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I'm Like A Bird

I've sat in front of this damn computer for hours, it's starting to give me a headache.
Today is different, though. I can't seem to get anything done. I have at least fifty or so e-mails
to respond to as of yet, as well as a load of paperwork. Still, I can't bring myself to do it. I
know perfectly well as to why: I miss duelling. It's been a few years since I've had that
challenge, and I long for it again. Pity that there's so much work to do.

To hell with it. I'm leaving early. I AM the president, I can pretty well do what I want as
far as coming and going. I shut down the computer and walk through the building. Just as my
feet reach the lawns of Kaiba Corp, my cell phone rings. Figures.

"Hey bro, how are you?"
"Mokuba, hi. I'm doing well. I'm coming home early."
"Really?! Awesome!"

The excitement in his voice makes me give a small smile, but then something hits me.
I'm working too hard. I've barely spend any time with Mokuba, and he's the world to me.
Some big brother I've turned out to be. He probably misses me more than I realize.

"So Seto, when are you coming?"
"As soon as I can get to my car."
"Wow! Do you think we could do something tonight big brother?"

I chuckled inwardly. Mokuba hasn't called me big brother in a while. It cheers me
somewhat, knowing he still looks up to me. Not that I'm sad. I can't be sad, I won't allow it. If
I let my emotions get the best of me, I'll never be able to make it. I can't be too joyous either.

"Sure, what do you want to do?"
"Go out for dinner!"
"Absolutely. Where do you want to go?"
"Um, how about Emu Palace?"
"That sounds good. I'll see you in fifteen or so."
"'Kay. Bye Seto."

I hang up the phone and look at my watch. It's 2:00, giving me a good amount of time
with Mokuba before dinner, and perhaps time for something else. I walk outside to where my
Ferrari stands. I got fed up with sitting in the back of a limo as soon as I could drive myself. I
get in and drive away, wondering why in the world a restaurant creator would call their business
"Emu Palace". Only five minutes pass, and already I've turned on the radio and I'm singing to
the oldies. No one knows about this habit but me, I intend to keep it that way. Suddenly as I'm
looking ahead, the game shop catches my eye. I figure I'll stop there, maybe this is the key to
curing my longing for the duelling days.

I open the door and a little bell rings, letting whoever's on cashier duty know that I've
entered. I head straight to the booster decks and my eyes roam the packages. The one thing I've
always hated is that I can't know what cards I'll get until I purchase them. If only I had that
millennium eye...

"Kaiba, I haven't seen you in a while."

I turn my attention to where the voice came from to find none other than Yugi Motou.

*You're beautiful, that's for sure*
*You'll never, ever fade*

He still has the same boyish innocence as when I last saw him, the same charm as when I
FIRST met him. Those violet eyes of his still sparkle with optimism, he still has that cute smile
of his, though he's a few inches taller now. His very being is extraordinary, and I can't even
begin to describe how much I want him, how much I long to be with him. He almost radiates
beauty, that Yugi.

*You're lovely, but it's not for sure*
*That I won't ever change*

"You looking for anything in particular?"
"Just missing the duelling days, that's all. The only challenge I have left is not to break the
alarm clock every day I wake up."
"I need to tell you something. It's rather important."

I wonder if, for a fleeting moment, he would confess a longing for me as I long for him.
Instantly I know that even if he did, I would say no. Yugi would end up turning over everything
that I know, and I can't have that. No matter how incredibly sexy he looks in that leather
ensemble, I know I'll refuse him. It took me long enough to admit to myself that I was even
attracted to him. I can't go further, I wouldn't know who I was anymore.

"You said it was important, you going to tell me?"

Yugi sighs and looks at his feet. It must be something major, because he's taking
forever. Granted, the last time I was him was when I went to the school to pick up my report
card, so no wonder he's nervous about something this big.

"Spit it out already."

My curiosity is DEFINITELY getting the better of me at this point, and I try
unsuccessfully to dampen it.

"Seto...I think...no, I know I've...fallen in love."
"Congratulations then."
"...with you."

My mind reels in shock. He loves me? He LOVES me?! He loves ME??!! I wasn't
expecting this at all, it's like something from a romantic fantasy of mine that I've conjured in my
head. An angel confessing his love for a workaholic who desperately needs time off and won't
admit it. He called me Seto...my name, I don't think has even sounded better. I can't believe it,
not at all.

"Seto, are you okay?"

*And though my love is rare*
*Though my love is true*

I was so sure I could just say no and leave, but now it's not that easy. He's given me his
heart, and I'm likely to shatter it into a million pieces unless I can figure this out. That's the last
thing I want to do. I don't know if I could love Yugi that way. I can love, I love Mokuba, but
he's my brother and it's a different kind of love. I love dear Mokuba with all my heart. I'd give
my life for him. In fact, I've already gave my soul away trying to save him. He's the only one
I've even loved, in any way, save my parents, who went to heaven a long time ago.

*I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away*

"Yugi...I'm sorry. I don't feel the same way and...there's a lot I'm still trying to figure out about
myself. It wouldn't be fair...for either of us."