?" Daryl asked, sitting next to her.

"Yeah. Actually, I need your help with a little problem." Lana said, turning to look at him.

"With what?""Glenn told me Shane said that he thinks I'm sexy and 'wants a piece of me'." Lana said, a look of disgust crossing her face.

"So?" Daryl answered with a shrug.

"He's married! It's wrong."

"Just 'cause he's married, doesn't mean it's wrong."

"He. Is. Married. He said that he basically wants to have sex with me."

Daryl gave Lana a confused look and shrugged, not catching why she was so upset that Shane said that. She might be good company and nice to talk to, but Daryl was still clueless with girls.

"It's cheating, you idiot!"

"It ain't cheating if you don't sleep with him." Daryl pointed out a growl and bit her lip, knowing that Daryl was right.

If she wanted to expose Shane as unfaithful, she would actually have to sleep with him.

Fuck, Lana mentally cursed as she began cooking the meat.

"Maybe if he had the chance to touch me, she'll catch him." Lana suggested.

"You ain't a whore. He's not just gonna feel ya up without your permission. Cop, remember?"

"Jesus Daryl! Can't you be supportive?"

"Why do ya wanna bust him for sayin' that you're hot?"

"Because it's cheating, Daryl! And...I don't want Lori to hate me for her husband's attraction to me."

Daryl shrugged and sighed, patting her back gently. Lana huffed and continued to cook, trying to calculate a plan. They all made her look like a whore, and she didn't need that to reputation in the camp.

"Ya know, it ain't a bad thing that he called ya hot, yunno." Daryl said quietly, watching her cook.

"God, Daryl. You're such an asshole."

Daryl scoffed and shook his head.

No wonder Merle likes her, Daryl thought, The both of them are confusing as hell.


Night fell over the camp, darkness settling in and making everything seem more dangerous. The faint columns of black smoke from each fire seemed to blanket the sky in a dark haze. Lana sat with Merle and Daryl, curled tightly under a blanket while her head rested on Merle's thigh.

"Where were you this afternoon? I went to get stuff for dinner and you weren't here." Lana said, tracing patterns out on the ground.

"I went into the woods, tried to find a little more meat for you." Merle said, running his his hand over her shoulder and squeezing it looked at Merle and smirked to himself.

Lana was really a Dixon girl. She had the attitude and the mouth on her. And she didn't mind that the rest of the group didn't like them, she wanted to be with them. Sure, he was a bit skeptical about her, but she really proved herself. Plus, she was complicated just like them.

"It's late. Are ya gonna go back to your tent?" Merle asked, looking down at looked up at him, her green eyes seemed to glow in the amber light of the fire. She smiled and shook her head.

"I wanna stay with you guys." She said quietly with a shy smile.

"I can bring your tent up here, if ya want." Daryl said, already standing up.

", I wanna sleep in your tent. If you don't mind, of course." Lana said with a pink blush.

"As long you two don't start going at it, I'm fine." Daryl said with a chuckle.

"We won't. Promise." Lana said, sitting up and tossing a stick into the fire.

The flames licked at the stick with orange and red tongues until it was completely blackened. Lana watched in pure fascination, while Daryl went into the tent.

"I saw you and Daryl talking before. Ya looked mad. You alright?" Merle asked, watching the flames grow.

"Uh..yeah. I was just annoyed with something." Lana said, hesitantly.

Merle nodded and patted her shoulder. He looked over at the tent and yawned.

"Let's sleep." Lana mumbled, her eyes growing heavier with each blink.

"Yeah, yeah. You sure everything's fine?"

"Yes, Merle. I'm sure."

Lana sat up and stood, gathering the blanket up and stretched out. She helped Merle up ad laughed as she stumbled back. Merle quickly wrapped his arm around her waist to keep her from falling and smiled at the yelp Lana let out. Lana pulled away and bit her lip, trying to suppress the smile that was growing on her face. She went into the tent and smiled at Daryl, who was lying with his arms folded under his head. He had made room for Lana to sleep in between Merle and himself.

Lana laid down and pulled the blanket over her, looking at the nylon ceiling with a goofy grin. Merle came in after a few minutes, the glow from the fire extinguished. He crawled next Lana and pulled her to his body, his are draped over her waist.

"Night, Daryl." Lana said, yawning softly.

"Nigh'." Daryl grumbled, already half falling asleep.

"Night, Merle."

"Night, sugar." Merle mumbled, rubbing his face against her neck.

Lana smiled and closed her eyes, her mind still racing as she fell asleep.

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