(Naruto's Earth Grudge Fear Chapter 6)

Inside of the Hokage's tower was the Hokage with a squad of his most dedicated ANBU ninja. The news that they had just brought him was daunting indeed, but it wasn't something that hadn't happened before unfortunately, but it was the person in which was involved with that was the problem, a very big problem actually.

The ANBU had told the Hokage that they had recently noticed odd activity near the northern border, but that they also noticed some odd activities within the wall. The Hokage had been worried in fact that the person in question might have been a spy trying to relay information to a possibly army ready to invade them, but the question left was what that persons involvement was.

The Hokage hated traitors with a passion. They willing threw away the trust the people had in them just go gain whatever petty material good it was that they wanted. Those types of people left countless dead in their pursuit of their own pleasures, and left the rest to suffer without a care in the world. Those people traded in their honor, pride, and loyalty to satisfy their own selves, which was something that Hiruzen, could not accept.

The question though was how he was going to oust this possible traitor or spy. He could always have said person captured and interrogated, but he didn't like that type of dealing. He didn't like arresting people and then interrogating them without proper evidence. They could just as well be innocent and were possibly just been in the wrong place as the wrong time. There was also the possibility that the spy or traitor would be able to fool their interrogator, though unlikely, and then be released, only to become aware that they were in fact being investigated, which would cause them to flee, and Konoha to lose whatever information that the assailant had.

What the Hokage needed was a shinobi who could watch this person without drawing suspicion to himself, yet was skilled enough to kill or capture the traitor should the time come. There were many skilled shinobi inside of Konoha whose skills varied from assassination, espionage, spying, to anything else that he would need, and yet the Hokage felt another who was making a name for himself rather quickly was the perfect man for the job.

"Rat" shouted the Hokage right before an ANBU ninja appeared before him. The man was one of his best, as well as his most trusted ANBU ninja. The Hokage knew that he could trust this man with this important mission.

"You called Hokage-sama" asked the man as he bowed before the Hokage. This was serious, and he knew that it was to be expected. The Hokage had to be a real military leader when the children were not around, or else the village would fall apart.

"I want you to bring this to its designated location, and leave right after" spoke the Hokage with a serious look on his face, but soon it changed to a small smile. It was a devious smile, like he knew something that nobody else did.

"Yes Hokage-sama" spoke Rat right before he jumped up and disappeared into the shadows. The Hokage loved how competent his elite ninja were, but he knew that the academy was becoming lax, so he would have to start cracking the whip on them. He was really tired, but he would give his all for his village.

"May I have a word Hokage-sama, some new information has come to our attention that we believe you should be made aware of" spoke a voice from the shadows. The Hokage nodded his head right before another man came from the shadows. This man had on the same outfit as the first, but instead of a rat mask, he had a hawk mask.

"What new informations have you brought to my attention Hawk" asked the Hokage looking down at his subordinate. This man was also one of Hiruzen's personal elite ninja, and was highly trained, even if he did have an unpleasant past.

"We were in the Land of Lighting when we ran into a group of Kumo ninja. There was a large battle, but that wasn't what was important. When we were going through the Kumo Ninja's things, we found this" spoke the hawk masked ANBU ninja as he pulled out a small hand sized black book. He placed it on the Hokage's desk and then took a step back. "It is on page fifty four" spoke the man.

The Hokage raised an eyebrow, but didn't question the man. He picked up the little black book and realized it was a new addition of the Bingo Book from Kumogakure. The Hokage wondered who was put in it, but when he flipped over to page fifty four he nearly dropped the Bingo Book.

"What the hell is this" spoke the Hokage as he continued to read the little black book. He couldn't believe that Kumo had done this, but now that he thought about it, they spy may have known about the other Kumo ninja that Naruto had killed and relayed the information to Kumo, though the Hokage couldn't be sure.

