Wanted to do something a bit different, so thought I'd just do a compilations of one-shots. It will be about Dom and Letty throughout the years, leave any requests you may want to see. R&R is always appreciated. XoXo

"Come on Let, please! They're going to be gone all weekend and you're just going to sit here drinking your beer acting like a prude for the next 48 hours?!" Mia whined.

"No, I'm going to sit here drink my beer, work on my car a little later, than drink some more beer while acting like a prude," I said back to her smirking while offering her a beer.

"You're such a kill joy! No you're a fun sucker! I hate you fun sucker!" Mia yelled at me while throwing herself onto the couch, a pout on her face.

"Ouch, that hurt Mi," I said sarcastically touching my hand to my chest as if I was actually injured, "Look Mia, I'm not helping you throw a party. One, it's super cliché, and two, something's going to go wrong and Dom's going to find out. You know why? Because I stole a pack of gum when I was five, and karma has a way of unleashing itself on the worst moments," I told her with the most serious look on my face, hoping she'd lighten up.

She couldn't help but laugh at that, "But Letty, look at it this way, if we throw a party that means Carter Samuels gets to see me looking hot, and if that happens then he might start actually recognizing my existence, badabing badaboom, we end up soul mates and end up having two beautiful children, don't you want to be a wonderful aunt to those children Letty! I was even thinking of naming the little girl Letty after you..." She chimed in at the end smiling from ear to ear, I couldn't help but smile back at her and her stupid fantasies.

"Fine, -"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She interrupted.

"But on two conditions, you don't get drunk, and the party is over by midnight," I looked at her in all seriousness and could still see the excitement in her eyes.

"Deal, I'll take it!" She told me before hugging me tightly and getting off the couch and practically running upstairs.

"Ahhh, what to wear, what to wear.."

Mia practically had her entire closet placed all over her bed. I sat on the floor of her room watching a typical teenage girl in action, Mia was the girliest person I had ever met in my entire life, and my complete opposite, yet still my best friend.

"You know Let, I know I'm going to look good tonight, so you have to, too!'

I raised my eyebrow at her.

"You know Mi, I agreed to this party which is a death wish, don't push it," I said back to her all to happy self.

"Fun sucker! Come on how about this little number?" She told me holding up a black shirt, dress, bra? Only God knew.

"Ha, hell no," I told her. No way was I publicly humiliating myself like that.

"Oh come on! Lighten up Let, you look hot!" Mia told me as we stood in front of the full length mirror in her room.

"Mia, I swear if you tell anyone about this, I'll personally murder you," I told her darkly.

"Whatever Let, live a little, and flaunt what you got, I'd die for your body. I'm going to head downstairs people are starting to arrive, come down soon, ok?"

"Yeah, yeah, give me a minute," I told her as she walked out of her room shutting the door behind her.

I stared at myself in the mirror, I had to give it to Mia, I looked good, and I knew it. I was wearing a slim tight black strapless shirt and a red skirt that stopped right where it should. Enough to leave you wanting more but not too much to be classified as a skank. My hair was down a bit past my shoulders in curly waves surrounding my face, and I had just a bit of make-up on my face.

I looked good. I thought to myself again before confidently walking myself out of the room approaching the challenge of walking down the stairs with three inch heels, if I survived this, the rest of the night shouldn't seem like such a problem, I thought wrong.

When Mia had told me she was inviting twenty or so kids I was really stupid enough to believe her. The party was just as big and loud as any of Dom's after a win at the races.

I was going to kill her.

Bodies of half-naked girls where all around the house dancing accompanied by the drunk guys trying to get in their pants.

I tried to find Mia, but she was no where to be seen, after half an hour of looking for her I grabbed myself a beer and gave up. I tried to enjoy myself but I just found myself annoyed. Mia ditched me after letting her have this stupid party in the first place, all the kids she had invited were her friends, not mine and I was literally sitting by a couple who couldn't stop sucking faces, I think after 5 minutes you'd expect them to need air, they proved me wrong.

I was in my own world thinking to myself of all the ways I'd make Mia pay me back for this when a dirty blonde boy with light blue eyes walked up to me.

"I'm Ryan," he told me over the roar of the music, " And you're way to hot to being sitting over here by yourself."

"Where'd you get that one from? The back of a cereal box?" I asked with a smirk.

"Nah, my dad taught me that one, that's how he got my Mom's attention"

"Seriously?" I said dubiously

"No, but it did get you to talk to me," He said looking down at me with a perfect smile gracing his face, he was pretty attractive for the white surfer boy thing he had going on.

We talked for an hour about anything and everything, he told me about how he'd lived in Australia for a while and was living with his Dad now because he couldn't stand his Mom. He told me about his surfing, I told him about my racing, he was easy to talk to.

