So here is my second story ever posting online. I really like this one. I have big plans for it. It's family oriented but It focuses a lot on Chuck and Sarah and their relationship. I haven't finished my other story, Chuck vs The Destiny, but I've had this one on my computer for a long time and finally decided to post it. I really hope you like it. Happy reading!

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Chapter 1

Sarah awoke to the sound of little feet pitter pattering on the floor. She knew that her wonderful slumber was shortly going to come to an end. She lay there for the few precious seconds she had left in bed until she heard the soft sound of her bedroom door opening. She waited for her named to be called or for her 3 year old son to jump on her bed but nothing happened. Just when she was about to open her eyes and see what her son was doing she felt a soft presence climb onto the bed and slowly start to crawl over to her.

"Mommy?" Sam whispered softly

"Yes baby?" Sarah said, opening her eyes to see the face of her beautiful baby boy.

"Snuggle?" Sam looked at Sarah with his bright blue eyes.

"Of course Sami. Come here baby." Sarah said as she lifted the blankets to allow her son to crawl in with her. Sam instantly crawled in and snuggled next to his mom. As much as Sarah wanted to get more sleep, she always loved when her little boy decided to come and snuggle with her. He looked exactly like Sarah. He had bright blue eyes and gorgeous blonde hair, but he was exactly like his father. He was loving in nature and very smart. He loved to play games with Chuck and was learning at an amazing rate. There was no doubt in Sarah's mind that Sam would grow up to be just as smart as Chuck, if not smarter. She pulled Sam closer and together they both drifted back off to sleep.

Chuck walked into the house expecting to be greeted by a loud energetic Sam but when he walked in the house was silent. This was unusual but not entirely weird. Chuck walked up the stairs to his and Sarah's bedroom and slowly opened up the door. What he saw made him smile wide and his heart swell. There on the bed was his beautiful wife and their handsome son cuddled up together, sleeping soundly. Chuck loved coming home to things like this. Sam was the spitting image of his mother and he loved her so much. Sam loved doing things with Chuck but there was no doubt that little Sam was a mommas boy. He loved to come and cuddle with his mom in the morning when Chuck was gone.

Not wanting to wake his cute little family, Chuck decided to go downstairs and make food for everyone. It wasn't quite breakfast anymore but Chuck decided to make it anyway. Chuck was almost done with the waffles when he heard his little man come running down the stairs.

"Daddy!" Sam shouted as he bounded into the kitchen and jumped into Chuck's waiting arms.

"Hey buddy! How is my little man this morning?"

"I'm dood daddy. I dotta sweep wif mommy aden."

"Oh you did did you? And how was that?"

"Dood, mommy's warm, and bery pwetty. I wuv her."

"I love her too buddy. And you're right, she is very pretty." Chuck said looking up at Sarah who was leaning against the door frame leading into the kitchen. "Good morning beautiful. How was your nap?"

"It was very good. I love snuggling with my little man." Sarah said as she walked up to give her husband a proper hello kiss. Sarah loved kissing Chuck. It was one of her favorite things to do. She still couldn't believe how great her life had turned out. They had been married for almost five years now but it still felt so new to Sarah. He still made her heart flutter every time she saw him, especially when he smiled that mega-watt Bartowski smile that he saved just for her. Before she met Chuck she wouldn't have ever dreamed of being married and starting a family. She would have kicked the ass of anyone who said that she would be here someday. She just didn't see it. But Chuck changed her. He warmed her heart and made her realize that she did want those things, with him. She gave thanks everyday for her being assigned to take care of Chuck. It was the best thing that had ever happened to her.

After they kissed Chuck and Sarah lingered in each others embrace for a bit longer, relishing in the feel of each other. They would have stayed like that longer if not for the little hand that reached up and tugged on Chuck's shirt. "Daddy I'm hundry!" Sam said as he pulled on his dad.

"Ok buddy let's get you fed." Chuck picked Sam up and walked over to the table and put him in a chair. Then he went and fixed a plate of waffles for his son, his wife and himself. The Bartowski's sat down together and ate their food and enjoyed each others company.