"We were surprised as well, and came back to Konoha as quickly as we possibly could. The fact that a clan head was placed into the Bing Book isn't that surprising, but one as young as him is very shocking. He is also the future of his clan, so will need to be protected at all times, or else Kumo will have him taken out" spoke Hawk with a serious tone in his voice. He knew how the Hokage felt about the boy, and the boy's attitude, but the boy had to be protected regardless of personal feelings. Even the potential loss of any clan was a major threat to any village, regardless of the clan's position in said village.

The Hokage barely heard what Hawk was saying, all he could think about was what was inside of the little black book he was reading. Right there, in black and white, was the name Naruto Uzumaki for the entire world to see.



Naruto Uzumaki


Naruto of the Scorch Style/Demon Killer/Future of the Uzumaki Clan/Last Uzumaki/Hero of the Land of Waves


Uzumaki Clan


Advanced Regeneration (Uzumaki Trait, believed to have), High Chakra Reserves (Uzumaki Trait, believed to have), Uzumaki Type Sensor (Uzumaki Trait, believed to have), Powerful Chakra (Uzumaki Trait, believed to have), Powerful Life Force (Uzumaki Trait, believed to have), abundant amount of Life Force (Uzumaki Trait, believed to have).


Fuinjutsu: Unknown – Uzumaki were known as masters of this art.
Barrier Ninjutsu: Unknown – Uzumaki were known for their skills in this area.
Medical Ninjutsu: Unknown
Tiajutsu: Strong User
Kenjutsu: Very Skilled – Rumors state he was able to kill the Demon of the Mist in a sword fight.
Genjutsu: Unknown
Ninjutsu: Very Skilled – Has mastered at least two affinities, and can at least use an elemental bloodline limit.


Wind Release
Fire Release


Scorch Release


Kushina Uzumaki – Believed to be his mother.
Father – Unknown



Wanted By:



Naruto Uzumaki was known as a prodigy inside of the academy, and was quickly able to impress his teachers with his advanced learning capabilities. His skills are said to be so great that he was actually able to convince the Hokage to allow him the ability to take up his clan head title at a young age, and is believed to be working towards restarting the Uzumaki Clan inside of Konohagakure.

It is unknown, but rumors have it that Naruto was not born with the Scorch Release Bloodline Limit, but somehow was able to gain it for himself. Whether Naruto has someone found a way to steal bloodlines or not, the boy is known to have obtained some kind of unique power, but what it is, is not known.

Three months ago rumors started to emerge about a team from Konoha that was sent to the Land of Waves to free them from oppression, but were met by Zabuza Momochi, a highly skilled nuke ninja from Kirigakure. It is believed that not only did Naruto defeat the Demon of the Mist on his own, he is also believed to have defeated Zabuza's apprentice as well.

What is known about Naruto Uzumaki is limited, but what is known is that he is a future threat that should be removed as soon as possible. He is to be either killed, or captured for interrogation within Kumogakure.


The Hokage let out an audible sigh as he put down the Kumo bingo book and looked out the window. The sun was just coming up and the day was just beginning, but it already was turning out to be a headache.

'I am going to need more tobacco' thought the Hokage as he picked up his pipe and inhaled the numbing sensation that the smoke gave him. When he let it back out, he looked over at Hawk and thought for a minute. Once he was done he put down his pipe and handed Hawk the Kumo bingo book.

"What should we do Lord Hokage" spoke Hawk as he took the bingo book and slipped it back into his ANBU jacket. He didn't make and sounds, but the Hokage knew he was tense, his moments were not as fluid as they usually were.

"We will need to inform Naruto about this, but not until after his mission. He doesn't need any distractions while he is working" spoke the Hokage as his old mind started to go through different options that were open to them. He knew that this could lead to war with the Hidden Cloud Village, but he didn't want that.

The Hidden Cloud Village was the closest village in terms of power to them, and it was possible that if they went to war that they would destroy one another, and that would only leave them both vulnerable to attack by Sunagakure, Iwagakure, and Kirigakure. The Hokage was sure that Kiri already had enough of its own problems, Suna was their allies, but Iwa hated their guts. They would take any chance they could get to attack them, so if they brought in Suna to help them, then it was more than likely that Kumo would bring Iwa to their side. That was a war that would leave the lands completely destroyed.

