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Protection Plan: Epilogue

Two years later

"Edward," I hear Bella call out and I let out a sleepy hum in response. "Agggrrr!" I bolt up, sitting straight as I hear Bella scream. I look at her seeing that she's sitting up and gripping the comforter. Suddenly I feel the bed get wet. I throw the covers off and look seeing that the large wet patch is coming from under Bella.

"Edward, my water just broke."

I look at her and jump out of bed. "Shit, do you remember what we do first? Hospital! I need to get you to the hospital. Where did I leave my car keys?" I say running out of the room.

I run out of the house and cold air hits me and I look down see that I'm in my boxers. I run back into the house and up to the room.

"Why didn't you tell me that I didn't get dressed?" I feel someone slap my head and I look down at Bella who looks like she's in pain. "Shit, what can I do?" I say and she grips my arm tightly.

"First of all, calm the hell down and get dressed. Then you should go and wake up Greg. After he's up and getting ready to go, call Esme and Carlisle, Mike, and Mrs. Cope. Once you're done with all of that, come find me."

I chuckle a little and kiss her head. "Okay, I love you, baby." I kiss her and get some jeans and a shirt on. I walk over to Greg's room and begin waking him up.

"Hey, Daddy, is it time to get up for school already?" I shake my head at him.

"Nope, it's mom, the baby's coming." Greg who was half asleep thinking that he was getting woke up for school is now wide awake.

"Okay, I'm up, I'll get dressed." I smile at him and ruffle his hair.

I move back into the bedroom. I call Mike first and let him know it's time. I call Carlisle and Esme next, who will meet us at the hospital. I call and wake Mrs. Cope who is going to watch Greg for us. Mrs. Cope will bring Greg up to Trinity Hospital, once the baby is born. I look at Bella and see that she's getting dressed. As she feels my eyes on her, she turns and smiles at me.

My mind starts to play back over the last two years that brought us to this point. I smile over what we have been through together, as a couple and as a family.

The first six months after everything went down, Bella and I spent getting to know each other. She had weekly counseling sessions. She slowly improved just by talking and taking small steps in the right direction. The little steps she took were both metaphorically and literally.

Each day Bella would walk to the end of our street and stop. It was heart breaking to see the fear in her eyes and the defeat, when she couldn't make herself cross the road. When the third month came around, Greg had ran up to her and started to talk to her about our Fourth of July party.

I hung back in awe and smiled brightly, as I watched her listening to him talk. She was so busy listening to him, that she didn't realize that she had crossed the road. It took her a few more minutes before she looked around herself, and noticed she wasn't in familiar territory. I was about to run to them when I saw the tell-tail signs she was going to panic. But my boy, he just took her hand and said something to her. I watched as she nodded a little and started to carry on walking down the road.

After that, Greg would accompany her and they would walk a little further each day. By the time the Fourth of July came around, she was walking almost six blocks with Greg, and could go four blocks by herself.

It was half way through the party, when Mike turned up. It was good to see him. By this time, Mike and I had become very good friends. He'd been calling me each day to get a report on Bella, before calling her for a chat.

He even spoke to Greg on a weekly basis. Greg had begun calling him Uncle Mike. The party went really well with it just being, Rose, Emmett, Marcus, Didyme, Mike, Mrs. Cope, Bella, Greg and me. I had invited Jasper, but he was still feeling guilty about what Alice had done and was finding it hard to face us. Jasper struggled mostly with seeing Emmett and Bella—Bella, because of obvious reasons, but Emmett, because he was shot by Jacob.

The hard part came a few days later, when Mike was leaving. This time he was leaving for a new case. I hated that he had to tell Bella he may not be able to call her as often. I could see the worry and the fear in both of their eyes and even in Greg's. Not only were Greg and Bella scared for Mike, but they were going to miss him.

Another two months passed and I asked Bella out on a date, that I arranged for her nineteenth birthday. I knew that she still wasn't up to celebrating it and she was missing Mike. I was so pleased when she said yes to me.

Greg was unhappy that he wasn't coming along for this date. He did seem happy, when Bella told him that they would have a day out for just the two of them too. She also promised him that on our second date, she'd make sure I brought him too. I smiled happily at that, mainly because I knew I was getting a second date with her.