After breakfast Chuck cleaned up the kitchen while Sarah took a shower and Sam sat down on the couch and watched his favorite cartoons. Once Sarah got out of the shower she looked at herself in the mirror. She turned to the side and looked at her stomach. She had found out about three days ago that she was expecting again. She was really excited to tell Chuck but she wanted to do it in a special way so she had held off telling him. She finally settled on a great way to tell him and decided that today would be the day. Sarah got dressed and went to put her plan into motion.

Sarah walked back downstairs and found little Sam sitting on the couch watching TV and noticed that Chuck was in his office doing some work. She went and sat down with her son. Sam immediately came and sat on her lap and gave her a hug. "I wuv u mommy!"

"I love you too baby boy. Mommy has something to tell you too." Sam looked up at his mother with intense curiosity. He was just so cute when he did that. He looked a lot like his father at the moment.

"So mommy found out that she's going to have another baby. Do you know what that means?" Sam nodded his head no. "That means that you are going to be a big brother!" Sarah said as she waited for her sons reaction.

"Weally? Sam said

"Uh huh." Sarah said, waiting for his excitement to come. Sam had been wanting to be an older sibling for a little while now, because seeing Clara and little Stephen all the time made him want to be a big brother. Sarah knew that once it sunk in he would be super excited.

"Yay!" Sam yells as he hugged his mom again and then jumped down from his perch on her lap and began to run toward his father's office. Sarah got up to follow her son so she could gage Chuck's reaction to what his son is going to tell him

"Daddy, Daddy! Guess what?!" Sam yells at his dad as he runs into the office and up to the side of Chuck's desk.

"What buddy?" Chuck says as he shuts his laptop and gives his son his attention. Out of the corner of his eye he notices Sarah walk into the office as well.

"I'm doing to be a bid bwoder! Mommy said so." Sam said as he jumped up and down a little before turning and running out of the office. Chuck sat there for a second as what his son had just said sank in. He looked at Sarah and she had this adorable smile on her face and he knew what he was thinking was true but he asked her anyways. "What did he mean by that Sarah?

"I'm pregnant Chuck. You're going to be a dad again." Before Sarah knew it she was spinning through the air in Chuck's arms. He had leapt out of his chair and swooped her up into a bear hug while spinning the both of them in a circle. Then he sat her down and gave her a giant kiss. Once the kiss broke he looked deep into her beautiful blue eyes. " Oh my god Sarah I am so happy right now. This is the third best moment of my life!"

"Why the third?" Sarah asked, quirking one eyebrow up.

"The first was the day that I married you, the second was the day that Sam was born and today will be the third best until our little angel is born and then that will be the third best day of my life." Sarah's heart just melts hearing that. She knew that family was everything to Chuck but sometimes he still surprised her. She was the luckiest woman on the planet to have Chuck. He amazed her everyday with how much he could love, and how giving he was. He gave her the best gift he could give and that was their son Samuel. He was Sarah's pride and joy and now thanks to Chuck, again, she was going to have another little Bartowski running around. God she loved her life!

"You're so amazing Chuck! I don't know how you do it but everything you say just makes my heart melt. How did I get so lucky?" Sarah said as she held onto her husband with her head on his chest.

"That's easy Sarah. We're so perfect for each other that I don't even have to think about what I want to say. You just inspire me to be the best husband I can." Chuck said as he gave Sarah a squeeze and kissed her head. "I love you Chuck." Sarah said, gazing up into his eyes.

"I love you too Sarah. More and more everyday. I hope this little baby is a girl and she grows up to be just like you."

"Stop you're going to make me cry. Now lets go find our son before he tears the whole house apart." Sarah said as she reluctantly pulled herself away from Chuck and started for the door. "Right behind you baby."

Later that day the Bartowski's were set to head over to the Woodcomb household for dinner. Sarah was in her bedroom getting ready while Chuck was with Sam in his room getting the little guy all set to go. Chuck was just getting Sam's shoes on when his phone rang.


"Hey Chuckster! What's up man?" Came Awesome's voice booming out of the speakers on Chuck's phone.

"Oh nothing, just getting the little man ready so we can head over to your house."

"Awesome Chuck! Anyway Ellie just wanted me to call and make sure that you were bringing the salads and dessert."

"Ya Sarah has those made and they're in the fridge waiting to be taken. So you can tell Ellie not to worry."

