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"Hey Dom, want to grab me another beer, I'm with child," Brian told me trying to make an innocent face, though there wasn't an innocent bone in his body.

"You know that baby crap won't work after the kid can walk right?" I asked him mimicking the look on his face.

"That's why I'm milking it while I can Dom," He said smirking that asshole smile of his.

I got off from the couch hit him on the back of his head before walking back inside from our backyard. Things were going back to the way things used to be, before all the heists and criminal career we had going on.

As I looked around me I could feel everything piecing itself back together effortlessly.

Brian sat on the couch in the backyard porch with Jack on his lap, I'd never seen the guy so happy, same with Mia. She was talking with Giselle about her wedding plans with Han, they were both beaming. At the barbeque stood Roman and Han. I could overhear Roman arguing about how long you have to let the ribs sit before turning them over.

"Dude seriously, you don't know meat, I know meat, so sit your ass down.."

Han just laughed and told everyone who to blame for the burnt ribs.

Everything was perfect to the picture, only one person was missing, and she was sitting inside by herself.

Since she'd gotten back I'd made sure to not let her feel left out, she fit right in before, so it only made sense it'd be natural for her to come back to her true home. Some days were harder than others, she seemed more reluctant, confused even. I tried to not give it much thought, because I knew things would never be exactly the same, but I knew one thing and that was that my Letty was still the same girl sitting in front of me.

"Hey Let," I told her as I closed the door behind me and walked towards her sitting on the couch with an album in her hands. Mia had given them to her in thought that it'd help her remember, I'd never seen her actually look at them until now.

"Why does Brian have a black eye in this picture?" She asked me as I sat down next to her. She pointed to a picture with Mia kissing Brian on the cheek at a park somewhere.

I laughed slightly remembering the cause of his black eye.

"Seriously Letty, just let him go, he's not worth it!" Mia yelled at Letty across the driveway. It was around midnight and the crowd of the party was dwindling down until they caught the fight that looked like was about to happen.

"No Mia, he doesn't get to just fuck with your feelings!" Letty yelled back at Mia starting to walk closer towards Brian who still had a stupid smirk playing at his lips. The guy really didn't know when to quit it.

I didn't get involved because I knew that if I hit Brian I'd seriously screw him up and then Mia would kill me, secondly I knew that in less than a week they'd be back together again. And lastly I knew Letty could handle it, though I didn't think she'd actually punch him.

"Letty you're not in this!" Brian yelled at her.

"Why? Scared to get beat up by a girl?" She told him cockily.

"If thats what you call yourself -" Was all poor Brian could get out before Letty nailed him right beneath his eye.

In all honestly she did him a favor, because I've see her do much worse.

After being embarrassed in front of an entire crowd of people he got in his car and sulked his way home before showing up to our house less than four days later.

He apologized to Mia for being an ass and of course Mia accepted his apology in a heart beat. They were both super immature back then, they must have dated and broken up more than ten times before being in a steady relationship, thank God they got a grip eventually.

"So I did that to him, being sixteen?" She asked me her eyes going wide with disbelief.

"Yup," I told her wrapping my arm around her on the couch.

"Damn, I'm badass," She told me smiling cockily just like she did that night before she punched Brian. Some things never change.

"Yes, yes you are," I told her leaning down and kissing her.

After she pulled away she continued passing the pictures through the album. I looked at her face as she saw them to see if it would trigger anything, if she'd remember anything. She told me last night she remembered some things, and that reignited a hope I didn't even know I had.

"Please tell me I didn't actually wear this," She told me as she cringed pointing at a picture down on the album.

As I looked down I saw what she meant, it was a picture of Letty and I before Prom. She was wearing a red long strapless dress and I was in a black tux. In the picture we were looking at each other laughing, while Vince made a face in the background with Mia photo bombing us.

"You didn't like it back then either," I told her rubbing circles on her arm.

"Seriously Mom, I look like a freaking flame!" I heard Letty yell down at her Mom who was downstairs with me before she walked down the stairs.

