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ITALICS – thinking

BOLD – Demon talk/jutsu/Ki attack

Chapter 1: Saiyan's Rebirth

"Gamabunta, I need you to hold on to Kyuubi for me while I prepare the seals!" Minato orders glancing at his son Naruto "I deeply regret what I must do my son. I know I want the village to see you as a hero but I fear that the latter will happen."

Gamabunta dodges a swipe from Kyuubi but the claws manage to swipe at his right eye leaving a deep gash; luckily the eye was OK "Dammit! I am trying my best Minato but I fear for your son; what will the villagers do once word gets out about him being a jinchuriki?"

Minato keeps on doing hand signs while Bunta dodges another slash from Kyuubi: "I know what you mean Bunta, *sigh* I only hope that he lives the life he deserves…alright I just finished the hand signs so get in close!"

"Hai" Gamabunta says jumping and slamming his body down on the Kyuubi making it roar in agony as it struggles to get free

Minato glances at his son and village one final time "Kushina-hime, I will meet you soon and to my son; may your life be full of happiness and one of adventure. Dead Demon Consuming Seal!"

A figure of the Shinigami appears behind Minato whom thrusts his right hand forward piercing both Kyuubi and his souls and proceeded to drag them out; the Kyuubi thrashed and roared in agony. Minato quickly turned and made the Eight Trigram's Seal and Four Symbol Seal on Naruto's stomach that was somehow sleeping peacefully during the whole ordeal. Once done, he placed his left hand on his son's stomach and sealed the Yang half of Kyuubi within Naruto while the Shinigami got the Yin half. While Minato was doing the seals a conversation between gods happened; Kami and Shinigami.

"Shinigami-sama I sense a latent gene within the child, that of an ancient race. I looked at the boy's future and it is not good; he will be beaten and also an outcast for most of his life due to having the Kyuubi inside him."

Shinigami interrupts "Kami, why must you mettle in my affairs. Let the child know pain and leave him be; hell it might be better for him in the long run."

"Dammit! You don't understand! Do you even know what that gene is Shinigami…take a guess."

"I don't give a damn about the child all I care about is getting two souls today!"

Kami becomes frustrated "The gene he is holding is one of the Saiyan race and…"

Shinigami interrupts yet again "THE SAIYANS! How, those monkeys went extinct thousands of years ago."

"Yes, but the gene kept on getting passed down to the point where only trace amounts were left hence why the power was lost to history but now we have the chance to start their race anew, a chance to gain a protector of this world."

Shinigmi sighs seeing that Minato is almost done and decides "Alright since Minato is almost done here I am going to agree but I fear there might be consequences to your actions."

Kami laughs "I could care less about the consequences all I care about is this child's future." If only she knew that the actions she takes today will change the entire history of the Elemental Nations "Once Minato is done, I will awake his gene; I am not sure what it will do to the child as I have not seen a Saiyan in so many years."

Minato gets done with the seal and Shinigami replies "It is done Kami so get to work." "Minato, I must take you now; say your last goodbyes but do not worry about your son, Kami has plans for him."

Minato is first in shock that Kami would intervene but then smiles a sincere smile "Thank you Kami; goodbye everyone I will miss all of you." The Shinigami evaporates into thin air while at the same time Gamabunta sheds tears for the fallen hero then dispels to tell the Toads the grave news; Minato's body hits the ground, a smile adorns his face even in death

At this point Sarutobi goes over to Minato's body and shakes his head and sighs with tears coming out "Why Minato, why do the jutsu yourself when I knew it as well. You had much to live for and I am an old man waiting for death." He reaches down and closes the Yondaime's eyes then goes over to Naruto to pick him up but soon jumps back in wonder at what is happening.

A blue aura explodes around Naruto's figure making him levitate in mid-air. At first nothing happens but then Sarutobi noticed that his once bright blonde hair started to turn black, his eyes that were once a piercing sapphire blue changed into black, almost onyx like; near his butt a tail of a monkey appeared.
"Naruto, what has happened to you, what will you become?" Sarutobi thought but realized that he needed to hold a council meeting to inform everyone of what transpired today.

In Other World

Goku and Vegeta are flying around aimlessly looking for something to do but then a tug on their mind halts them in their tracks.

"Kakarot, are you feeling what I am feeling?" Goku nods "How can a Saiyan be alive it is impossible!"

"We have been dead for over a thousand years Vegeta, do you think someone managed to tap into their hidden potential?"

Vegeta thinks "It could be possible but highly unlikely as the gene for it would be too diluted."

A new voice speaks up, a voice of beauty that demanded respect "Maybe I can explain."

Goku and Vegeta turn to see a female about 5 foot 6 dressed in holy robes with shoulder length whitish-blonde hair; her eyes were a sparkling emerald green.

