Jim woke up and came back down to sit next to Leonard, Pavel, and Spock who was still passed out on the table.

"What's wrong with him?" He sat down pointing at Spock who had his head pressed to the table, "He didn't find anything did he?"

Leonard shook his head pressing his lips together, "He stayed up all night, and he was doing some crazy shit that I don't even think the government can do yet, looking for something. Woke up this morning and he was just staring at a blank screen, he's just mad now. Paul gave him a bit of old coffee and vodka, mainly vodka; then he passed out. Might have given himself a heart attack but I wouldn't know I'm not a doctor. Hasn't had any meds almost twenty-four hours and now we can't give him any for a bit. All I know is, Benny is not happy at all."

Pavel shrugged taking a sip from his coffee, "Just to get it straight, the coffee and vodka was for Leonard, it's not my fault. Just to let you know." He said to Jim.

Jim rolled his eyes, "Okay Paul don't worry, he's fine. He's fine, just needs a little more time."

"How much time can we give him without handing him over to the loony bin?" Leonard said quietly, "Look Jim he's my friend too, and I only want to see him happy shitting rainbows on a space ship, whatever he wants, but he doesn't seem happy and I mean we don't want a repeat of the therapist thing. This just might be his breaking point. I mean he said he doesn't want to sleep cause he will only dream of that other world and-"

"He's taking the meds, they take them-"Jim tried to say.

"Those pill aren't doing shit for him." Leonard said slightly louder, "He always seeing something, someone and he just looses it. Give him a pill and he just calms down, doesn't mean he will forget what he sees in those dreams or when he looses it. How much time can we honestly give him until we can't help him any more?"

Jim tightened his jaw folding his hands together looking up at Leonard, Pavel stood up from his chair backing away slowly, "Well I see mommy and daddy are fighting about big brother again, so I'm just going to go buy some breakfast and I'll be back." He nodded and started to head for the door then left.

Jim just sighed and said to Leonard, "For god sakes Leo, he's our friend, you can't be serious about giving him over to some crazy house? We can help him just as much as they can."

"No we can't." Leonard's tone was tempered slightly, "He's just gonna hurt himself Jim."

"Leo," He paused thinking for a moment, "I don't know. He's my best friend just as much as he is yours. I only want him to be happy, and I don't know what to do. What he's asking for, we can't give him; no one can. I don't know what to do. Give him time or give him up." With that Spock started to groan on the table as he turned and forced his eyes to open and he looked at Leonard who sat with his arms crossed.

"Good job," he said sarcastically, "you woke him up." He looked from Jim to Spock, "Hey Benny, how's the nap?" He pushed over another cup of coffee to him, "Want some more coffee, no vodka this time, I swear."

Spock sat up with his emotionless gaze, "I do not want coffee, I'd rather the vodka right now." His tone was low.

"I see you woke up on the good side of the table this morning." Jim muttered, "Like hell we're gonna give you-" Just as he was about to finish Spock just stood up himself and turned to the counter and started looking through the cabinets, "you can't be serious Spock?"

Spock opened on of the cabinets grabbing the bottle then turning to Jim and Leonard, "I am not Spock." He spat as he opened the bottle taking a swig then grimacing, "I am not Spock, as much as I want to believe it, I am not. I am Benedict." He took another drink and grimaced again, "Spock is dead, he was never alive, and it is all a dream."

Jim got up quickly going over to Spock, "Give me that," He tried to take the bottle from him, "I know your upset but-"

Spock pulled his arm back from him, "You don't know anything." He barked as it echoed through the loft. "None of you do."

Leonard got up and Spock started to move to the other side of the counter seeing the bottle of pills he snatched them up in his empty hand. Jim and Leonard started to move slowly towards Spock like he was some animal, "Ben," Leonard said quietly with a calm voice, "it's okay. Just relax, it's going to be okay."

"Shut up Doctor." Spock backed away closer to the door he winced as his mind started racing with memories of Doctor McCoy, he dropped the vodka bottle and it shattered on the ground, waking up everyone else at this point.

Nyota started to wake up from her sleep as she saw Spock nearing the door holding the orange bottle of pills. Sitting up she looked to see what was happening when Spock looked right at her with frightened eyes, "Nyota," Spock whispered and then more memories of a life that never happened hit him again, it seemed like they were ripping him to shreds as he started to fall apart at the seams.

"Jim what's going-" Nyota started seeing Spock flinch just at her name.

"Stay there Ny," Jim said quickly still moving toward Spock lightly, "It's okay." He then diverted his attention back to Spock, "Benny, it's okay. Just listen to me, okay? It's nothing just relax, it's only apart of a dream. Just listen to me."

Spock practically shook as he looked at Jim trying to listen, "I want it to go away." More memories came flying back as he backed up some more, "I want it all to go away!" He roared out, looking down at the pill bottle, "These will take them away, they will take them away."

"Leonard, you were right, okay? Call an ambulance, we lost him already." Jim said quietly to Leonard who started to back up and go to find his phone, "Ben, listen to me. Just relax, it's going to be-"

"Shut up" Spock put his hands to his hair pulling at it, "they'll take all of the memories away. It will take everything. I just want to be Benedict. Spock is not real, Spock is not real!" He yelled to himself then the door opened and Pavel was standing in the door way. Spock turned and Pavel froze for a moment then Spock pushed past him into the wall across the hall, "No." He said as the memories flooded his mind again. Pushing past Pavel and started to run down the hall with Jim running close behind.