Oh No, Not Another Highschool Fic!

Chapter Five: No Complimentary Nuts

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A/N: Hey, I think I should clear something up before I go on the next chapter, this is not just a romance, in fact I honestly didn't know what to list it because of what I have planned for this. It's not your typical highschool fic but Hinata will deal with typical highschool issues as well as some...not so typical issues. Some things other people will find different because not all highschools or school systems are the same so I apologize but this is based upon some of my own highschool experiences. (For however brief that was) Anyways, onto the story!

Hinata sighed as she rubbed her special salve onto her still red thighs. It had been three days since the incident at the cafe and her skin was still healing from the soup. Rubbing the last of the gel into her legs, she capped the jar and sent her mother a mental thank you for the recipe. Hinata didn't heal quickly, in fact, she healed rather slow compared to most people including her sister and father. It didn't help the fact that she also had a low number of red blood cells on top of it. Placing the jar on the top of her dresser, she walked over to her closet and pulled the metal doors open.

Inside her closet was her entire wardrobe organized by season, then type, then color and lastly style. Hanabi called her anal, but Hinata like to have every thing in it's place. She reached in and pulled out a pair of dark blue jeans and a gray jacket, quickly throwing them on before flopping back on her bed. She didn't need much time to get ready for her day, she already knew what she was going to wear. Closing her eyes, she sighed once again and for the fifth time in the last two days, her mind drifted back to what happened at the cafe...

"Wow, how did you even get a job here?" The black haired man said as he poured his drink in her lap. The water dulled the burning, but it still hurt terribly.

The man with the blonde hair stared at her for a second before standing up from his seat. He smiled and knelt down in front of her. "Do you need some help?" When Hinata didn't respond he slowly took a grip on her arm, as not to startle her, and gently pulled her up.

The Hyuga blushed in embarrassment."T-thank Y-you..." She looked down at her soaking dress and felt tears well up in her eyes. What did he think about her now? First impressions are the ones that stuck. Her hands shook as she clasped them in front of her and her head lowered.

"Hey...Here's some napkins. Try to dry yourself up as much as you can, you don't want to get sick." She looked up into baby blue eyes and nodded, accepting the napkins from his extended hand. "By the way, my name is Naruto. That asshole over there is Sasuke, don't mind him."

She didn't respond, she just wiped herself down and when she finished that, she went to get another set of their orders. After they had their food, she asked her boss if she could leave early and he, after seeing her disheveled state, said yes. She left with her head hanging low.

"Hinata, there is some mail for you."

The ebony haired girl looked toward the cracked door to see her father standing there, an envelope in hand and reading glasses perched on the tip of his nose. She nodded and sat up slowly waiting as he walked in to sit beside her.

"How are the burns?" He asked as he handed her the envelope.

She took the envelope and ripped it open, not stopping to see who the sender was. "T-they should be healed by M-monday..." She pulled out a folded sheet of paper and her eyes widened when a silver card fell out of it and onto her lap.

Her father reached out and took the card, eye brows raised. "Why do you have a credit card? How did you get this?"

Hinata flipped the envelope over and looked at the return address, "It's from my school..."

Her father was silent for a moment before he sighed. Handing her the card, he stood up and walked to the door before he stopped to look back at her. "Be careful with that, we don't need to be in anymore debt than we already are." giving her one last warning look, he walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.

Hinata stared at the door, confusion written on her face. Why didn't he take the card from her? Isn't that what parents are supposed to do? Why did the school send her this in the first place?! First the obstacle course, then the stupid shoes now this? What was going on?




The Hyuga teenager turned and grabbed her ringing cell phone, frowning when she didn't recognize the number. Shrugging her shoulders she placed it on the bed next to her and laid back down. She didn't have anything to do today, her room was already clean and her chores were done as of an hour ago. It's not like she had any friends-




Grabbing her cell phone she say the same unrecognizable number and answered it. "H-hello?"

"Hinata! God, I've been trying to call you for the last five minutes! Why didn't you pick up?!"

"W-who is t-this?"

The person on the other line sighed and Hinata frowned. What did they have to sigh about, they called her phone! "It's Ino! Are you doing anything today?"

Hinata blinked slowly. "H-how did you g-get my number!?"

"That's not important, did you get your credit card yet?"

She lifted the card to eye level, "Y-yes, but I'm not going to use it..."

"What? No, you have to use it. We need to get your uniform, Kuranai even gave me a list. I'll swing by your house in 15 minutes, be ready."