"Alright will do Chuckster. See ya in a few!"

"Yup. See ya."

Chuck hung up the phone and grabbed his son and went to go see if Sarah was ready to go yet. As he was approaching their room he called out to her. "Sarah honey are you ready yet?"

"Ya baby I'll be out in just a minute. Do you have Sam all ready?" She asked as she was putting the finishing touches on her makeup.

"Ya he's all ready. I'll take him out to the car and get him strapped in. Oh and I think Ellie's getting anxious because she had Awesome call and make sure we had our stuff ready to bring. So we better hurry."

"Alright babe I'm done. Let's go." Sarah said as she came out of her room and headed to the kitchen to grab the dishes. Sarah then made her way to the garage and got in the car with her husband and son and the Bartowski's headed off the Ellie and Awesome's house for dinner.

"Man Ellie you sure can cook! But then again I already knew that." Chuck said as he leaned back in his chair, filled to the brim with Ellie's delicious cooking.

"Well thank you Chuck. I really appreciate the fact that you love my cooking, even though I already knew that." Ellie said with a smirk.

" Ok so how have you guys been? I feel like I haven't seen you in ages!" Said Ellie

" We've been really good actually. This little man is still growing like a weed and he gets smarter everyday. Sometimes I think he's smarter than me. He's gonna be just like Chuck when he gets older." Sarah said as she looked at Sam sitting next to her. He was playing with the peas on his plate.

"Sam you better eat those peas mister!"

"Ok mom." Sam said with a pouty face as he picked up several peas on his spoon and put them in his mouth. Once he tasted the green little balls he cringed at the taste and all Sarah could do was laugh. She being the softy that she was decided to have pity on her son and not make him eat the rest of his peas.

"Ok Sammy that's good. You can go play with your cousins now." As soon as Sam heard that he was out of his chair and gone without a word or a second glance.

"Wow that boy really doesn't like his peas does he?" Ellie asked as she looked in the direction that little Sam had ran.

"No its like pulling teeth to get him to eat anything green. And Sarah being a softy doesn't help anything. Honestly I thought that it would be me that our kids would walk all over but I guess I was wrong." Chuck said to Ellie with a slight chuckle at the end.

" Well what can I say, the Bartowski charm wins every time." Sarah said looking lovingly at her husband.

"Ok you two. Whats new in your life. Its been a little while since we've all been together." Ellie said looking at both Chuck and Sarah.

"Well actually Ellie we have something to tell you." Chuck said as he put his arm around Sarah and grabbed her hand.

"We're pregnant!" Sarah said, and then immediately she had to cover her ears because Ellie squealed so loud it could be heard from the next block over.

"Oh my God you guys! That is amazing!"

"Totally awesome guys!" Came Devin's reply.

"How far along are you Sarah?" Ellie said as she slid her chair closer to her sister-in-law.

"I'm about 4 weeks along. I only found out about a week ago. I didn't tell Chuck till this morning though. I wanted to make sure it was for real before I told him."

"It's true. She told me this morning and it was the best news I've heard in a while. I can't believe we are adding to our cute little family. I hope we have a girl." Chuck said, clutching on to Sarah even tighter than he was before.

"Oh that is just so great. I'm super excited for you both. I can't wait to get a new niece or nephew. Now who's up for some board games?" Ellie said as she got up and headed into the living room.

"We're down." Said Chuck, grabbing Sarah's hand and following his sister.

"Awesome!" Was all Devin had to say as he too followed Ellie into the living room.

Sarah lay in bed after a fun filled night at Devin and Ellie's house. She still couldn't believe how lucky she was. 8 years ago she never would have thought that she would fall in love, get married and have kids. She was part of a loving family that brought her in and helped her become a Bartowski. Sarah was forever grateful for that day she walking into the Buy More. If she hadn't, she never would have met the man of her dreams, her beautiful husband Chuck. Speaking of Chuck, what was taking him so long?

"Honey?" Sarah said in the direction of the closet.

"I'll be right out baby. Just grabbing something." Came Chuck's reply.