I loved our first date. She still couldn't deal with a large group of people, so I planned a picnic in my back yard. With the help of Rose, Mrs. Cope, and Emmett, I put up some clear fairy lights, and got the florist to dye me several dozen rainbow roses. Before it was time to start the date, I lit what seemed like a never ending supply of candles.

I blindfolded her when taking her around to the back yard and didn't hide my smile when her face lit up seeing it all. We sat and just talked the whole time. I did steal a kiss or two, and then I asked her to be my girlfriend, she said yes. Later that night, I walked her back to Mrs. Cope's house. Before leaving her, I had asked her to accompany me and Greg, to Carlisle and Esme's wedding, which was taking place the following weekend. She of course said yes, and I was really glad that it was only going to be a small affair. With a total of twenty people, whom all had already met and spoken with Bella, I knew she'd be okay. Now thinking of Carlisle and Esme's wedding still makes me laugh. I just knew as soon as he told me he was planning to ask her to marry him that Tanya wasn't going to take it well and I was right.

The laughable thing is, she held on until the reverend asked if there was anyone here that knows just cause as to why these two should not be married, to speak now or forever hold your peace. Tanya stood up and raised her hand. She then spent the next half hour giving what she felt was just cause. In the end, the police were called. Even after being told that they were coming Tanya went on and she was again told they were coming to take her away. I held back my laugh as both Greg and Bella started singing the theme song to Cops. Just thinking about it makes the chorus sound in my head. The best part of all of it was that Greg being his normal adolescent six-year-old self, had no volume control. Greg and Bella continued to sing the popular theme song, and soon others in the small gathering started singing too. When Emmett and Marcus arrived, all they could hear was about ten or more people singing.

'Bad boys, bad boys' whatcha want, Watcha want, whatcha gonna do? When Sheriff John Brown, comes for you. Tell me, whatcha wanna do, whatcha gonna do? When da' come for you?'

By the time they had Tanya in handcuffs, I think everyone was singing the chorus, including the reverend. Emmett and Marcus were both chuckling as they took a screaming Tanya away. The song was so fitting for the moment, and it has become Tanya's ring tone on Carlisle's and my cell phones since.

Carlisle had put us at a table, along with Esme's daughter Bree, who just happened to be the nurse that I had scared at the hospital. I did thank her again the first time I met her after the ordeal, for telling me where Jacob had taken Bella. Bree seems like a really great girl, and I am grateful she makes Bella feel comfortable.

Bella danced with Greg and me almost all night at the reception. We ate a nice meal and enjoyed our small gathering with friends. As we drove back home, Bella did something that lit up my world. She held my hand, not because she was scared or needed me to help her.

She took my hand, because she wanted to be close to me. I felt extremely happy all because she wanted to hold my hand. I had a goofy grin on my face the rest of the way home. Her hand felt so right in mine. It was that moment I realized that she was my life.

I firmly believe that she was sent to me from heaven. No one could ever make me feel the things I feel for her and with her. I can think of no other woman to be in my life, as my wife and Greg's mother. It saddened both Greg and I, when we dropped her off at Mrs. Cope's house.

The weeks past and I was pleased to see that Bella was gradually coming more and more out of her shell. Bella joined Rose's book club and they had become good friends. She also got closer to Bree, who was already a part of the book club.

Bella had even begun to sleep over at my house a few nights each week. I was pleased to find the amount of nightmares she was having were progressively dissipating. When she stayed over, we shared a bed, but we hadn't moved past touching and kissing. Eventually we would both remove our shirts. After a round of making out, we'd put them back on, so in the morning Greg wouldn't know.

The next big step will always be one of my top ten nights. On our three month anniversary of our first date, I made love to Bella. I will forever remember it as if it were yesterday.

"Are you planning to sleep over tonight?"

Bella bites her bottom lip nodding her head at me. "Your bed's so much better than mine." I chuckle as I lead her backwards to my bedroom.

"Hmmm, I find it much more comfortable when you're lying next to me in it."

Bella chuckles and I remove her top and toss it on the chair in my room. As Bella looks behind me at her discarded shirt, I tilt her face back up to mine.

