Oh no, Not Another Highschool Fic!

Chapter 13: You're Sisters, Act Like It

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Dad let them use the car to drive to school, something Tenten seemed to enjoy ten times more than she did, so they arrived at least five minutes earlier than usual. As the three girls stepped out the car they spotted the group in their usual spot playing none other than Frisbee. Hinata smiled as she watched Ino's pony tail swing as she tossed the yellow disk at Kiba who jumped into the air to catch it only to be intercepted by Sakura. Sitting at the bottom of a tree nearby was Shikamaru, Choji and Shino who chatted quietly and watched the flying disk.

Hanabi waved to her sister before heading off toward the other side of the school and the two were left to walk towards the group of friends. As they grew closer Ino must have spotted them because she skidded to a stop to wave at them, the heels of her nude stilettoes digging into the grass. Kiba and Sakura turned to look over at them, one with a smile the other with a slight frown. Hinata smiled, waving shyly, and gasped when Kiba tackled her in a hug causing her to stumble in her white pumps.

Ino came behind her and placed a hand on the small of her back to help stabilize her. "Good job, chica. Soon you'll be sparing in those babies!" Ino turned to Sakura with a bright smile. "Isn't she learning so fast?!"

Sakura's green eyes shifted away from the group and turned to the floor. "Y-yeah…Good Job Hinata…"

Ino sighed and rolled her eyes. "Oh! Before I forget, Tenten—this is Sakura, Sakura Tenten."

"Nice to meet you Tenten, It's be best to read the handbook before you start classes today—"

Hinata stepped out of her friends grasp and stood before the med student. "U-um…Did…d-did I do s-something wr-wrong?"

Sakura's eyes widened as she shook her head. "No! Of course not—"

"Then why are you avoiding her?" Tenten asked as she stood by her friend, her hands on her hips.

The girl blushed and pulled on one of her highlighted strands of hair. "T-that's…It's because….I…have to go do something…" She whispered as she inched backwards. She looked to the rest of the group who eyed her curiously and gave a sheepish smile. "I'll talk to you guys later…Okay? And it was nice meeting you Tenten. Really…" With those words she turned and ran off into the school.

"Sakura…" Four sets of eyes turned to look at the normally silent boy sitting by the tree. "Is a terrible liar. Why? Because she is terrible at keeping secrets. Why? Because she is friends with Ino the school gossip. Why? Reason unknown."

Ino pouted. "I resent that."

Tenten looked at Shino as if he had grown three heads before turning to Ino. "What?"

Shikamaru groaned and stretched his legs. "Ah…Troublesome…Sakura knows something she isn't supposed to know…about Miss. Hyuga of course. Troublesome, troublesome."

Hinata nibbled on her bottom lip in confusion. "W-what could she k-know that i-I don't?"

Shikamaru shrugged, closing his eyes and sighing in annoyance. "Something medical, obviously."

"Tch." Ino hissed. The blonde reached over and smacked the boy upside his head. "Don't be a dick Shikamaru. I have no hesitations about telling your mom exactly where you've been running off to for the last few weeks…"

"Shit...I mean…Something medical, and confidential."

Kiba smirked and leaned up against the tree. "Yeah, wonderful save smart ass."

Ino turned on her teammate, a frown on her face. "Don't you start Mr. I-Watch-bestiality-porn-on-my-sisters-computer."

Kiba turned red in both anger and embarrassment. "EVERYONE DIDN'T NEED TO KNOW THAT!"

"That's so gross." Tenten whispered before turning to her best-friend. "And you actually like these people?"

Hinata only smiled softly, a blush on her cheeks, before looking off at the school. The stupid school that haunted her dreams…

Hinata sighed as she slipped the blue bloomers over her shapely thighs and round bottom before pulling out the immediate wedgie they gave her. As she adjusted her gym top, she glanced over at the twins who were leaning up against the lockers and smacking their gum. Their eyes focused on her. She swallowed hard and threw her hair into a quick pony-tail, trying to hurry and get out of their line of sight. She rounded the opposite corner of the locker room quickly, keeping her head ducked low and eyes focused on the ugly brown tile. She passed a few rows of lockers, some nearly empty and others completely barren, and breathed a sigh relief when she realized she was almost to the exit.

"Where are you going in such a hurry, hmmm?"

Hinata's breath caught in her throat. Karin. She looked up quickly, eyes wide and tried to back up slowly only to bump into another body.

"Watch where you're going little bitch."

The Hyuga girl whimpered softly and tried to run only to have Tayuya's arm close-line her making her feet come out from under her. She landed on her back hard, the back of her head hitting the floor with a sickening slap. It hurt, it hurt so bad and she felt her stomach turn with the world around her. She was pretty sure her aggressors were saying something to her but she couldn't understand. It sounded like she was underwater…All of the sudden she was lifted to her feat but the front of her gym shirt before being thrown against the locker.

"I said—Do you think you're a fucking angel, pussy bitch? Huh? You can just walk into town and start fucking shit up?" Tayuya hissed in her ear. Hinata watched blurrily as a menacing smile spread across her face and filled her with dread. Tayuya's hands wrapped themselves around her throat and lifted her up against the locker till only the toes of her white pumps grazed the floor. "Our cousin was forced to cut down on his hours at the video store because of your bullshit. Did you think my sister and I were gonna just let it slide? FUCK NO!" Her hands tightened around her throat and Hinata closed her eyes in pain, he hands coming up to grab Tayuya's wrists. Tayuya leaned in closer, her face nearly an inch from Hinata's, and whispered. "I'm going to kill you."