"Damn, if you're a flame can I be the candle?" I said as she walked down taking her in, she looked absolutely stunning, with the red that brought out her nicely tan skin and curly hair cascading down past her shoulders.

Letty laughed at my cheesy attempt to cheer her up and her mom whacked me in the back of the head.

"Ok guys, pose," Letty's Mom told us scooting us together to get into the same frame.

"Seriously guys, can you at least look like you're enjoying yourselves?" Her Mom grunted at us again.

I could hear Vince and Mia snickering from behind us.

As I held Letty behind the waist and tried to force myself to make a cheesy smile I heard Letty whisper to me.

"You look like a penguin," We both started cracking up and saw the camera flash in the middle of our laughter.

Letty laughed at my side hearing me tell her the story of the picture.

"I was either lying or nervous because you clean up nice Toretto," She told me pulling me in to whisper in my ear, "penguins are sexy."

I chuckled in her ear totally turned on before she continued on looking through the pictures, until finally she found another to question me about.

"Dom, you can pull off a lot of clothes, but a coconut bra and hula skirt, I'm not really feeling it," She told me laughing.

I laughed looking down at the picture that Letty and Mia tormented me about for years.

"Are you seriously making this bet with me right now?" I overheard Letty say from the office at the garage before I walked in.

"Bet about what?" I asked Letty as she looked over gloatingly at Vince.

"Whoever scores highest on the science final gets to have Saturdays and Sundays off at the garage for a month," Vince told me.

"Wait, wait, wait -" I told them, " Lets make this interesting." I said way too deviously.

"If Vince gets a higher score you and Mia have to... -" I began to say.

"Dress up in skanky little cop outfits for an entire day at work," Vince filled in for me.

I eyed him warily not needing the mental image of my sister dressed like a prostitute on Halloween, but I let the thought escape me as I thought of seeing Letty dressed up like that.

"Deal," Letty spat back at Vince, "But if I score higher you two have to dress up as hula girls,"

"Deal," Vince and I said in unison as Mia walked into the office.

"You guys are really too stupid," Letty said before she walked out, "While you have Dom to tutor you Vince, I have Mia," She said cockily before closing the office door, leaving the sigh of defeat Vince and I shared to be only heard by Mia as she laughed.

A week later Vince and Letty walked into the garage with their final in hand, Letty yelling all over the place rubbing her 80% in my face. While Vince sulked on his way in as I snatched his paper from his hand, 62%.

"Seriously dude!" I told him punching his shoulder.

"Hey, at least I didn't fail!" He said defensively as Mia and Letty were jumping around celebrating their win.

"Hey boys," Letty yelled back at us on the driveway, we turned around to find her holding up the hula girl costumes.

"I pre-ordered them, Christmas came early this year," She said laughing along with Mia.

"Aw, I'm sorry baby, that must've been so embarrassing," She told me wrapping her arms around me as she let the album close and fall to the floor.

"Really?" I asked her questioningly.

"No," She laughed before getting on top of me and started kissing me again.

We stayed like this for minutes, not having a care in the world.

"Yo Dom," I could hear Brian yelling at me as he opened the back door, I ignored him.

"Seriously dude, why that couch? Don't taint it," He told me trying to grab my attention. I let go of Letty's lips as she climbed off me and sat next to me.

"Taint what O'Connor?" I asked while glaring at him.

"Just good memories," He told me with a smile that held too much.

"Like that time I gave you a black eye?" I heard Letty say from behind me.

Brian's face was priceless.

"Lucky shot," He mumbled his ego obviously hurt.

"Lucky I didn't kill you," I mumbled back.

"I can jog your memory if you want Brian," Letty told him as I smiled down at her.

"I'll pass," He said before grabbing his beer and walking out again.

"Pussy," I heard Letty mumble beside me.

"Some things never change," I told her leaning down to kiss her forehead before noticing the wary look in her eyes.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing I was just thinking..." She told me looking up at me, "We could make a few more memories," She finished before grabbing my hand and dragging me upstairs.

Yeah, things had never felt more like home.