"It's okay over there. We can stay undressed more tonight. Remember we're picking Greg up from Carlisle's and I'm dropping you two off at the park, before going to work."

Bella nods her head at me and moves closer so she can kiss my neck. "I love you, but I love having some time with just me and Greg too."

I nod my head at her. One of the biggest reasons I love her so much, is she treats Greg as if he where her own flesh and blood. "I love you too baby," I say as I smile at her. We had said our first, "I love yous," to each other the first night she stayed over. I actually felt as if my heart was going to explode when she said it back. And for the first time in my life, I believed in the kind of love a woman and man share deeply. Between her and Greg, they were showing me that my father was so wrong about true love.

I picked her up and placed her on the bed, but before I could move at all she pulled me to her. Our kisses went from mild and gentle to wild and passionate.

I finally pulled back after several minutes, knowing it was much needed. "Baby, we have to slow down, the last thing I want is to lose control and go further than you want."

"Edward, I want to go all the way. I want to be yours in every sense of the word."

"You already are mine, baby. I love you so much."

"I love you too, now make love to me."

I swallow searching her face, and I see no fear at all. I made love to her. I spent hours bringing her countless moments of ecstasy. I cried as I finally pushed through her hymen, because it was as if I could feel her pain. When the pain lessened we gently moved together. I felt as if I was finally whole. That night I held her in my arms. She was no longer the girl I loved, or my girlfriend, we were bonded by love and desire from that night forward.

After that, the days passed in a flow of us being together more than apart. One day I woke with a feel of dread in my gut. I spent the day with Bella and I could see that she felt it too. No matter what I did, I couldn't shift it. It wasn't until Marcus pulled up, that I knew something was wrong. I held Bella's hand the whole time, while he explained that Mike had been shot during a heist.

Marcus had agreed instantly to give me time off, because Bella was firm on the fact that she was going to see Mike. I picked Greg up from school and then dropped him off with Carlisle and Esme, before driving the three hours to the hospital Mike was at.

I tried to help calm Bella, which worked until we arrived at Mike's room. She broke down when she saw him in the bed with a lot of wires and tubes. She hugged against him gently and sobbed for over half an hour. Mike was awake, but groggy and it took us both the whole half an hour to calm her.

After the second day, Mike requested to be transferred to Trinity Hospital in Rock Island, to be closer to his family. I know very well it was more about us, than it was his aunt and uncle. I was grateful that we could be back home with Greg, and so was Bella. As soon as Mike was well enough, we took Greg to see him. Again we were met with tears, as Greg started to cry.

When Mike was released from the hospital, he moved into my house. Mike living with us, made both Bella and Greg happy. Bree, being a nurse and Esme's daughter, was coming to check on him twice a week to make her friend Bella feel better. It was on his second week staying with me, he told us that due to his injuries to his hip, he was retiring from the US Marshall Service. He had already applied and spoke to the chief of staff, who is Carlisle, at Trinity Hospital, where he will do his internship. He has to take a few refresher courses, but he can do so while working. Since Mike was very proactive all along keeping his degree and classes up-to-date it was an easy transition.

Bella was extremely happy and then he dropped another bomb-shell. He had purchased the now empty land beside us, and was having a house built there, so he would always be close. It didn't take as long as we thought for Mike's house to be built. It was completed and livable by the time Bella and I had been a couple for six months.

By the time Mike moved in his own house, Bella was able to go to restaurants and shopping without fears. I loved taking her to my old favorite places that I had stopped going to, because I rather spend my time with her. I would take her to a new place each weekend.

After being together for a year, I took Bella to a place that I had enjoyed a few very nice meals with Carlisle over the years. We had a wonderful fancy dinner and enjoyed the candlelit dinner, and the romantic setting. We danced for what seemed like a short time, but we were one of the last customers to leave that night. It was after we got to our block, when we were walking home Bella had stopped and looked right at me.

I watched as several emotions flashes in her eyes. I started to feel a little bit panicked. When she started to talk, she took away my breath.