"Who the hell are you?!" Vegeta remarks

"Somehow I think this person knows about what we recently felt." Goku says scratching his head in thought

"You are correct on your assumptions Goku. My name is Kami and I am the one responsible for the aura you felt, and before you ask I did manage to awaken a Saiyan gene inside a boy named Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze."

"So, I don't see what this has to do with us?" Vegeta quips while Goku face-palms knowing what is coming next

Kami smirks "You are a bold and brash one aren't you. Anyway, I am going to allow you to come back to life momentarily to teach Naruto the ways of a Saiyan."

Vegeta's eyes widen "You want me to teach a sniveling little brat!"

"Vegeta…that is no way to talk to a god plus it is better than wandering around here. Plus, since when have we gone back to earth, it has probably changed a lot since then."

Vegeta growls "Fine, I will help you Kakarot."

Kami smiles: "Splendid, I will take you to the child now." All three vanish in a flash of white

Council Chambers

"I say we execute the child!" a member on the civilian council yells

Shikaku Nara responds "Troublesome…if you do that Kyuubi will escape from its seal and finish its job.

"ENOUGH!" scream Sarutobi mentally cursing himself for telling about the boy's tenant "I am making it a …" a flash of white interuupts the meeting which soon resides showing Goku, Vegeta, and Kami in all their glory

Koharu stands up and slams her hands on the table "What is the meaning of this! This meeting is private and for our ears only!"

Kami steps forward with a smile on her face "The reason we are here is to take the child known as Naruto." She points to Naruto who is in Sarutobi's arms "As to whom I am, my name is Kami and the two beside me will be training him."

Everyone's eyes widen in shock at seeing Kami in all her glory but an idiot from the civilian side had to speak up "I knew it; I knew Kami would kill the demon child!"

In an instant, Kami was on the man; she put a hand on his face then muttered something under her breath making the council member turn to dust. She then turns to the council "ANYONE ELSE WANT TO AGE 100 YEARS IN AN INSTANT!" she sends out a shock of KI making everyone on the verge of passing out; everyone shakes their head

Sarutobi clears his throat "That is nice and all but why train a child that is only hours old? That and what is so great about Naruto that you have to intervene Kami-sama?"

"Silly Hokage-sama, Naruto will not train until he is four years old and as to why I am interfering, that light show you saw earlier was me tweaking his genes hence why I brought those two with me." Kami points to Goku and Vegeta

"As much as I don't like it I fear what the villagers might do to Naruto but promise me that he will return when he is twelve years old so that he can graduate the ninja academy just like his father wanted." Sarutobi hands Kami the child while everyone watches the event in silence as they knew not to anger Kami herself "Before you go, may I get the names of the two behind you?"

Kami chuckles "You will know in due time Hokage-sama. As for Naruto, I promise that he will return but I doubt putting him in the academy will be of any use. Ja Ne!" Kami, Goku, Vegeta, and now Naruto vanish in a flash of white

"Well this is a most unusual turn of events." Hiashi states

"Troublesome" mutters Shikaku

Everyone else, even the advisors are shell shocked that Kami would do something to help the boy but they knew that when he came back he would be a force to be reckoned with.

Time Skip – 4 years later

Up in Kami's realm, Goku, Vegeta and Naruto are in the backyard of the home that she set up for them. After four years of growing up, it was time to start Naruto's training.

"Goku, Vegeta Tou-san why are we in the backyard?" Naruto asks

Goku speaks up "It is time to start your training Naruto but I must warn you that it will be painful an extremely hard. Are you still willing to do this?"

Naruto's Saiyan genes kicking in he replies "Yes, I want to learn to fight and protect just like you do!"

Vegeta laughs "It seems that his love of fighting has waked up! Oh, this is going to be fun."

Goku looks at Vegeta and nods "Now Naruto, here is how your training will work for the next eight years. This year we will work on your mental and physical abilities, the next year we will continue what you learned but add accessing your chi, more on that later. The third year we will focus on martial arts, chi techniques and controlling your chi, the fourth we will teach you to fly and continue working on better chi techniques and martial arts. The years after that will combine all you have learned and if you manage to finish the brutal training I will teach you a special technique of mine."

Naruto is wide eyed then starts doing a happy dance "YAY! I can't wait to start!"

Vegeta chuckles "Well, if you are so eager to start, do 5 laps around the house then give me 50 pushups and sit ups."

Naruto stops his dance and crosses his arms and humph "Make me!"

"You brat! Vegeta yells and starts to chase after Naruto who is surprisingly fast for his age; seeing this Goku cannot help but laugh, it would be a long eight years.