"What about protection? The boy will no doubt be attacked by bounty hunters, enemy ninja, and other threats to get a bounty that large for just killing one kid" spoke Hawk with a voice that bellowed his disbelief. He couldn't understand why the Hokage was letting someone as important as Naruto fend for himself when he meant so much to the village's future.

"There is no way Naruto would ever agree to something like protection from anyone. He would rather die and take his entire clan down with him than embarrass his ancestors by hiding behind others" spoke the Hokage with a slightly annoyed voice, but the smile on his face said he was anything but angry. "The boy is strong, and he should be able to survive most attacks, though I doubt there are many who would be able to get close to Naruto while he is in the village that is strong enough to kill him, and when he is out of the village he has a very powerful Jonin sensei with him, not including anyone else who is on a mission with them" spoke the Hokage thinking about something that had been on his mind for three months now.

Naruto had greatly surprised him when he brought back Haku Yuki to the Hidden Leaf Village. He had assumed the Yuki clan had gone extinct like the Kaguya clan because of the Mizukage's bloodline purging's, but it seemed he had been wrong.

Haku Yuki was a good boy, though he looked pretty girly in well everyone's case really, but once he took of the female looking outfit, and pulled his hair back a bit, he actually looked like a guy. He was relieved, because it would be hard to restart the Yuki clan when everyone thought the only member, who was a man, looked like a woman.

The Hokage had to agree with Naruto when he said that it probably wouldn't be wise to announce that Haku was in Konoha, and the Yuki clan was going to be restarted in Konoha. It would probably end up with a war with Kiri, and other assassins would come after him as well. Judging by the bingo book he got from Kumo, these thoughts were correct.

They had all agreed that Haku should stay in the Uzumaki compound until his mind could be looked through by a Yamanaka, though Haku said he would like to live with Naruto anyways, so after he was thoroughly examined he was still allowed to stay with Naruto. Naruto had quickly become his best friend, and even though he had killed Zabuza, Haku knew it was for the betterment of everyone, even if it did break his heart a bit.

Naruto had surprised everyone when he announced that Tazuna, the Bridge Builder in the Land of Wave, had agreed to come to Konoha and build Haku's future clan home, when he was done fixing the Land of Wave of course. It would take a few years, but Naruto was sure that Haku would love it, and he was sure in the mean time they would be able to come up with some kind of agreement between them making an alliance between their clans.

'Maybe Hokage doing that alone isn't the wisest idea, especially after seeing this. Maybe I should do that, I am sure Naruto wouldn't mind after all' thought the Hokage as he looked over at Hawk who he knew didn't agree with him, but he wouldn't say anything. Ninja knew that the Hokage was in charge, and to not challenge him, plus they were smart, he was the longest running Hokage ever, and had worlds more experience and knowledge then any of them.

"Yes Hokage-sama" spoke Hawk right before he melded away with the shadows. He would follow the Hokage to the end of the world if it meant protecting the Hidden Leaf Village. The Hokage was known as a genius amongst geniuses with a life time of experience, so his choices were probably the right one.

[Uzumaki Clan Compound]

Naruto slowly woke up feeling the bust of two beautiful women caused a smile to form on his face. When Naruto opened up his eyes he saw the short purple hair of Anko's hair on his head, and the silky smooth black hair with a blue tint flowing down the other side of his chest. Tsunami was sleeping nuzzled up in the crook of Naruto's neck while Anko was sleeping on his chest while slowly rubbing her cheek on his impressive muscles. She really was his bad girl, while tsunami was his good little house wife girl. He had the best of both worlds, and he was loving every minute of it.

Naruto would have loved to continue like that for the rest of the day, but the sensory barrier that was placed in front of the shielding barrier had been set off, though the particular signature was flickering in the exact manner in which the Hokage had made for the ANBU to inform Naruto of their presence.

Naruto sighed knowing that an ANBU ninja wouldn't come to his house without being on some important mission for the Hokage, which meant he was obligated to go see what it was. Using a shadow clone Naruto was able to switch places with it so that he could go see what the ANBU wanted.