"Edward, in the past twelve months, you have been my best friend, my lover and the person I turn to when I need someone. You took on my craziness and made me feel normal and alive. I remember that day a year ago when you came and found me. I saw the look in your eyes and the pain that was there.

"It was there when you held on to me on the roof top, that I knew that you were not going to let me go. I knew then that you weren't going to let me fall. And you haven't, ever let me fall. I love you with my whole heart, and I love Greg. I know that he's not mine, but I love him as if he were.

So I'm asking you ... marry me. Marry me, so I can be your wife. Marry me, so I can be Greg's mom. Marry me, so together we can give Greg siblings to grow with. But most of all marry me, so we can be together forever."

I looked at her as the tear filled both of our eyes.

"That was my job," I say and Bella tilts her head and looks at me. "I meant to ask you myself earlier, but I was afraid it was still too soon. Look, here's the ring, I've carried it around for a couple of months now," I said as I slid it on her finger.

"Bella, you are Greg's mom in every way that matters. I loved my sister and I miss her every day, but you have been more of a mom to him. You're the only mom he will ever know, and I'll be the happiest man on this earth to have you as my wife and as Greg's mom.

"I can't wait too long, let's get married soon, because the more I think about it the more I want to give Greg siblings. Nothing would make me happier than hearing you called Bella Cullen for the rest of our lives."

We walk inside my home and I made love to Bella for the rest of the night. The next day we told Greg and Mike the news and both were happy for us. It took less than two months for us to get everything ready. It was just a small wedding that we held. We only invited Mrs. Cope, her daughter Sally, Emmett, Rose, Carlisle, Esme, Mike, Bree who Mike was up until the wedding secretly dating, Marcus, Didyme and Jasper, who had just started to come back around the group.

Emmett was my best man and Greg my groomsman. Bree was Bella's brides maid, and Rose was her matron of honor. Mike walked Bella down to me, and I could see the smile on his face. He gave her a light kiss on the head before placing her hand in mine and taking his seat. Greg and I wore matching suits and Bella was in a beautiful white dress. We danced the rest of the night away. We left for a short honeymoon, leaving Greg with Mike, Carlisle, Esme and Mrs. Cope.

Our first stop was Bella's parents grave. She hadn't been back since Mike and I took her there a year ago. She introduced me again, but this time as her husband. She told them that the next time she came to see them, she would bring Greg, their grandchild to see them. That night all I did was hold her to me.

When we got home after spending ten glorious days enjoying each other at a nice secluded cabin by Galena, I experienced another forever cherished moment.

We pull up arriving home and find Greg running toward us with Mike coming along behind him. "Dad, Mom, did you miss me?" Both Bella and I froze as we look at Greg. This was the first time he had ever called Bella mom. He didn't stop talking, just kept plowing along. "I missed you both, but have been a good boy, right Uncle Mike?" Greg says as he hugs Bella and then me.

"That's right you have been great. You've even been helping make healthy dinners that your mom here would be proud of."

Greg looks up at Bella and she hugs him to her. "Yeah, Greg, I missed you loads." I can hear the small almost sob to Bella's voice and place a kiss on her head. I kiss Greg's head in the same manner as I try my best to hold back my own tears that are fighting for release.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry. I won't call you mom if you don't want me too," Greg says a little sad.

"What, no, I love that you called me mom. These are happy tears, because I have you, my son, back in my arms."

Greg looks a little happier and hugs Bella tightly.

"It's a woman thing, the crying when their happy. Sometimes they even laugh when they're sad," Mike says as he looks at Greg and strangely Greg nods his head in agreement.

"So women just cry then, no matter how they feel?" I chuckle when Mike nods his head and gives him the thumbs up. Bella just rolls her eyes at them.

The months past and Greg, Bella and I became a close knit family, and most of the town saw Bella as Greg's mother. We had taken him to Elizabeth's grave, and Bella parent's graves too. Mike was now a member of our little family too, even Carlisle and I were mending the remaining hurt from years ago. Everything looked like it was going our way. That was until Jasper came to see us.

I was surprised when I answered the door seeing Jasper and Mike standing there. Mike looked glum and upset and Jasper looked worried.

"Hey?" They both looked at me then at Bella who had appeared at my side.