Naruto Age Five – Second Year of Training

After a year of physical torture as Naruto called it, he had gotten used to the weights he had so Goku and Vegeta increased them from 10 to 20 kilos. Although he complained about it, the physical training also helped his mentality; the strict regimen was starting to change Naruto's mind as at first he was a really hyperactive four year old but now he knew that in order to protect others from harm he would need to continue without complaining. Eventually Goku and Vegeta thought it was time for Naruto to access his chi.

"Naruto, come sit down in front of me so I can show you something." Goku motions to Naruto

He runs over and sits down "Is it finally time to learn how to control…control…what is it again?"

"Chi Naruto and I will show you how to access it and what it can do OK?" Naruto nods "Watch." Goku puts his hands close together and focuses; within seconds a yellow glowing ball humming with energy appears in-between his hands

Naruto watches with fascination as it magically appears then vanishes "Let me try!" He does what Goku does and focuses but after two minutes nothing happens "What am I doing wrong?" Naruto pouts

Goku laughs "Just concentrating is not enough you have to feel the energy inside you, like a burning fire ready to come out. Once you feel it, pull on it and concentrate and soon that small energy ball will appear."

Naruto nods and tries again…and again but then after 10 tries he finally gets it "YATTA! I GOT IT!" The ball disappears as he loses concentration "Awww!"

"Good job Naruto but that is why we will learn how to control it; soon that power will come to you naturally. Here, let me show you a demonstration on a technique you will learn from me."

Goku stands up, cups his hands at his side and starts to chant; when he does a bright blue ball appears in his hands "KA—ME—HA—ME—HA!" Goku shoots his hands forward launching a massive ball of blue energy leaving a slight trail behind it; it looks like a comet shooting through the sky

"That was so cool! I really will be able to do that?!" Naruto exclaims happily

Goku sits down again "Yes Naruto but that is for another day. Now, keep practicing accessing your chi and your exercises; by years end we will increase your weights another 20 kilos."

"Hai Goku-sensei!"

Naruto age 7 – Fourth Year of Training

Naruto continued to improve, he started gaining muscle mass and started to look more like a mix between Goku and Vegeta whom both noticed and began to wonder if Naruto was their descendant. While Naruto was outside practicing his martial arts Katas Goku and Vegeta was discussing something important.

"When should we tell him of his parents and tenant?" Vegeta says

"Not sure but I think Kyuubi might hinder his chances at becoming Super Saiyan and beyond but we will see." Goku responds

Vegeta becomes confused "Why would the fox hinder his ability to transform? Is it the fact that his tenant is another energy being that has its own mind?"

Goku nods "That is what I was thinking; say Naruto transforms and the Kyuubi attempts to take over. This might be enough to disrupt his Super Saiyan state but we cannot be sure until he meets the fox face to face."

"The rate he is going how long do you think it will take him to become Super Saiyan?" Vegeta asks

"Hmmm, he needs to be in a situation where he needs the power boost while not wanting it so I am unsure at the moment."

Before they can talk further Naruto comes inside: "Goku, Vegeta Tou-san I got done with my training can you teach me flying now?"

Both laugh and get up from the table motioning for Naruto to meet outside.

"Now that you know how to control your chi somewhat, flying should come easy." Vegeta tells Naruto

Goku reminds Naruto "Remember how you accessed your chi?" Naruto nods "Think of that but concentrate it to your feet and…" Goku does just that and floats in the air then sets back down

"Interesting, let's see if I can do it." Naruto concentrates and feels his chi working through his body but nothing happens; although sad he pushes through and tries again and manages to levitate about a foot off the ground but loses concentration quickly "This…might take a while."

Goku and Vegeta chuckle and decide to show off. Both blast into the air and start doing aerial tricks and then, to Naruto's amazement, start sparing in mid-air.

"I will be getting this down and be able to do what they do…I need to protect others, I need to protect Earth." Naruto thinks and gets back to learning how to fly

Naruto Age 12 – Last Year of Training

"KAMEHAMEHA!" Naruto yells blasting out a mass of blue energy toward Goku who stops it with his bare hands then punches it back towards Naruto who then retaliaties by shooting a quick Ki blast making it explode; dust covers the area.

Vegeta uses this distraction to hit Naruto in the face launching him across the battlefield but he was not done. Vegeta vanishes then kicks him in his back making him fly into the air; he vanishes again and clasps his hands together than brings them down on Naruto's stomach making him plummet to the ground.