As Naruto walked through his compound he smelt something nice starting to float through the air, and when he passed through the kitchen he saw Haku standing there making a nice, but simple, breakfast for everyone. Usually Tsunami did that, but Haku felt like he was just mooching off of them, even though Naruto told him that he didn't see it that way, so Haku would do something every day like clean the living room, make breakfast, or something else.

Naruto saw the table that Haku had put all of the food on and started to get hungry. There was everything a guy like he would love such as grits, bacon, eggs, biscuits, toast, orange juice, milk, salt, and pepper.

"It is looking good" spoke Naruto as he stole a biscuit from off the table and took a bite out of it. It was good, and Naruto could tell that Haku had made it from scratch, which made it even better.

"Oh, good morning Naruto-san, I hope you're having a good day" spoke Haku as he looked over at Naruto with a smile on his face. He had become really close friends with Naruto these past three months, though he was happy to mess with him all he wanted.

Naruto's eyebrow twitched a bit when he heard that. "Haku I told you not to call me 'Naruto-san' anymore. We are friends, so call me Naruto" spoke Naruto was a sickly sweet smile on his face that only made Haku chuckle nervously.

"Alright Naruto no need to get violent" spoke Haku as he raised his hands in surrender. "Anyways don't you have a guest? Wouldn't it be rude to make him wait any longer" spoke Haku as he motioned towards the window at the end of the living room. When Naruto turned his head he saw a Hawk masked ANBU standing right outside his clan's compound.

Naruto looked over at Haku giving him the 'you're lucky' look before walking to the entrance of the Uzumaki clan and opening up the front door. Haku let out a sigh of relief as he whipped the sweat from his brow. He knew Naruto was only kidding about that look, but it still didn't mean it still wasn't scary.


Hawk watched as Naruto walked out of his clan's compound and walked up to the gate that was at the border of the defensive barrier that was set around the Uzumaki clan compound. The boy had obviously just woken up, his hair was all messy, but his skill was still perfect and his eyes were clear, obviously he was a true Uzumaki.

He was wearing a new outfit that he had recently gotten, though Hawk assumed it was because of Naruto's new girlfriends, the boy was so whipped. There was no other way to describe it, though if he was getting some from two beautiful women at the same time every night he would be to.

Naruto's outfit was more revealing then his last one had been. Hawk assumed it had something to do with the new Hidden Technique that Naruto had discovered that he later made his clan's official clan technique. Hawk had always wondered what Naruto's secret technique was, but knew it was being kept a secret between the Hokage and Naruto until Naruto was strong enough to defend himself against nearly everyone, or until he had an heir.

Naruto wore a light grey, loose-fitting, long-sleeved, zip-up shirt, black pants cut off around mid-calf, bandages wrapped around his ankles, traditional shinobi sandals, and a red, rope-like belt tied around his waist like the ones worn by Kumo ninja, ironic really. Naruto's forehead protector was loosely tied around his neck, though when Hawk looked closely he saw two black rings right above each of Naruto's wrists. He hadn't known that Naruto had gotten a tattoo.


Naruto saw the Hawk ANBU, but oddly the man wasn't moving. Naruto narrowed his eyes expecting a trap, but then it seemed the man snapped out of his day dream and handed Naruto a thick scroll around a foot long.

"Hokage-sama wishes for you to undergo a secret mission for the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He expects nothing short of perfection from you Uzumaki-dono" spoke the Hawk masked ANBU right before he disappeared like he had never been there. Naruto thought the man was a little too vague, but the Hokage's orders where what was important, not some ANBU's weird quirks.

Naruto walked back inside of his clan's compound and entered a living room that was close to the kitchen. The room was nice enough in Naruto's opinion as it had two large couches, an arm chair, and a coffee table in the center, with windows in the back, and random pictures of plants and bodies of water on the wall.

'Hmmm let's see what the Hokage wants me to do' thought Naruto as he unrolled a scroll that the Hokage had written to him. Naruto instantly recognized the Hokage's handwriting and the Hokage's seal was authentic as well.

