` Oh No, Not Another Highschool Fic!

Chapter One: Just another first day

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The alarm clock rang at exactly 6:30 that day. It was dark and stormy outside but the county had decided that it wasn't bad enough to cancel school. She didn't want to go to school and she didn't want to start over again. So instead, she smacked the plastic alarm clock off of the bedside table and turned right back over. The school will still be there in another hour.

Hinata Hyuga, sixteen years young and mature for her age, lived with her sister and father in a rented apartment on the cheaper end of the suburbs. They didn't have very much money, but they weren't poor either. Her family had just moved into this very apartment about a week ago, and still closed cardboard boxes were scattered about the house. Hinata and her sister were not very enthusiastic about the move, which makes unpacking more of a chore than usual.

Today is supposed to be her first day of school. Her first day OUTSIDE of the little apartment she hid herself in for the last seven and a half days. She should be excited, as her father says. There were plenty of opportunities in store for her here. Hinata couldn't help but think she meant HIS opportunities. Her father, Hiashi Hyuuga, was having trouble finding work. Hence the move. This county apparently had more job offers than their last home.

What opportunities could be waiting for a girl like her? Bullying? Yeah, they always bully the new girl. Those rich, high on their horse, pompous asses like to pick on poor, quiet, average girls like her. At least...That's how it was in all those movies she watched two weeks ago.

The sixteen year old girl rolled over once more, this time to face her bedroom window. The gray clouds twisted in the sky and rain smacked hard against the glass. She would have to walk in this...With a sigh, she swung her legs out of the bed and dragged herself to the shower. No point in putting off the inevitable.

After her shower, she woke her dad and sister up for breakfast, which she also found time to make. She munched on a piece of toast as she slipped her socks on her feat and watched her sister run around like a chicken without a head.

"I can't find my pencil case!"

Hinata sighed and pointed to a box in the corner of the living room. Her sister ran over and searched through it, letting out a yell of triumph when it was found. "Thank you Hinata~" Her sister ran over and gave her a giant hug, her brown eyes glowing with delight.

The eldest hyuga smiled and nodded her head.

"Did you take your medication, Hinata?"

The young woman turned in her seat to look at her father who was straightening his tie. "N-not yet. I-i will." Even though her father looked mean on the outside, he was really a mushy person on the inside. The thought made her form a smile which she hid behind her free hand.

He nodded, placing his briefcase on the table and shuffling through his papers and degrees. "See that you do, we don't need you fainting on your first day." He turned his brown eyes to her and gave her a soft smile. "I'm going to take Hanabi to school today, would you like a ride too?"

The young woman eyed the storm outside and mentally weighed her options. "Er...I-i think I'll walk..."

Her new converses were squeaking with all the water that tried to escape them. The door to her homeroom classroom seemed to loom in-front of her as she stood there with her schedule in her hand. The bell rang three minutes ago, which means everyone has already taken their seats. Which means that the moment she walks in there, she will be the center of attention. Hinata steadied her breath as she placed her hand on the doorknob. when she felt that she was calm enough, she slowly turned it and pushed it open. She blinked a few times, her eyes stinging from the bright florescent lights, before turning her head down to look at her shoes.

"May I help you young lady?" The eldest Hyuga's head shot up to look at the speaker at the front of the room. A man sat behind the desk with a book in his hands and his glasses perched on the tip of his nose. Long black hair was braided down his back and tied off with a dark blue ribbon. He was a lean man, almost skinny and his nose was sharp and pointed. His gaze made her shift uncomfortably in by the door with her hands folded in front of her.

"U-um...My name is...Hinata Hyuga...I-i'm a new student..." She mumbled, twisting her fingers nervously.

The man pushed his glasses farther up his nose and leaned forward in his chair. "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. Care to repeat that?" He placed the book down on the desk, making sure to save his place, before turning his gaze back to her.

"I'm... a new student..." Her eyes quickly scanned the room at the intrigued faces of her new classmates.

The man smiled revealing sharp teeth and he rubbed his hands together as if he were presented a four course meal. "Ahhh~ I seeeee~ We don't really get very many new students...and what is your name?"

She just said it though..."H-Hinata Hyuga..."

He raised a hand, cupping his ear. "Come again?"

Taking a deep breath she yelled, "Hinata Hyuga." The classroom erupted into giggles and the teacher smiled. The young woman clutched her books to her chest and looked down at the floor. She knew it was going to be like this, now she was going to be teased and bullied for the rest of the year.

"You may take a seat Ms. Hyuga. I am Mr. Orochimaru, pleased to make your acquaintance. Can someone help Ms. Hyuga figure out where her next class is. Now."

