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Stick Together

Their fingers interlock as they wait for whatever coming ahead of them.

The speed of the platform they held onto is still so dangerously fast. Wind whistles their blood ridden faces as their vision are eventually blinded by the bright white light in front of them. Chances are that they will be sent directly to the sterilizing room where they will be microwaved to ashes, or maybe they will be ejected out directly to the sea and drown by the pressure but neither care. There is no turning back for them.

Sherry squeezes her fingers tighter against his when the platform now rattles violently, imbalance taking over as they now struggle to keep themselves upright on the surface so that they will not be thrown off.

"It's alright." He says, Sherry relishes the way that Jake grips her shoulder with the same force she did on his hand. "If we are to die now. At least we don't get to die alone."

She agrees, and smiles to him.

A loud screeching sound indicating that the brakes of this vehicle had been applied and they will be coming to a stop soon. The lava burning vigorously behind their back and they prays that it will not catch up to them before they reach their final destination. And it stops, not in a manner they are hoping.

The platform rams to the surface to an abrupt stop. The force of inertia ditch both of them out of the vehicle and they roll on the solid ground several times before coming to a halt. Fortunately for them, the bulkhead closes itself afterward and they watches gratefully as the fire is blocked out from the long tunnel they traveled with.

They pull themselves of the ground as soon as the vibration stops. Taking in their surrounding, it isn't any of the frightful sterilizing room they had expected earlier but just a normal warehouse storing vast amount of weapons and ammunition, which explains the crate of Magnum on the very same platform they had used for their escape.

And the lift leading directly to the surface is just up ahead. No J'avos blocking their way or anything.

They are safe.

"And I thought we are going to hell already. Strange thing that I always seems to have a bad terms with Death. Heh, with big ugly especially." The sarcastic comment go unnoticed by his female partner. She is already to happy to be alive than anything else she will be.

So happy that she pounces onto her companion and embraces him. She doesn't even care if he will be pushing her away.

Sherry felt a hand on her hair, and the other on her waist. Jake gently strokes her soft locks and his throat rumbles with a small chuckle.

"Hey, we're okay now." She buries her face in his wide chest and she doesn't notice how happy tears are flowing down her cheek to know that she can still be alive to see another day and... Jake. "As long as we stick together."

And he is saying the truth.

Later on, they return to the surface of the facility. Basking in the sunlight from the rising sun as they now in the middle of the sea, speeding away in a speedboat to the nearest land.

"Hey Jake?" She felt the boat slows when Jake brakes slightly.


"Thank you. For sticking together with me."

If he would listened to Sherry's insistence in Koo Cheng and ran away, she knew that she will never be able to make it out of the facility alive.

Jake smirks, eyes straight forward.

"My pleasure."

A.N: Short drabble I think off after I had just finish the Jake/Sherry campaign yet again. I thought it's a good idea if I make out something from the ending.