"Well isn't this interesting" spoke Naruto with a dark grin on his face. Oh, Naruto was going to enjoy this mission more than any other mission he had ever been on. He was going to be to make this traitor suffer greatly for threatening his village.

[Two Weeks Later]

Anko was not happy, not in the least. Naruto had been gone most of the days and nights for the past two weeks and wouldn't tell her or Tsunami what he was doing. It made Anko so mad that she would bring it out on whoever it was she was 'interrogating' in the T&I building, which made those who were being 'interrogated' unending amounts of misery.

She had been talking to Tsunami and Haku, and found out that Naruto had met up with a member of the ANBU Black Ops which had surprised her. She had assumed that Naruto was talking with them about joining the prestigious organization so that he could get stronger, but the more time that went by the more she started to suspect it was something else.

Tsunami was sweet, but she wasn't a ninja, therefore she wasn't very helpful with the information gathering bit, but she was around Naruto a lot, even more than her, which kind of pissed her off, but she did realize that Naruto didn't have as much work as she did and therefor he would be able to go home to where Tsunami was.

Anko had done some investigation of her own and found out that Naruto wasn't even training with his sensei. Apparently Naruto had asked Yamato to train Haku so that he could perfect his water style ninjutsu, and then later Naruto himself would teach Haku how to use wind release. Apparently elemental bloodlines could be strengthened if the wielder gained more control over the two elements that made up the sub element that they used, making it more powerful, less chakra taxing, and easier to use. To Anko's dismay they said that they didn't even know where Naruto had been going to almost all day long. Anko was reaching the ends of her patience and was getting ready for a major beat down.

[That Night]

Inside of the Hokage's office was dark with only a single ember burning at the end of the Hokage's pipe creating light, other than that which the moon created that loomed into the room like a large ominous meteorite in the sky.

"Is the Operation Clean Sweep a go" asked the Hokage as he looked down at the man before him. This man had done a perfect job, keeping to all of the ancient codes of the shinobi, and doing following his mission to the tee.

"Yes Hokage-sama, I must say that I am looking forward to this" spoke the masked ninja, though the Hokage knew that he had a smile on his face behind that mask. The Hokage had to admit, he was looking forward to this as well it wasn't every day you get to oust a traitor and have the evidence to back it up, it was liberating to do some real shinobi work instead of just paperwork.

"Then as the third Hokage I order you to see to it your duties as a shinobi are carried out" spoke the Hokage with a firm tone to his voice that echoed all throughout the office.

"As you wish Hokage-sama" spoke the ninja before he disappeared in a burst of flames leaving nothing behind that could be used to tell that he had even been there.


Anko had not been happy, but she was nothing if not one for revenge. She loved the thrill of the hunt, though she was in the T&I division, she had always wanted to be a tracker ninja, but the opportunity just hadn't come up. What she did was too valuable to the Hidden Leaf Village since all of the newer ninja had such squeamish stomachs and avoided her job like the plague. She just found them to all be a bunch of pussies. To her, they were not real men, only Naruto could truly claim that in her eyes, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to be punished for leaving her and Tsunami all alone for the past two weeks.


In the forest north of Konoha was a man with silver hair that reached down to his lower neck with a giant scroll on his back along with two Fuma shuriken. He wore a maddening grin on his face as he ran away from the Village Hidden in the Leaves thinking that he would finally get all of the power that he had been denied back in Konoha.

"With the Forbidden Scroll I will finally be able to become the ninja I was always destined to be" shouted the man throwing caution to the wind. "With the power this scroll will give me I could become the Lord of my own nation, or maybe I could even start up my own empire. Not even the first Hokage's power will be able to compare to mine" laughed the man like he had just heard the funniest joke of his entire life, and if anyone else had heard what he had said about becoming more powerful than the first Hokage then they would be laughing as well.

The man continued to jump through the trees getting further and further away from Konoha. Had had planned this out well. He knew that it was going to rain tonight, and once it did all of his tracks would be washed away, and he would be far enough away that the Hyuga wouldn't be able to find him with that pesky dojutsu of theirs.