Her blood seemed to pump harder in her ears for a second before her skin grew unbearably hot. It was just like during the spar with Lee, and she welcomed it. She needed it. She needed to get away. She needed to make them stop. She needed to make her PAY. When Hinata opened her eyes, everything was red. The next thing she knew, her head was colliding with Tayuya's and her knee was embedded in the redheads gut. The other girl let go instantly, a clear look of confusion on her face before it turned to complete anger.

"You BITCH!" Tayuya screamed before she charged her.

Hinata side stepped, letting her attacker crash into the locker before running toward the currently guarded door. Karin's nostrils flared in anger and she screamed before she charged Hinata as well. The Hyuga caught a punch with her face, causing her to bite her tongue hard, but returned with one of her own before pushing Karin out the way. She was home free. Hinata took one look back at the twins who were staring at her in both anger and shock before turning to walk out of the door. She didn't even notice the blood dripping from her mouth or that her vision was back to normal. She just wanted to leave.

"Okay Class, I want the girls to pair up and the men to head to the changing rooms. Today we're going to practice make-up and disguise design." Kuranai said from the middle of the stage, her blood red lips pulled into a smile as she watch her students move to their designated places. "Hopefully you all have studied on what materials to use and what not to use. For today, I have supplied all the materials you will need for your first day of practice. Let you all get used to using them. However, starting next week you will be required to provide your own materials such as glue, brushes, foundation and so on." When all of the boys were in the dressing rooms and all but one girl were in groups of two, Kuranai stepped off the stage and lead the girls to a room in the back of the theatre where vanity tables sat stocked full with make-up and wigs.

"This week I want you girls to practice turning your male teammate into 75 year old men. I want it to look realistic so no over the top wrinkles just to be funny. I'm not looking to see who can do it the fastest, I want to see who can make their partners look realistic. In a few weeks I will be testing you on how quickly you can transform your partners but for now I want perfection. Converse with your partner on the best products to use for your projects because you will be working on her teammate. In the case of Tayuya…Since you don't have a partner, you can join Ino and Hinata for this project."


"Fuck no!"


Kuranai sighed and frowned at her students. "Look, I don't have the patience nor the time to speak with you three individually so I will address the entire class. You all are future Sleeper Agents who will depend on one another at very least once during your time serving our country. You will be put into positions you'd rather not get into and the only person or persons you'd be able to speak on it with will be your team. You will have to trust that your team can get you out of shit if you need them to and you have to trust that they will protect you with their life. You are family, all of you. These are your sisters. In the dressing rooms are your brothers. You must protect each other because I guarantee you that your friends in the other majors will look down on you three years from now. All you have are the people in this class. You are sisters, so act like it."

Hinata bit her lip and looked to the floor. Beside her, Ino sighed and nodded her head.

Hinata looked up into the eyes of her sleeper sister and enemy. She didn't want to have anything to do with her at this point, especially after what happened before gym, but did she really have a choice at this point?

"Alright, now get to work. You have an hour."

Hinata and Ino sighed in unison and prepared their station for use.

"I'm only over here because she told me to be…"

Hinata watched Tayuya from the mirror, her shoulders hunched forward as she opened bottles of foundation and concealer.

Ino turned to Tayuya with a scowl. "I heard what you did to Hinata in the locker room today. You've got some serious issues you know that?"

"Tch." Tayuya flipped her pony-tail over her shoulder. "She fucking deserved it."

"Why would anyone deserve to be ambushed and beaten in the locker room?!"

Tayuya looked away. "Shut up blondie. We have work to do." She moved to grab a brush only to be stopped by Ino.

"No, you listen here. Kuranai said we are sisters right? That means you have to stop messing with Hinata, no matter how much you hate that Naruto likes her. You have a duty to your sisters that comes even before family now, do you get that?"

"I already have a sister."

"Too bad, you've got two more."

Tayuya narrowed her eyes and pressed her lips together. "Fine. I'll leave her alone but you're not my fucking sisters. I just can't afford to be kicked the fuck out."

Ino smiled softly. "No, you can't." She turned to Hinata and clapped her hands. "Well, let's get started!"

Hinata nodded her head slowly.

"Besides…" Ino said quietly so that only her partners could hear. "You both have people who are relying on you…"

After work Hinata was beyond exhausted. She didn't want to do anything but watch a movie and put her swollen feet up. She swung her apron over her shoulder and sighed as she pushed open the café door. She looked across the street at the movie store and bit her lip in contemplation. Did she want to go in there and see him after what she did to him? Why did she have to be so nosy anyway? If it weren't for her he wouldn't have to take time off of work…No…He probably didn't want to see her right now anyway. The Hyuga turned and started down the side walk toward her apartment when the door to the Movie Shake opened and Shikamaru stepped out, a cigarette in his hand. They stared at each other for a second, both looking like deer caught in head lights.



Shikamaru took a lighter out of his pocket and lit the cigarette. "If you don't tell anyone, you can come inside when I'm done."

Hinata looked through the door and saw all the lights on. "I-is it closed or s-something?"

"Or something."

Hinata blinked. "W-what's going o-on in t-there?"

Shikamaru exhaled slowly, smoke streaming from his nostrils. "Karaoke."

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