A girl with carrot colored hair waved her hand at Hinata, urging her to come to the back row. Hinata did as instructed and made her way to the back, plopping down in the empty seat next to her. The girl held out a hand to her and she took it, giving it a hesitant shake. "My name is Moegi. Let me see your schedule." Before Hinata had a chance to hand it to her, the girl snatched it from her and took a look at it. "Hmm...Looks like you have Mr. Orochimaru for Biology...Why are you in biology, your schedule says you're a senior?"

Hinata blushed and twisted her fingers. "I um...F-failed it last year..."

Moegi smiled as she handed her schedule back to her. "It's cool. You don't really need it to graduate from here anyway. I have the same class, so you can just chill with me, if you want?" When Hinata nodded she smiled. "So, What brings you to Konoha High? You have parents in the Military or something?"

Hinata placed her books on the desk, smoothing her hands over the cover of the one on top. "N-no, my father thinks there are m-more job opportunities here." The Hyuga looked out the corner of her eye at the younger girl. Her hair was tied into two pony tails and freckles splashed her cheeks. Hinata frowned at the high collored shirt the girl wore that ended only inches above her belly button and the black jeans that had more holes than cloth.

The red head frowned, her eyebrows furrowed. "Oh...So...is your mother in the police force?"

Shaking her head, Hinata frowned. "N-no. I don't live with my mother..."

Moegi pressed her lips together. "Oh...Okay then...Well, that's kinda odd considering..."

"Considering what?"

Moegi was about to respond to the question when the bell rang signalizing that homeroom was over. Hinata smiled at her and pulled out her notebook and pens. After her desk was set up and in order she looked up at the front of the room only to stop like a deer caught in headlights.

Mr. Orochimaru was staring at her, teeth showing in a menacing grin.


This is so not good...

After school, Hinata headed downtown-which was actually right down the street and not very downtownish-and searched for Help Wanted signs. If her father couldn't find a job quickly then they were going to have a hard time doing homework in the dark. Or eating since their stove ran on electricity. Sighing, the bluenette ran her fingers through her wavy hair. After walking for a good half an hour, she had yet to see anything that looked promising. Her thirst came to a peak and she decided it would be beneficial to take a break in the nearby cafe.

As she took a sip of the lemon flavored water she let her gaze roam around the tiny establishment. Waitresses were dressed like french maids and worked quickly to carry orders around. The hardwood floors seemed to glow under the ceiling lights and the wooden table rubbed against her elbows turning her pale skin red. Something about the atmosphere of the place made her smile. It was calm, not too many people present and the amazing smells coming from the kitchen were making her drool at the mouth.

Suddnently, the doors leading to the kitchen bursted open and one of the waitresses stormed out yelling at the man who was hot on her heels. Her red hair was pulled into two pony tails on either side of her head making her look a little like Pippy Long-stocking. Her black heels clicked against the floor "Fuck this place, I don't need a job that fucking bad! Take your shit somewhere else 'cause I. Fucking. Quit!" She ripped her apron off and threw it in the mans face before promptly stomping out of the restaurant.

The man frowned at the swinging door. "Now where am I going to find another waitress?!"

Hinata's eyes popped over to the man and smiled. Her luck is sooo goood.

"About time you came home!"

Hinata smiled at her sister who looked up from the dining room table, a pencil in hand and homework spread out in front of her. She threw her new uniform on the couch and spun around in a circle, glee written on her face. "I got a job!" Stopping her spinning, she wrapped her arms around her sister and nuzzled her hair.

"That's great, now daddy has to get one and we'll be set!" Hanabi kissed her sister on the cheek before she pushed her off. "Now let me finish my homework."

Hinata nodded and sat in the chair across form her sister. Pulling her homework out of her school-bag, she set to work. Biology wasn't really all that hard since they hadn't started genetics yet so she finished that pretty quickly. English was easy since she had already read the book in her last school and knew all the answers already. Math, however, was a little bit harder to do. "If point A is 300ft away from base and point B is 200ft what is the difference in inches between the two points..." She mumbled to herself. Shaking her head, she moved to the next question. "Solder A can lift 300lbs and Solder B can lift 250.25, How much can they lift together?"

Hanabi looked up at her sister. "Why do my math equations sound so similar to yours when I'm four grades below you?" When Hinata shrugged her shoulders, Hanabi tapped her chin. "You know...Now that I think about it, this school is kinda weird. In P.E. We have to complete an obstacle course in five minutes and no one complains..."

Hinata shrugged her shoulders once again and went back to her homework...

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