"This is all too easy! It is like" but then the man was cut off by a new voice that was dripping with something that he couldn't place, but whatever it was caused him to freeze up.

"Like it had been a set up" spoke a man as he came out of the shadows. He wore a fox mask that jutted out around the mouth area giving it more dimensions. The mask had three red stripes on the side and red rings around the eyes.

"Who the hell are you" demanded the silver haired man as he grabbed one of the Fuma shuriken that had been on his back and held it tightly ready to strike.

"Why Mizuki-sensei, I can't believe you forgot one of your precious students already" spoke the masked man with heavy sarcasm in his voice.

"What are you talking about, I never taught whoever you are" spoke Mizuki thinking that it was a trick, something like psychological warfare though he couldn't see what this man's point was.

"Hmmm, maybe it would help if I took my mask off" spoke the masked man as he reached up and grabbed hold of his mask. When he removed it he heard Mizuki gasp when he saw the golden blonde hair the boy had, and the sadistic blue eyes that shown with glee.

"Naruto, what the hell are you doing here" demanded Mizuki thinking that this was some kind of joke.

"I am here to kill you of course, then I will take the Forbidden Scroll back to the Hokage, and then I will go home to my beautiful wives and unleash all of this pent up tension with them in some very carnal activities" spoke Naruto with what almost sounded like a purr at the end.

"Naruto you have gotten ahead of yourself. You let the villagers and the Hokage talk you up so much that you actually think you can take a chunin" spoke Mizuki with a laugh that sounded wrong on so many levels.

"Even if I couldn't, the beautiful angel that followed me out here would be way more than capable of killing you, though watching you blood spill as she slices you in half would be very interesting" spoke Naruto with a grin that seemed to make Mizuki falter.

"Oh yea, and who is this 'angel' you sound so fond of" demanded Mizuki ready for anything, but when Anko came out of the shadows his blood ran cold. He was scared of her sadistic nature like no one's business, like many men in the village.


Anko had followed Naruto through the forest thinking that he was up to something that she would have to stop. She would of course try and convince him to reconsider what he was doing, but she truly prayed that whatever it was it was legal.

When he stopped and looked up she thought he had noticed her, but when she followed his line of sight she noticed he was looking at Mizuki, and he had something on his back that resembled a large scroll. She got closer to try and figure out what was going on.

When they started talking Anko was shocked that the Hokage had given Naruto a mission to oust a traitor, but he pride skyrocketed when she found out about it, and of course when he started to talk about spilling his blood in such a sadistic manner. Her favorite part though was obviously the part about her being his angel, in that one sentence all the anger, though not the sexual tension had separated instantly.


"What are you doing here Anko" demanded Mizuki as he pulled back on his Fuma shuriken.

"What, are you deaf? I am here to help my husband kill you" spoke Anko with a sadistic grin on her face as she pulled out a kunai and licked it in a sensual in Naruto's opinion, but creepy in Mizuki's opinion, way.

"I am tired of this, just die" shouted Mizuki as he threw the Fuma shuriken with great force towards Naruto and Anko.

Anko got out the jutsu's path, but Naruto just stood his ground. Anko went to say something, but she then saw that Naruto had closed his hands and had a grin on his face. She trusted him, and knew that he wouldn't do anything to incredibly stupid, so she waited to see what would happen.

"Wind Style: Gale Palm Jutsu" shouted Naruto as he shoved both of his hands forward creating a powerful gust of wind that caught the Fuma shuriken jutsu in the air and then blasted it off into the forest. "Is that all you can do sensei" asked Naruto with a big grin on his face as he looked at Mizuki with predatory eyes.

"Shut up, all you are is a little brat who just got lucky. You're nothing more than a snot nosed brat who just got out of the academy and thinks he is something special" shouted Mizuki as he went to grab another one of his Fuma shuriken, but when he tried to grab it a giant purple snake wrapped around him. "What the hell is going on" spoke Mizuki looking straight in the eyes of the giant purple snake.