"But you don't know where...I...live..." Hinata stared at the phone. She had already hung up. Returning her gaze to the silver card in her hand, she ran her fingers over the raised letters of her name stamped into the card. She was going to go shopping with people she just met at this weird school. Hinata's eyes widened, now she could finally get some answers! With new resolve, Hinata went into the bathroom to brush her teeth and do her hair.

"I-i can't wear t-that!"

Ino sighed and tossed the see through blouse on the lounge chair of the store. "Hinata, you have to wear this stuff, it's part of the uniform."

The ebony haired girl pouted. She currently sat on the floor with her knees pulled to her chest after being in the store for over an hour. Her eyes shifted from Ino to their brown and pink haired companion. "S-sakura doesn't have t-to wear s-stuff like t-this..."

Sakura turned from the rack she was currently looking through and grinned. "That's because I'm not a sleeper. I'm a medical student. We can wear whatever as long as we wear closed toe shoes."

The blond pulled a white pencil skirt off the rack and held it out to Hinata. "Sleepers are the only ones with strict uniform rules. The girls have it worst than the guys though. Kiba only has to color coordinate and wear dress shirts. We actually have to change our whole wardrobe throughout the year. Here, go try this on."

Hinata sighed and stood up. Taking the skirt she pushed the dressing room door open and walked inside. "W-what is a s-sleeper?"

She heard clothes moving on racks from the other side of the door before Ino's voice spoke up. "Sleepers go undercover. We tend to be information gatherers most of the time."

"Yeah, except some of the time you guys end up assassinating people..." Hinata stumbled as she took off her jeans. Assassinating? What in the world?!

"Don't tell her that!"

Hinata stopped moving. "W-what's wrong with you people!"

A pair of jeggings were thrown over the door. "What do you mean, what's wrong with us? What's wrong with you? Didn't your parents tell you anything?" Ino said accusingly.

"Didn't you read the handbook?" Sakura added.

"M-my father is a b-busy man...A-and m-my mother l-left when I was t-ten." Hinata finished putting on the skirt and opened the door. "I...Don't know a-anything. W-what is t-this school?"

Ino and Sakura stared at her for a second before they looked at each other. "Y-you really don't know anything?" Sakura finally asked.

When Hinata shook her head no, Ino sighed. "Something weird is going on. No one transfers in during their senior year and especially not into the Sleeper program." She looked down at the white blouse in her hands before she handed it to Hinata. "Lets buy your clothes and then we'll talk about all of this over lunch. Sound fair?"


The three teenagers sat in the food court of the mall after shopping for another three hours. Under the table sat at least thirty bags and Hinata cried inwardly at the debt she just accrued. Ino and Sakura sat silently across from her sitting on their milkshakes.

Sakura looked up from the table and to Hinata. "What we're about to tell you is confidential to everyone outside of your immediate family and the people at school. Any information you tell anyone else will get you arrested or worse. Don't interrupt and save your questions till we're finished. So...Basically, our school is a training center for future government agents. Most of us start training at the middle school and then move into our professional studies during high-school but...You didn't. Which is really weird."

"In order to get into our school you have to either be from a family of government agents, Military parents or have a ton of money. Seeing as how they gave you a credit card, you don't have enough to be a rich kid. Which only leaves Military or Government agents, but you said your parents are neither...Strange." Ino said as she ran a hand through her pony tail.

"In order to graduate you have to pass a physical, emotional and knowledge examination based upon your selected profession. Mine will be medical where as you and Ino will have some kind of secret stuff. No one really knows what the sleeper knowledge exam is and everyone who takes it is sworn to secrecy. It sounds really dramatic and all, but sleepers are the most protected for a reason."

"At graduation, all the graduates are gathered into a giant hall where representatives from every government agency comes and bids on us. That's how the school makes money and that's how we get our jobs. The best students are always given special awards and rank up faster than those in some of the lower homeroom classes. Sakura will probably be a lieutenant a year after graduation because of the homeroom she's in. She will also get her picture on the "Wall of Honor" in the high-school if her scores are over 9000."

"What else is there to say...Oh, The obstacle course is important for graduation. For midterms we have Ultimate Laser Tagging and for finals we have Extreme Paint-balling. It may sound fun now, but for us seniors it's pretty serious. Our scores from the exams count for 50% of our final grade. Sleepers have to complete it in heals, so you guys have to work extra hard."

They both stopped to take sips of their shakes. "That's all we really have to tell you. Everything else you can pretty much figure out on your own." Ino breathed.

Hinata stared at the two of them for a minute. "I must be dreaming. That's the only explanation..." She pinched herself and winced in pain. "H-how...W-why...Th-this isn't a d-dream..."

"Nope, welcome to reality. We don't have any complimentary nuts but we have plenty of cute clothes!"

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