"Can I, we, come in?" I nod my head at them and they come in and took a seat.

"Hmm, how are you Bella?" I look at Jasper, then to Bella who look confused.

"Edward said that you were unwell, that you had the flu."

Bella nods her head. "I'm doing good, really. I seem to only feel cruddy during the day. Is that why you're here?" Bella asks as Mike tilts his head looking at her up and down.

Jasper mumbles something which I don't understand. I look at him giving him, "the say that again," face. "Alice is being allowed to move out of the halfway house in Springfield," Jasper says in a worried tone.

I look to Mike who is nodding his head. "She has to be on house arrest for another year. But as of Monday, she'll be back in our home." I sigh and look to Bella who been real quiet. "I didn't want you both to hear from anyone else but me. I will keep her away from you both. Of course, she won't be able to leave the house for a year anyway. I just ... I really want you to know how sorry I am. I'm sorry she hurt you and allowed him into your house."

Bella clear her throat and looks at him. "Jasper, you've done nothing wrong. You shouldn't feel guilty for a stupid mistake Alice made."

I nod my head agreeing with her. "Jasper, thanks for letting us know."

Jasper look between us and nods his head, but I can see that he looks tired and stressed out. "Well that's all I came here for. I guess I'll see you guys later," Jasper says jumping up quickly and leaving.

I let out a sigh knowing that he's going to back away from the group again. I look at Bella and then Mike who's still staring at Bella.

"I ... um ..." Bella mumbles and jumps up and ran to the bathroom.

"Shit," I say as I stand up going after her. Mike and I arrive at the bathroom to find Bella being sick again.

"How long has this been happening?"

I look to Mike as I hold back Bella's hair. "Just a little over a week, maybe two now. Greg got the flu from some kid at school and Bella spent a lot of time with him. We think he passed it on to her."

Mike lets out a hum as if he's making it sound like he agrees with me.

"You don't think I have the flu, do you?" Bella asks as she grabs her toothbrush and the tooth paste.

"Well, let me ask you a couple of things. Have you missed something ... anything?" Bella looks at him and tilts her head. "Is anything ... late?"

Bella eyes go wide as she looks at Mike. "I can't be ... I just changed from the pill to the injection. They said it could interfere with my cycle or make it stop."

"Well, I think we should do a test," Mike says looking at Bella and me.

I give him the, 'what the fuck,' face, because I still have no clue what they're talking about. The only thing I got was that Bella was on the pill, but wanted to change. Oh, wow, no way, oh my God, Mike thinks Bella's pregnant. I look at Bella and then at her tummy. I look back to Mike, and open my mouth to talk, but no sounds come out.

"I think Edward just caught up with us, Bella. Come on, let's go up to the hospital and I can run some tests and get the answer right away today. Or, if you'd rather, you can see Carlisle?"

Bella and I nod our heads at him and I look to her with hope, seeing her looking back at me with the same hope in her eyes.

It took us less than two hours to get everything done and the test to come back. "Bella, Edward," Mike says with a smile as he walks into his office where we've been waiting. "You, my sweet girl, are approximately two months pregnant."

Bella smiles at Mike, and then hugs me tightly and kisses my chest.

"Here, this is everything that you'll need to take for the next month until you get into see a doctor. This is a list of doctors. Carlisle will be able to tell you which one is the best.

I take the stuff from Mike and he gives Bella a hug and then hugs me. "Congratulations, both of you."

We only told Carlisle, Esme, Marcus and Didyme at first, we chose not to tell anyone else until Bella was further along.

Alice came home and gave Jasper a letter to give to Bella and me. It seemed that her time in the halfway house may've done her good, as she apologized for a lot of stuff.

Dear Bella and Edward,

I am very glad that you are together. I'm happy for you both. Jasper tells me that you're good for each other. I want to tell you a bunch of things, but first I ask that you at least read the whole letter from me.

I made a lot of mistakes in my lifetime, and I've learned a lot doing this therapy I have willingly completed. Edward, I was a very mean person to you when we were younger. I can never adequately say how sorry I am for the things I did to you growing up. I was mean, abusive and you were right about me being a bully. I bullied you into doing things my way, and I treated you like dirt. I'm sorry for the actions that may have caused you trust issues in your adult life.