Naruto rights himself in mid-air and crashes into the ground kneeling in the process and making a massive crater underneath him. "Ow, I have to watch my guard at all times…now where are they." Naruto closes his eyes and searches for their life energy and finds them then vanishes

In the air Goku and Vegeta are chuckling "This is a good spar Vegeta, he has gotten strong real quick." Goku says

"I have to agree Kakarot." Vegeta responds but soon feels a tap on his shoulder he turns to find Naruto

"Excuse me" Naruto says then punches Vegeta in the face making him fly back a little but just as Vegeta was to attack Naruto vanished; he soon found himself grabbed at the feet then spun around and launched in the direction of Goku

Goku manages to catch Vegeta then soon had to dodge a purple and orange corckscrew like beam as Naruto screamed out SPECIAL BEAM CANNON.

The spar has lasted for three hours so far, neither of the three is winded in the slightest but then Goku calls the match as all fly down to ground. Naruto is now in the Gi like the one Goku wore after meeting King Kai, has well-toned muscles, nearly indestructible bones, and high pain tolerance. Unfortunately it is all in tatters as the spar they had was the most intense yet; most of it was Ki attacks minus the end.

"Good spar Naruto but it is time to go back home to rest then meet Kami-sama so that all of us can head back to Konoha to meet Hokage-sama again after eight years."

Last year Goku and Vegeta told Naruto of his tenant and his parents; although he was saddened at the fact that his father figures kept this from him he soon realized it was for the best until he was strong enough to protect himself. As for Naruto's tenant he met Kyuubi last year when he slept and surprisingly he was not evil as Goku, Vegeta, and Naruto thought.

Flashback – Last Year Mindscape

Naruto is currently in a sewer and looking at a golden gate with a seal in the middle. He looked around the area and gagged. "This will not do, this is my mind" Naruto wills the area around him to change into a forest teeming with wildlife with sun shining and a blue sky; this of course awoke Kyuubi.

"What is this, I don't remember my jailors mind being a luscious forest? I kinda like it actually…" A rabbit runs by Kyuubi "OHH A RABBIT GIMMIE!" Kyuubi attempts to capture the rabbit but it goes in his hole "Dammit" The mightiest of all Bjiu pouts which makes Naruto laugh thus alerting Kyuubi to his presence

"Well, I didn't know that the nine-tailed fox was this…playful."

"What do you mean Kit; I am always this way except that one time…"

Naruto finishes "Until you destroyed a good chunk of my home, or Konoha, in which my father gave his life to seal you into me. So, if you are always like this what happened?"

Kyuubi sighs "Some man in an orange mask with red eyes put me in a genjutsu and then I went all ape-shit. I don't remember anything from going under to waking up. The last thing I remembered before being sealed was seeing Minato on a large Toad and the partially destroyed village…sorry Kit."

"No need to apologize as I am over that now. Come to find out Kami awakened the Saiyan gene in me and I have been training with Goku and Vegeta-sensei. I actually have never lived in Konoha but I will be one year from now."

Kyuubi's eyes widen "You are truly amazing Kit, who knew that the Saiyan would live in you. I have one question though…WHERE'S YOUR TAIL!"

Naruto puts a finger under his nose and rubs it back and forth; it's something he picked up from Goku "Oh that, funny story actually. I lost it when Goku used it to spin me around and believe me it hurt like a bitch!"

"Bahaha, that is amusing Kit. Well, I don't know your name but I feel I should give mine; Kurama at your service and if you need any help just ask."

Naruto walks up to Kurama and pets his massive paw "Naruto Namikaze and that you Kurama-sama." Naruto starts to fade "It seems I am waking up, nice talking to you."

"Likewise Naruto."

Flashback End

The trio is now at Kami's palace ready for transport back to Konoha but before they do that, Goku tells Naruto the technique he promised those many years ago.

"Naruto, remember when I said I would show you an interesting technique when you finished training with us?" Naruto nods "Well, I am going to teach you my best move, its called the Instant Transmission."

"So its like teleportation?" Naruto asks

Goku nods "Yes, all you have to do is concentrate on a place and focus your energy there; sometimes it helps to put your pointer and middle finger on your forehead." Goku does as he told and soon vanishes then reappears with something from home…which is miles away.

"Ok that is cool, let me try" Naruto does as Goku demonstrated; he thought of the entrance to the palace and disappears and finds himself where he thought. "Oh I am loving this…time to go back home." Naruto returns and gives a thumbs up to Goku

"I see you are enjoying yourself and I bet after what I tell you, even more." All three look confused which makes Kami chuckle "Instead of keeping Goku and Vegeta alive for a short period I have decided to give your life again, congratulations!"

Goku and Vegeta smile while Naruto is straining himself not to do a happy dance but he does voice his opinion "Can we go now, I bet Hokage-sama misses me though I never knew what he looked like."

Kami looked irritated mainly to the fact that she noticed that Naruto gained personalities of both Vegeta and Goku over the extent of his training. "Yes, you may go and the next time I see you, you better have died of old age." All three laugh and vanish in a flash of white.