Oh No, Not Another Highschool Fic!

Chapter Eight: Back to School Drama

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The next morning when her alarm clock went off, she let it ring. Her eyes opened slowly to stare at the ceiling as if it held all the answers to the universe. Did last night really happen? Was she putting her family—her future in danger? How could this have happened to her? Why was she even given a scholarship? She didn't want it. They could give it to someone else…But if what the principal said was true…She no longer had a choice. It was either go to school or doom the family.

Hinata sighed. She wasn't selfish. Finally making up her mind, she tossed her alarm clock and went to take a shower. After standing under the water for a good 15 minutes she washed and jumped out to get ready for her day.

She dressed in her uniform of dark blue jeggings, dark blue tank top and a shear white blouse that was almost completely see through. She groaned as she looked at herself in the mirror because, well, that was one of the tamer outfits she would be forced to wear. She pulled her hair up into a messy bun leaving her bangs to frame her round face and applied just a little bit of eyeliner and mascara. A thin layer of lip gloss coated her lips and soon she was grabbing her things to go get breakfast.

The bluenette ignored her sister's look of surprise and her father's raised eye brow as she grabbed herself a bowl of cereal. She munched on it silently, a nervous jitter settling into her. How was she going to be able to handle this at school today? People were bound to stare at her and her horrid body. Deciding that the only thing she could do was take her iron pill, she quickly finished her food and did just that. She eyed the sparkly white pumps with distaste and sighed in defeat. She would have to walk around all day in those. She turned to her father who was packing up his briefcase and gave him an innocent smile. "D-daddy, can I-I have a r-ride?"

He looked at the shoes and nodded. "Yes, Hanabi. Time to go."

People stared and crowds parted for her as she walked through the hallway on her way to homeroom. Her knees shook and she nearly slipped on the waxed tile a few times but she safely made it to the back seat of Mr. Orochimaru's class just as the first bell rang. She sighed and dropped her bags on the floor next to her chair and rubbed her cheeks to try and stop the blush that invaded her face.

"I heard Principal Senju came to your house last night."

The bluenettes' eyes turned to her left to find Moegi staring at her with her head leaning in the palm of her hand. "H-how?"

Moegi smiled softly and sat up straight. "Everyone knows. After you didn't come to school for two weeks, it was pretty obvious what was going to happen. This is the second time something like this has happened in the history of The Flying Leaf. Of course everyone is going to know."

"Yeah, and we also heard that you were hanging out with Naruto the whole time."

Hinata turned her head to find a boy with a scarf around his neck perched on the edge of her desk. "…W-wha…" She was trying to figure out how they knew that as well as how he was able to sit on her desk without her noticing.

Moegi shook her head solemnly. "Konohamaru found that bit of information out by himself and, him being the loud mouth he is, now the whole school knows." She shot a glare at the boy who merely smiled back at her. "Nice going douche."

Hinata put her face in her hands and breathed in deeply to stop the oncoming panic attack. So everyone at school knew she didn't want to be there. Everyone knew she was being forced to be there. Everyone knew that she would rather be at the Movie Shack all day then come to this crazy place.

Konohamaru placed a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, most people won't bother you 'cuz you know Naruto."

Moegi nodded. "Yeah, everyone but his cousins." Moegi and Konohamaru both started laughing and Hinata looked at them as though they had grown another head.

"W-what's so funny?"

The boy looked at her from the corner of his eye, his grin wider than anything she had seen before. "They have had the biggest crushes on him and Sasuke since…forever. If you started hanging with Naruto and Sasuke…heheh…School will be hell for you."

The red-head nodded once more. "Yup, the twins already have a hard-one for you. Good luck getting outta this one."

Once again, Hinata cowered in the corner of the Gym. Her hips must had grown some more because the uniform felt uncomfortably tight as compared to a few weeks ago. Her toes were numb from walking in the heals all morning and she feared she would collapse somewhere between now and lunch. Overall, she felt completely terrible. She was just about to sit down on the bleachers, Anko stomped out from the locker rooms soaking wet.

"Who. THE FUCK. Did it?!" She screamed.

Everyone looked around at each other, many with fear on their faces.

"See, we told her it was a bad idea."

"Yeah, bitches don't know how to stop fucking playing."

Anko's glare turned to the twins who were casually popping their gum. "And who is this "SHE" You two brats are speaking of?"

Tayuya smacked her gum with a smile and turned to look at her sister with her eyebrows raised. Karin giggled and looked at their teacher. "The Hyuga of course." They said simultaneously.

Hinata gasped in shock as every single head in the gym turned to look at her. Anko walk toward her slowly, a menacing grin on her face. "W-what?! I-I didn't do anything!" The bluenette backed up the closer the older woman got and soon she was backed up against the wall. "I-I swear I didn't d-do anything, Ms. Mitarashi."

