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Spock held his breath in the freezing ice air as the Klingon held the weapon above his head. Then a beam of light hit the Klingon as he pierced his chest above his heart.

"No," He heard Captain James Kirk's voice ring out as the Klingon was stunned. Spock felt the blood start to seep onto his uniform, he tried to sit up and Jim pushed him back down, "Don't move, your hurt." Taking out his communicator calling up, "Kirk to Enterprise, beam up immediately with medical help to stand-by, Mr. Spock has been injured. Kirk out." He looked down at the Vulcan that lay with a stoic face. "You're going to be okay Spock." Kirk said but instead of helping the Vulcan, it was more to calm himself.

"Captain," Spock said with a strong voice as the emerald blood started to drip from his lip, as he looked up at the Captain with a hazy look in his eyes, "I believe that-". Then the feeling that was so familiar to them came back as they materialized back in the transporter room. Spock stopped talking as his eyes started to close as he tried to go into a healing trance, but it didn't work, his mind was rejecting it.

"Keep talking to me Spock." Jim said as the medical team was collecting Spock.

"My mind is shutting down." Spock looked at Jim with almost a tinge of fear behind his eyes, "I can't go into a healing trance, it is rejecting it." Bones rushed up and started to work immediately but stopping for a moment to look at Spock quickly for verification that the trance wasn't going threw.

"What does that mean?" James asked as Bones started to work again but even faster, now with his hands covered in jade colored blood, "Bones what does it mean, that trancey thing?"

"He won't be able to knock out and heal himself the Vulcan way, it isn't a good thing with all this blood he's loosing and the wound he has going threw his body right above his heart." Bones spoke and Spock was getting paler and paler. Bones and his crew moved Spock down to Med-Bay with Jim close in tow.

Pain pulsed threw Spock as they moved him, he was so cold and he could feel the sticky blood sticking to his uniform and could taste it masking the taste in his mouth. It hurt; a siring pain and all he wanted was relief from this.

"Jim you can't be here." Bones ordered and a few nurses saw him out.

The last thing Mr. Spock heard was Bones's voice calling out orders to people then the words, "Dammit Spock! Don't die on me!" Soon it all just drifted away, the pain, the noise, everything.

Jim waited for an hour then nurse Chapel and Bones came out. "Jim," Bones's voice was grave and sorrowful.

"How is he?" Jim asked anxiously and then saw McCoy's sad face, "What happened? What is it? What's wrong?"

Bones held his head high and looked at him, "We did everything, his body was shutting down for some reason and didn't co-operate with anything we did. I'm sorry Jim, Spock has been pronounced dead."

Jim looked onto Spock's body that lay so still, it scared him. Jim felt the skin on the corps; it was so cold. "You are," Jim stopped and said again with Bones behind him looking on, "You were, the greatest First Officer in the Star Fleet. A great friend, and you will be missed by many." Jim did the Vulcan salute to the body, "Live long and prosper. I have been and always shall be, your friend."

Spock gasped for air and his eyes opened to see the ceiling and voices, but it wasn't the ceiling he closed his eyes to and those weren't the voices he has ever heard before. Looking around, he felt different and everything was different; a place he has never been. Then a woman came up and looked down to him, "Hello Mr. Spock," She said down to him, "You have been a sleep for a long time."

He breathed out trying to ask with a raspy voice, "What happened?"

She handed him some water and then answered with a gentle voice, "You were in an accident and went into a coma for two years."

"Where is Doctor McCoy?" Spock asked with an out of breath voice. The woman looked at him with a worried face and wrote it down on her clip board.

"I'm sorry but no Doctor McCoy works here." She said, "I am your doctor. Doctor Amanda Leonar."

Spock didn't understand, "You said I was asleep for two years, what year is it?"

Doctor Leonar looked at him, then wrote down more, "It is year 2013." Spock felt his heart jump, what happened? How is this logical? Everything he saw was different, not new but looked like the things he saw in history books. "Where am I?"

"Newlington Hospital in San Francisco, California." She told him as she started to administer a needle into what looked to be a bag of a sort that was connected to his arm, "I am giving you a sedative to calm you down. Tell me about yourself."

Spock looked at her confused, "I am First Officer S'chn T'gai Spock of the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, my father Sarek, is the ambassador of Vulcan; my home planet. I am the only one of my kind, half Vulcan and half Human." Then as if a tug, Spock pulled his hand up to ears and felt for the point, then put his hand to his chest and looked at her again, "W-What is-" everything started to get heavy and lost.

"You are Benedict Peter Spock. Full human from earth-" That was all he heard until he fell into a deep sleep in slight panic of his current situation.

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