As an adult, I treated the love of my life just as badly as I treated you, and I regret my actions toward him too. I'm a very lucky woman, to still have a loving husband in Jasper. Even through my mistakes he has stood by me. I'm very sorry that he feels so alone, and feels the need to seclude himself because of me. I promise, the therapist we are both now seeing is working on helping him to see my mistakes are not a reflection on him.

Bella, you most of all are the last person I expect to forgive me. I learned just how absolutely innocent you were, and just how much you went through. Did you know that Mike made me listen to every detail of what happened to you? I heard all about everything, from the time within your home, to the four days you were held captive.

I know my bullying and involvement could have caused your death. I can never tell you how much I hate myself for the pain I caused you. I have learned to forgive myself, but I can never forget the actions I took that caused so much pain to someone, who I wanted to desperately to be friends with. I can only ask that you try to find it in your heart to forgive me.

I don't expect us to be good buddies or even pals for that matter. I would for the sake of humanity, like for us to be able to be casual friends at least. I will say this, I don't expect you to have any contact with me, I'm just asking that you all continue to include Jasper.

Every day I regret many things from my past, and I can never serve enough time to pay for my crimes. I broke laws, and disrespected friendships. I was a mean person, who bullied her friends. I treated you both terribly and I cannot take that back. I'm very sorry, and I hope that someday you can both find it in your hearts and minds to forgive me.


Bella and I talked briefly about things, after reading her letter. Bella, Mike and I all went and saw her, we had all forgave her. We were all happy that she was serving her time, but Bella said that she did not want her in her life, other than a casual friend. After Alice is off house arrest, we will see how things go. Neither of us will fully trust her, but neither of us wants to live with the hatred it takes to hold a grudge forever.

The best thing for Jasper happened one day, about a week after the letter. Jasper was around, but still acting like he was worried about being there. Bella pulled Jasper aside and said that she saw him as a friend, but understood if he didn't see her the same way. She told him she expected him to stand up for his wife, but his wife's actions were not his.

After that, things changed a little as Jasper started to hang with us more. We have continued to talk to and invite Jasper over for dinners and things. Things will be tough, but we will continue to plow through. Alice and Jasper were still doing counseling and working on their problems. I'm sure that one day things will be better for them.

I'm not sure what our contact will be after Alice is off house arrest, but things are good with Jasper. Bella has seen Alice a few times, but it is always in a group. Once a month Rose takes the Book club to Alice's house, Bella still attends on those days and this is the only time she has spent with Alice.

As the weeks passed, Bella and I agreed not to find out the sex of the baby, until it was born. When she was four months pregnant, we got back the paperwork saying that Bella was legally now listed as Greg's mother. I took them out for a family meal and then the next day we held a small dinner party. We told everyone about Greg being a big brother, and officially having Bella as his mother.

When Bella had entered her seventh month, she had her last regular counseling session and Bree moved in with Mike. And that leads me back to today. Bella's due date was last week. I hear a loud knock downstairs and the door slamming closed. I hear the tromping up the steps and I shake my head looking around.

"Bella, Edward," I hear Mike call and it brings me the rest of the way out of my mental thinking. I look to see that Bella's almost changed and I wearing yesterday's jeans and a t-shirt.

"We're in the bedroom, Mike, just come on in," I shout and a few moments later Mike comes in and looks between us.

"How are you doing, sweet girl?" he asks looking at Bella.

"Fine," Bella pants out as another contraction hits her.

"How far apart are the contractions?" Mike asks looking at me.

I look at him blankly as I have been too busy reliving the past to know. "They're two minutes apart lasting for two to three minutes," Greg says as he stands peeking in from the doorway.

"Okay, I am going to check you real quick Bella, because I'm not sure we can move you. Greg can you run next door and tell Bree I need the clean white sheets and ask her to call the EMTs. Tell her to tell them we may have a home delivery."

Greg nods his head at him and then runs away. "What, no!" Bella starts to say but gets cut off by another contraction. "I need drugs and the hospital. I am not having this baby here."

Mike looks at her after checking her and chuckles as another contraction hits her. "Sorry, sweetie, but this baby is coming and it doesn't look like it wants to wait."