Anko placed her hands on either side of the girls' head and leaned in to whisper in her ear. "Look scared. I know you didn't do it but those brats will only come after you again at lunch if I don't do something now." She took a step back and turned to the boys' side of the gym. "Gai, have your toughest student spare with little miss prankster here." She then turned and walked back to the locker room.

Gai smiled brightly and walked around the gym. "Yosh! My brightest pupil shall show you the path to youthfulness! Lee, come! Lead her in her journey!" Hinata was then pulled into the middle of the gym where she was forced to spare with a boy wearing a bowl haircut. Gai stood between the two and raised his hands. "No hitting below the belt, no purple nerples and lastly no weapons. Just hand to hand combat. First one to bleed loses, first one to pass out loses. No hitting while your opponent is down and lastly, have fun. Ready? GO!"

Hinata stood and watched as Lee launched himself at her, fist aimed for her chest. Time moved slowly and her body wouldn't move. She felt the air exit her lungs when his hit connected and she flew back into the crowd of people surrounding her. The people she flew into pushed her back out while others laughed and clapped their hands. She covered her mouth with her hands to try and catch her breath by Lee wasn't about to wait for her. He came behind her and swung her around by the back of her shirt. He let go and she flew into the crowed once more.

"Stop playing with her, Lee!"

Hinata couldn't breathe, she couldn't see straight and she was embarrassed beyond belief. She didn't realize that the boy had closed in on her until his punch connected with her chin. Her mouth hurt, her chest hurt and the world was growing black. His fingers dug into her arm and the black receded, bringing her from the brink of unconsciousness. Then something strange happened. The feeling she got during Theatre two weeks ago came back. Her skin felt like it was burning and her muscles relaxed. She took in a deep breath and the pain melted away just for a little bit. She wiggled her fingers and toes and soon she could think. She could feel. She was different.

Lee came at her with a flurry of punches and kicks, and she crossed her arms in front of her face. Her guard held up so he changed his assault and aimed for her stomach. Hinata had never taken self-defense classes before so she didn't know how to block an attack like this. Instead she took every hit and when she felt she could, she launched an open palm toward his face. He dodged the first one easily but he didn't notice the second one that followed, hitting him directly in the nose at the same time as his fist connected with her temple. They stumbled away from each other and soon all the pain that had disappeared came flooding back to her. Her eyes rolled up in her head and she fell back into a dead faint.

When Hinata awoke she was assaulted with a head ache so strong it turned her stomach. She rolled over and heaved just as the nurse came in. Shizune hurried over to her with an ice-pack in her hand and rubbed on the Hyuga's back. When Hinata had finished with her bout of sickness, Shizune helped her lie back down before placing the ic-epack on her head. "W-what happened?" she hissed in pain when the coolness settles in on her skin.

Shizune smiled at her. "You had your first spar is what happened." She reached for her keys that were hanging from her waist and turned to the locked cabinet behind her. "On a scale of one to ten, how much pain are you in right now?"


The nurse nodded her head and opened the cabinet. She took two vials and a bag of saline out and locked it up. She took two syringes and filled one with the liquid from one vials and the other from the second. "I'm going to give you some morphine for the pain and some steroids to help you heal faster. Your ribs are bruised badly and you broke your index finger. You got hit in the head pretty badly but I'm pretty sure nothing serious happened there." She took out and IV and inserted it under her skin before injecting the medicine through the IV tube." You'll probably just have a headache or the rest of the day. You sprained your ankle, but because of your major, you still have to wear the shoes you wore today. I'll have Sakura escort you around for a few days just to make sure you don't strain yourself." You are also dehydrated from your iron pills, you need to drink more water." Lastly, she attached the saline bag to the IV drip and smiled. Shizune washed her hands and walked over the waiting area. "She's awake now!"

"She is?! Can we see her?!"

"Yes, but you have to be quiet Kiba. She probably has a headache."

All at once, three students tried to force their way through the door while the other three tried to be the voices of reason. Kiba was able to push his way through first and he stumbled over to the side of the nurses' bed. "Dude, Hinata! You got a hit on Lee! In your first spar! Thats fucking amazing!"

Hinata tried her best not to move her head but it was impossible not to when she couldn't see him from the angle she was laying in. She winced in pain as she looked at him. "S-so?"

"You are the fifth person to land a hit on him, but the first to do it with no previous training. The probability of you being able to touch him was five to one hundred. Nearly impossible." A bored looking Shikamaru said as he looked out the window.

Ino touched a tender spot on the bluenettes face and giggled at the glare the shy girl sent her. "Jeesh, you are not going to heal well from that." She stepped back and smiled He was humbled by your achievement so he carried you all the way here. Isn't that sweet."

Hinata chose not to answer. Talking hurt and so did moving so she just stared at them. Her eyes turned to look at Sakura who hadn't said anything to her since.

Something froze in her stomach when she saw the look on Sakura's face and she knew at that moment, that Sakura knew something about her that she didn't.

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