Chuck came walking into their bedroom with his arms behind his back. "I have something for you. Now it might be a little presumptuous but I saw it today at the store and I had to buy it." Chuck said as he sat down on the bed next to Sarah. Once he was situated he pulled his arms out and handed Sarah a little pink bundle. Sarah took it from him and held it up to see what it was. It was a cute little baby onesie with the words "Daddy's little Nerd" written on it in white. Upon seeing this Sarah started to tear up.

"Chuck this is adorable." Sarah said as she leaned in and gave Chuck a searing kiss on the mouth.

"I know it's too early to tell the gender but I want it to be a little girl. I was thinking that she could look like me, you know with brown eyes and curly brown hair, but I want her to have your personality and your drive. She needs to be tough if she's gonna be in this family." Chuck said and smiled.

"No matter who this baby comes out to be I know they will be perfect. Any child that is half you has to be." Chuck smiled at Sarah's compliment, then took the onesie from Sarah and put it on the night stand. Then he went around to his side of the bed and climbed in. As soon as Chuck was situated Sarah cuddled up next to him and after the lamps were turned out the couple drifted into a peaceful slumber, both dreaming of what they thought their future baby Bartowski would look like.

Sarah awoke with a start. She was having a nightmare about Chuck. As soon as his wife shot up in bed Chuck was awake and asking her what was wrong.

"I just had a nightmare about the time you were taken by the Belgian. It happens occasionally. Those were the worst days of my life Chuck. I guess my worst nightmare is loosing you again." Sarah said as she clung to Chuck's side.

"Don't worry baby I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere." Chuck held on to Sarah and let her calm down to the point where she finally fell back asleep. Chuck stayed awake though. Now his mind was thinking back to when he thought he had lost Sarah. Their time on the train before she was taken by Quinn was great. They sat and drew that picture of their future, with the house and the baby. They were so happy. And then it was all ripped away from them. They did come back from it though. Sarah regained her memories over time and now they have a beautiful family with a little one on the way. Chuck couldn't ask for more. Well except for Sarah to not have nightmares about the bad times in their past. Chuck forced himself to think happy thoughts. He thought about that time in the hospital when Sarah agreed to marry him, and their wedding day. She looked so beautiful with her hair in that side bun and her lacy white dress. And when they found the money Hartley left for them. And of course he couldn't forget about little Sam. The day Sarah told Chuck she was pregnant and the day the little guy was born. As these thought ran through Chuck's head he started to drift off and soon he was gone in the land of dreams.

Chuck woke up, sun shining on his face and leaned over to wrap his arm around Sarah. The only problem with that was that Sarah wasn't there. It had been awhile since Chuck had been the last one to wake up. As he lay there he heard noises coming from downstairs so he decided to get up and see what his cute little family was up to.

Sarah was down in the kitchen making breakfast for her family. Little Sam had yet to wake up but she knew that he would soon. She was almost done with her first omelet when Chuck came down the stairs and sat down at the bar.

"What are you doing?" Chuck asked her. "I'm cooking for you Chuck." As soon as she said those words she remembered back to when Chuck and her had gone undercover in the suburbs as husband and wife. The first morning she had been cooking for Chuck and he had made a comment about her turning into a real girl. She laughed slightly to herself at the memory. She was already head over heels in love with him back then.

"What's so funny Sarah?" Chuck asked as he looked at his wife. She had a look on her face like she was in a different place than their kitchen.

"Oh I was just remembering when we went undercover in the suburbs. Back then we were pretending we were a married couple and now we are. The idea just made me smile and giggle a little.

"You wanna know something about that time?" Chuck said as he took a bite from his omelet that Sarah had handed him. "Okay."

"When I went back home after I "Cheated" on you I had a talk with Ellie. She was thinking that you and I house sitting would make us realize that we wanted to move forward with our relationship and that it would lead to marriage like her and Devin, but I told her it had been a disaster for us. I told her that you and I would never be more than what we were, and at the time I believed it. But Ellie was right. We were perfect for each other, even back then. I am so grateful for that."

Sarah just stood there for a second as she let what Chuck had just said sink in. She remembered the feelings she had as they were packing up the house. All the photos on the wall and how badly she wanted it all to be real. It tore her up inside taking that ring from him and shutting him down when he wanted to spend the rest of the weekend with her in the house.