"Oh did you already forget about little old me" spoke Anko as she walked over to Mizuki's side. The snake looked over at her and nodded his head a bit before looking back at Mizuki with expecting eyes.

"You witch" shouted Mizuki starting to feel fear spreading all throughout his body.

"Oh such a fowl mouth you have their little chunin, I think seeing the mouth of a giant snake will fix that" spoke Anko as she pulled out a kunai and held it up to Mizuki's throat.

"Oh no I have a much better idea than that" spoke Naruto as he walked up to the other side of Mizuki and raised his right hand. Soon black hairs started to come out of every pore in his arm and started to travel towards Mizuki.

"What the hell are you doing" demanded Mizuki trying to get away fear rushing through his body like wild fire. He wanted to get away, he regretted everything that he did, but a little voice in the back of his head told him that it didn't matter anymore.

"I read in your files that the Hokage gave me that said you have an earth release affinity, an affinity I don't have, and with my body size I can handle up to four hearts at once, depending on the heart size. Since I have my own heart and two grown adult hearts inside of my body, this is going to cause a tight fit, but no pain no gain as they say. I have my original wind release heart that I was born with, the scorch release heart that I got from that Kumo ninja that I killed, the water release heart that I got from Zabuza Momochi, and now I have an earth release heart that I am going to rip out of you, while you are still alive" spoke Naruto, and for a brief moment his eyes flashed red and his pupils turned to slits. The hairs started to travel towards Mizuki faster and soon they entered his body. "After that I will have an affinity for all five elements and a sub element, aren't you happy for your student Mizuki sensei" spoke Naruto with sarcasm in his voice.

"PLEASE, DON'T DO THIS TO ME" shouted Mizuki feeling the pain of thousands of hair like needles rushing through his chest and constricting around his heart. Anko was truly fascinated by what she was seeing and felt a rush unlike any she had ever felt before.

"Sorry, but I don't feel sympathy for traitors" spoke Naruto and with a small tug the hairs ripped Mizuki's heart right out of his chest. It was still pumping and the black hairs where already pierced into it tapping into the chakra network of the heart and was keeping it going.

Anko watched with fascination as Naruto opened up his shirt and let it all around his sides while still being attached to him via the red rope like belt that he wore. Now Anko realized why he had changed his outfit so much, it was to allow him to use his clan's ability easier.

Naruto manipulated the black threads inside of his body to slowly make an incision on the right hand side of his chest before using them to open up the wound large enough for the heart to be placed inside. When everything was all said and done there was a small line over his chest that was sown up by black threads. Anko knew the wound wouldn't be there tomorrow, no wounds ever stayed for long on Naruto, his Uzumaki healing truly was remarkable.

Naruto enjoyed the feeling of power rushing through his body. Although Mizuki had been weak, that didn't mean his affinity had been weak as well. The chakra that the heart produced was pretty good, and now Naruto had an earth release affinity, so now he would be able to learn and master earth release as well.

There was one thing that did haunt him at night. The scroll said that so long as you continued to gather hearts before all of the ones you had worn out, you could in theory live forever. Naruto didn't mind living one hundred and fifty years as that was natural for an Uzumaki, but eternity was such an overwhelming thing, and he knew that he couldn't live on forever without his loved ones, so with that in mind he would possibly have to choose when he died. It was haunting, but with the people in his life he was able to ignore it for now.

"That was amazing" spoke Anko not even beginning to conceive the brutality of what she had seen.

"Oh thank you Anko Uzumaki" spoke Naruto with a purr in his voice as he walked over to Anko and pulled her into a deep kiss that caused he to start moaning instantly. "I think it is about time we make of for these last two weeks we were not able to express ourselves" spoke Naruto as he pulled Anko into another heated kiss. Anko didn't mind at all, and knew that they wouldn't even make it back to the compound, it was going to be an outdoors love making this time.

A shadow clone was formed and took the scroll back to the Hokage before debriefing the mission to the Hokage. The Hokage was proud of Naruto, the clone was happy at the praise, and Naruto and Anko were just happy to make crazy love outdoors after two long weeks of no sex.