Nothing interrupted us until I noticed that the party had died down a bit when some kid called everyone's attention for a game of never have I ever, with a twist, instead of just taking a shot of tequila if you'd done it, you also had to remove a piece of clothing.

Ryan looked over at me, his eyes questioning whether I'd play or not.

I took his hand and joined the 10 or so people left at the party, Mia being one of them eyed me carefully testing the waters. She was so dead when this party was over. But for now, I may as well prove to her I'm not a prude, because though I'd never admit it to her, I did need to live a little. Maybe I'd thank her after I'd kill her,...maybe.

"Ok, so you guys all know the rules, if you've done it take a drink and take off a piece of clothing, who's first?" Said one of Mia's friends.
"I'll go," I hear from beside me and find myself facing a very confident Ryan sitting next to me.

"Ok, never have I ever had a one night stand," It was kind of cute how much pride he took in it, I could picture Dom drinking 20 shots to that if he were here.

Very slowly people began to take their shots from all around the circle, including Mia which had me with my mouth hanging open, I couldn't believe she hadn't told me. She looked at me apologetically before taking her shot and removing her shirt. More than half the room was already half naked and Ryan was the first person to go. People continued on with the game and started getting to a state way past tipsy, including myself, I was actually starting to enjoy myself due to so much alcohol.

Finally it was Mia's turn, she looked right at me before saying, "Never have I ever liked my best friends older brother," she stated slurring a bit, eyes still focused on mine. She hit me right where she wanted. If looks could kill, she'd be burning on fire.

I slowly grabbed my shot of tequila and downed it at once, while catching a few stares from Mia's friends and worst of all, Ryan.

I took off what was left of my outfit and slipped off my skirt leaving me to just my underwear and bra, I knew this party was about to end soon, because there was no way in hell I was letting Mia or myself show our birthday suits to half the school, I wasn't that intoxicated yet.

And just like that, the karma I had predicted, happened.

"Bro, did you just here those car engines? If your brother and his friends are home, we are all screwed, everyone scram!" Mia's friend yelled out in warning at the sound of their car engines shutting off.

Everyone quickly grabbed their clothes and where out of the back door in less than 10 seconds, but 10 seconds wasn't enough for Mia and I to get dressed, or hide the alcohol, or sober up, or clean the mess from the party.

"What the hell!" Dom yelled slamming the door open, causing me to wince in pain at how loud he was and how drunk I was.
I looked at my bra and underwear and wished to die, it wasn't even sexy, I ruined another chance at proving to him I wasn't ten years old anymore, and the guys were behind him which in general was just an all in all moment stained on my mind for the rest of my life.

"Dom, I can explain, It was all Mia's fault!" I told him trying to put my skirt back on without falling.

"Traitor!" Mia yelled back at me.

I covered my ears at her stingy voice that caused my head to hurt from it's loudness.

"You both are wasted as hell, and threw a party, and are practically naked in front of me, you're all screwed tomorrow morning," Dom told us harshly. I was just relieved he'd leave it for tomorrow morning to yell at us.

"Vince grab Mia, I got Letty," Dom began to say before seeing the excitement in Vince's eyes.

"Actually, Leon grab Mia, take her to her room," He said thinking about it again and then found Vince pouting on the sofa as if he were a three year old who had gotten his candy snatched away.

Waking up I felt disoriented trying to remember where I was, and what the hell had happened yesterday, and why my head was pounding so hard.

Finally realizing I was on Dom's bed, in his room, made me sit up really quick only furthering my want to puke. I knew me and Dom didn't have sex, because well I was me, and Dom was Dom, then what the hell was I doing there? I slowly got out of bed letting my body adjust itself to the new found weight on it, dang was I always this heavy, it was just the hangover I thought to myself.

I opened his bedroom door and walked myself slowly downstairs making sure not to fall over. As I headed over to the kitchen I found all the guys and Mia sitting at the table digging into breakfast. All the guys had this super amused look on their face and Mia had the same aching face I did, she had to be hung over too.

"Morning sunshine, looking mighty fine if I do say so myself," Leon told me gazing his eyes over my body while Vince whistled and all the guys hollered.

I didn't get it, it was like they were all in on some joke I never knew.

"Letty, look down," Mia said seeming annoyed.

I found myself wearing one of Mia's sleeping dresses. Though it had the same amount of material as half of Dom's shirt. It was a pink silk booty short sleeping dress, probably from Victoria's secret.

The guys all laughed at my shocked expression and continued being their cocky selves while asking me about last night, knowing I had no clue what had happened. I was the joke of the morning, but I didn't let it get to me. After breakfast, Mia was finally the last one to leave the table while me and the rest of the guys were sitting in the living room watching TV we watched her walk upstairs and all almost pissed ourselves laughing when we read the sign Dom had put on her back that read:

"Kick me, I'm a dufus."

Maybe I didn't have to kill her after all.