I watch as Bella start to crumble as she begins to panic. I move to her. "It's going be okay. We'll get through this, Mike's here, Bree's on her way. I'll call Carlisle and have him come too. Nothing and I mean nothing bad is going to happen." I kiss her as Bree and Greg come in.

"Carlisle's on his way, he'll be here in a few minutes. The ETA on the EMTs is five minutes."

"Get the bed covered with those sheets." Mike motions his head and picks Bella up. Greg helps Bree put the sheets down on the bed.

"Come on sweetie time to lie down," I say holding Bella's hand as Mike puts her back on the bed.

"Greg, I need you to help tell people who arrive what's happening. Do you have your walkie-talkies handy?"

Greg nods his head and waves it. "Right, here, the other one is right there," he says pointing to the bedside table. He then heads down the stairs happy to do the job he has been assigned.

"Bella, I need to take another quick look, okay?" As another contraction hits she squeezes my hand and Mike looks at me. "Okay, you're crowning. On the next contraction, I want you to push as hard as you can, okay?" Bella nods her head and Bree wipes her face.

"I don't think I can do this," Bella says looking at me.

"Yes you can, baby. You're the strongest woman I know. You've got this, my love. One big push, come on, you can do it, love." I watch as the contraction hits her and she begins to push.

"Okay, stop, Bella, we have the head. I just need to check that the neck is clear," Mike says.

"Grandpa's here and on his way up," I hear Greg crackle through the walkie-talkie. I chuckle hearing Greg's voice, he is taking his job so seriously.

"You can push Bella it's clear," Mike says. Bella begin to push again. "Here's your baby girl," Mike says as Carlisle walks in to the room.

"Do you want me to tell him, Mom and Dad?" Bree asks and I smile and Bella nods her head at me.

"Hey, little man, you're a big brother. You're mom just had a baby girl." I kiss Bella's head and watch as Carlisle checks our baby over and Bree and Mike are back attending to Bella.

"Bella, sweetie, you tore a little and you'll need a few stitches, but it can wait until the EMT comes. They'll have some things I need with them. Carlisle, the placenta looks fine, and I have everything here," Mike states.

"When can I see her, can I name her? Oh, hey, the EMTs are here. Hey, guys, you're a little late. My mom just had a baby girl. She's in her room, it's upstairs first door on the left." I chuckle and shake my head hearing him talking away. He must have forgotten the button was pushed in.

I look at Bella and she's biting her lip, watching Carlisle like a hawk. I grab the walkie-talkie. "You can see her in a few minutes. Grandpa's just checking her over."

Carlisle smiles at me and hands Bella our baby girl. "She's good and hit high marks." I smile and kiss Bella's head again as the EMTs walk into the room.

Carlisle gives Bella her stitches and gets her all cleaned up. Bree helps her get dressed in a clean gown and then we allow Greg in so he can meet his sister.

"She's so small," is the first thing he says and then he smiles at her and looks to Bella. "She's beautiful just like my mommy." He leans in and gives Bella a hug and a kiss.

"Thank you, Greg, you did a great job," Bella says and I nod at him.

"That's right, you sure did, bud. You make me very proud."

Greg smiles at me. "That's because I'm going to be a doctor, just like Uncle Mike and Grandpa."

I shake my head as both Mike and Carlisle grin at Greg's comment. Mrs. Cope comes over and looks after Greg, while Bella, and our girl and I, go to the hospital in the ambulance.

Thankfully, we are only kept a few hours at the hospital. Since everything looks good and we had two doctors and a nurse in the family, they allow us to go home. We have to go back for some things, mainly paperwork, but not for a day yet.

Greg and I sit on either side of Bella on the bed as she holds our baby girl. "Well, you wanted to name her, so what should we call her?" I ask.

"Avamarie," Greg says and I look to Bella who nods her head.

"Okay, what about her middle name?" I ask.

"Lillyan," Bella says and I nod my head at her.

"Hey, there, Avamarie Lillyan Cullen, welcome to the family," Greg says. "This is your Mommy and Daddy and I'm your big brother, we will protect you, with our whole hearts."

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