"Chuck when Casey and I were packing up that house it made me sad. I desperately wanted it to be real. All those photos of us having a real life together, it made me want that so bad. But not with just anybody. I wanted it to be you Chuck. So I am grateful too that everything turned out good for us. And Ellie was right, we are perfect for each other. I love you Chuck." Sarah said as she leaned in and gave Chuck a kiss on the lips.

Just then little Sam came down the stairs and into the kitchen. He was carrying his blanket and he walked right up to his mother and held his arms up for her to pick him up. Once she did she gave him a kiss on his forehead before he rested his head on her shoulder and snuggled in.

"Are you still tired buddy?" Sarah said as she rubbed soothing circles on his back.

"I tired mommy." Sam said as he hugged Sarah a little harder.

"Well I made you breakfast if you're hungry."

"Ok mommy." Sam said as he pulled his head up to look at Sarah. She walked him over to his high chair and put him in so he could eat. As Sarah was getting his eggs ready Sam finally noticed that his dad was in the room too. "Hi daddy."

"Hey little buddy. How did you sleep last night?" Chuck asked his son as he took a bite of his omelet.

"I seepded good daddy." Sam said as he slowly started to become more awake. "Guess what daddy?"

"What buddy?" Chuck said, engaging his son in conversation. "Mommy made me bekfast."

"Did she now?"

"Ya she wuvs me wats." Sam said as Sarah slid a bowl of scrambed eggs in front of him and sat down so she could watch him while he ate.

"So what did you want to do today baby?" Chuck asked Sarah as he ate the last bite of his food.

"Well I was thinking maybe we could have Ellie watch Sam so we could have the day to ourselves?" It came out more as a question that a statement. She wanted to make sure that's what Chuck wanted to do as well.

"Ya okay that sounds good. Ill give Ellie a call and see she if she'll be up for watching the little guy." Chuck said as he got up and put his plate in the sink. He walked back over to Sarah and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for breakfast babe."

"You're welcome Chuck." Sarah said as she beamed at her husband walking away. She brought her attention back to her son and noticed that he was done with his food and now he was playing with his fork and plate.

"Alright little man. Time for a bath." Sarah said as she picked Sam up and carried him to the bathroom so she could give him a bath.

Twenty minutes later Sarah came walking into her and Chuck's room to get ready for the day. Chuck was sitting on the bed reading a book. He layed it down on his chest so he can talk to his wife.

"So Sam's all clean and ready for the day?"

"Ya I got him bathed and changed into his clothes. Now he's playing in his room." Sarah said as she came back out of the closet with some clothes to wear.

"Awesome. Oh and I called Ellie and she's all set to watch Sam tonight. I told her I'd call her back after you and I figured out what we were doing and what time." Chuck said as he got up to hug a now fully dressed Sarah.

"Oh good. You and I could use some time to ourselves. Any ideas of what you want to do?" Sarah said as she wrapped her arms around Chuck's neck and gave him a searing kiss.

"Hmm well I have a few ideas but they involve not leaving this room." Was Chuck's response as he picked Sarah up and tossed her on their bed. As he climbed on the bed Sarah grabbed his shirt and pulled him down to her to give him a kiss. Once the kiss was over Chuck laid on his side next to Sarah and wrapped his arm around her.

"And should we run away together again Chuck?" Sarah said while grabbing Chuck's hand to rub small circles on it.

"Well if you mean like in prague no, but if you mean like Paris that ya sure. Although lets not involve an international criminal turned good guy this time. I don't know if I can do another cuffed scooter ride and fight in the middle of a bakery."

"I don't know Chuck. Those things made our trip very interesting."

"Ya I guess you're right. I think we should probably stick with something a little less intense this time though. How about I take you out to dinner and then we come back here, watch a movie and just relax. Sam can stay over at Ellie's and we can have the night to ourselves." Chuck said giving Sarah a little squeeze.

"That sounds perfect baby. I think I'll go take a shower while you call Ellie back and tell her Sam's going to be staying over. Tell her we'll bring him over around 6:30." Sarah said as she disappeared into their bathroom.

"You got it." Said Chuck as he got up and took his phone out of his pocket to call Ellie. At the same time he went to go check on his son to make sure he wasn't getting into any trouble.