A haunting tune floated from the grand piano in the center of the ballroom of Shibusen. It lifted to a beautiful crescendo of high notes, but the music cut off as the young boy at the piano groaned in frustration.

"It's all wrong! It's nothing like him." He growled through shark like teeth. The dim light glinting on the ivory keys, "Tch, it's too high, too feminine." Soul Eater Evans stood from the piano, his signature black and yellow jacket opened and haphazardly slipping from his shoulder. He checked the time wearily, class would be starting in a few minutes and he didn't want to be late. He ran from the room, grabbing his backpack as he ran. Not that he gave a damn about class, but he sat next to Kid in first period and that made it all worth it. Of course Kid had to be in the center, Soul to his left and Blackstar to his right, to preserve the symmetry. Soul smirked, he loved that crazy OCD freak, not that Kid knew anything about Soul's crush on him. That thought made Soul frown, what if Kid was straight? Or if he was gay, what if he didn't like Soul? But the most troubling thought was keeping Kid safe from bullies, Soul knew that even if the majority of the world was more open minded, there would always be homophobes. Worse yet, how would Lord Death react? He knew his friends would support them, they already knew about his crush, in fact the only one who didn't know was Kid himself.


"I the great Blackstar will help you in your search for love! I will talk to Kid, one look at my magnificent face and a single word from his God will make him pronounce his undying love for you!" Blackstar laughed loudly.

"B-Blackstar maybe you shouldn't." Tsubaki tried to stop the Star haired Meister from running off.

"You're right Tsubaki, I might accidently make him fall in love with me!" Blackstar said completely serious.

"I can't believe you're gay Soul, you always act like such a lady killer... well... no yeah I can totally believe it, OHMYGODWAIT YOU AND KID WOULD MAKE SUCH A CUTE COUPLE, I'M SURE YOU'D BE SEME AND HE'D BE UKE OHHHH SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO CUTE!" Maka almost got a nosebleed just thinking about it, Patty and Liz squealed with her for a moment before Liz turned to Soul.

"Soul, I'm glad you're coming out and realizing your feelings for Kid but... Don't act on them unless your sure of them. Don't you dare toy with my meister's feelings." She crossed her arms.

"I-I wouldn't! I could never hurt Kid like that!" He flushed softly. She smiled and gave him a big hug.

"Then you have my blessings, just remember if you're just using him, I will kill you."

End Flashback

Soul smirked remembering the conversation, Kid had been at a private training session with his father when he told the others. Honestly Soul was glad his friends were so accepting, this would have been almost unbearable without them.