For those of you who have been patiently awaiting this chapter, I am so so so very sorry. I only recently got a new laptop to replace the old one that crashed and I am so sorry it took so long.

Btw for those of you wondering; Kid's birthday is in this story is officially August 8th, 1996. He is turning 17 (because I'm setting this in 2013 for my own sake of keeping timelines.)

The next day was Sunday the 3rd, the day before they'd done their third Saturday Half Day Training Session, which they had every other Saturday. They'd gone home and packed up what they figured they would need for at least a week and today had made their way over to Kid's house. The teens had then spent the day getting settled into Gallows Manor and picking out bedrooms. The plan was to slowly but surely start bringing all their stuff over. They didn't want to rush into anything, in the event they decided against living there, but they were happy of the opportunity to live together.

Since Lord Death occupied the entire top floor, the floor right beneath it belonged to kid, but he only used the room in the exact center of the floor. There were a total of five rooms on the floor, so Tsubaki and Blackstar would take the room to the far left, Crona and Maka would take the room next to theirs, Then Kid would be in the middle, Soul on his right, and Liz and Patty were on the far left. Although Soul had the feeling that those rooms were more for storage than anything, it seemed like the girls would all be staying in Liz and Patty's room which was larger than Maka and Crona's and the guys would probably bunk with Kid. Since Kid's room was the only one with a private bathroom the agreement had been that the girls would share the two guest bathrooms on that floor since there were five of them, and the three guys would share Kid's bathroom.

After jumping on their super bouncy beds for a while it was now 2:20 in the afternoon and the whole gang, minus Kid and Lord Death who were working on one of Kid's private training sessions, sat around the table joking and laughing over pizza.

"Hey! Do you guys wanna see little Kid with his godfather, covered in jelly?" Patty jumped up, running toward the wall to wall bookshelf very nearly filled completely with black books with years on them.

"I heard Lord Death mention his godfather, but who is his godfather anyhow?" Maka asked curiously.

"Wait, you mean you don't know?" Liz furrowed her brow and snatched the book labeled 'Kid Age 5 2001, part II pre Oji' from Patty's hand.

"Know what?" Maka furrowed her brow, Liz made a face but before she could say anything Patty burst out laughing.

"Kid's goddaddy is your daddy!" The short blonde's laugh was loud and wrinkled her nose.

"What are you talking about Patty?"

"Sorry Maka, we assumed you knew," Liz spoke up, "Kid was, and is, so attached to Spirit we thought you were already aware of it."

"No, I didn't know… I don' remember Kid being around when I was little… I mean, maybe… I… I… don't…" Maka trailed off uncertainly.

"Here, let me show you, this year alone has quite a bit off your dad in it."

She flipped to the second page, there were two pictures per page but she pointed to the top right one, it showed a mini Kid wearing a black T-shirt decorated with his father's skull mask, black jeans, and a black beanie sitting on Spirit's shoulders at the park. Kid sported a huge smile on his face and Spirit was sticking his tongue out at the camera. She turned to another and this time gestured to a photo of Kid and Spirit wearing Japanese head bands and holding up posters that exclaimed "Girls R Icky" with the R backwards. They were both making faces at the camera and a woman in the background appeared to be laughing. The final picture Liz showed her was on the last page, Kid was wearing a white button up shirt and some black jeans, his face has a single spot of stray jelly and Spirit was laughing behind his hand.

"These are just a few of them but I think you get the idea, Kid has always loved three things more than anything in the world and that is: his daddy, his Godfather, and most of all; Kid has had a Peanut butter Jelly love obsession since he was about two." Patty chimed in, giggling.

"I didn't realize that he was so… different…" Maka had a perplexed look on her face.

"Yes, you never gave your father much of a chance when we were younger, I think I spent more time with him than you did, but your photos beat mine 2 to 1." Kid's voice floated to them from the entrance of the dining room, a half smile on his face, "There are lots of things you don't know about Uncle Spirit." He murmured. Soul looked at the Grim Reaper he'd loved for so long, amazed to see him in something other than his tux, he was wearing a plain black T shirt with an unbuttoned white shirt over it and black jeans. A sweat band wrapped around his pale forehead and a pair of earphones, similar to Justin Law's, hung from his shirt, the left one in his ear. The scythe's mouth dropped down to the floor at the shinigami's relaxed look.