"I'm not doing online dating." Kaitlyn scoffed out as she wiped away on a table.

"Why not?" Natalya asked, leaning on the bar next to her with a rag slung over her shoulder.

"Because…" Kaitlyn started, turning to face her friend and fellow coworker. "There are creepy older men online who want nothing but sex and maybe murder."

The blonde girl let out a laugh at Kaitlyn's extreme comment. Kaitlyn rolled her eyes. Yeah, she had been lacking a bit in the love department lately but she wasn't as desperate as to stoop to online dating.

"I'll have you know my friend found her soul mate online. They've recently married." Natalya said before going behind the bar and cleaning a cup.

"Yeah well she just got lucky." The Texan muttered before following Natalya behind the bar.

"Maybe." Natalya shrugged. "Maybe you'll get lucky too, you never know…the one can be just a click away."

"What are you? An ad?" Kaitlyn joked before Vince, their boss, came out of his office.

"Are you ladies ready? We're opening in 5." He swaggered over, a smile on his face.

"Yes, open up those doors!" Kaitlyn said enthusiastically, happy to end this conversation.

"I can't believe I'm thinking about doing this…" Kaitlyn muttered as her laptop screen brighten up the dark room. The two-toned woman had spent her whole time bartending tonight thinking about what Natalya had said; despite the fact that she really didn't want to. Even in her drive back home she had thought about the possibility of finding the one in a cheesy dating site. It couldn't work, but there was the small chance that it could and Kaitlyn found a small part of her clinging to that knowledge.

Kaitlyn's eyes flashed through the requirements of making a profile. "They want so many things…" She thought outloud. Oh screw this. She said; x-ing out of the window. Her fingers moved the cursor over to the shutdown button. She was merely a click away when she heard her phone buzz.

She quickly reached for it and checked the message.

Don't knock it till you try it! ;)

Kaitlyn let out a long sigh. "Fine, I'll try it!" She declared out to the universe before quickly clicking on the website and typing away at all the information they needed.

Occupation: Bartender

Favorite food: Mexican

Favorite Type of Music: Classic Rock

Hobbies: Going out with friends, working out, being a kickass gamer

Ideal First Date: Dinner then sex for dessert. ;) Backspace. Backspace. Backspace. Dinner and some nice conversation.

Ideal Partner:

Kaitlyn stared at the question. What was she looking for? All the guys she deemed to be 'The One' once upon a time have all been…well…not. Did she even know how to pick 'em? Her fingers lingered over the keyboard before quickly clicking away an answer.

Ideal Partner: A nice caring man with a good sense of humor. A guy who isn't afraid to be himself and let his dork flag fly.

Kaitlyn was sure she was doing this all wrong. She felt like a complete idiot as she continued the rest of the mini survey before clicking on a recent picture of her as her profile picture. Sighing deeply she clicked the save button and soon her profile was out in the world. What have I done? Kaitlyn thought to herself.

She quickly grabbed her cell phone and scrolled to Natalya's recent text.

I did it, what do I do now?

A minute passed by when Kaitlyn felt her phone buzz again.

Play the waiting game. Let me know if any cute guys pop up! :D

The fit woman looked up at the screen, rereading her profile before deciding that she was done for the night. She shut her laptop closed –not bothering to shut if off properly –and decided that it was time for bed.

As she crawled into her queen size bed she couldn't help but feel lonely. A little part of her hoped that she'd get some replies to her profile. She could only hope it wouldn't be middle aged creeps.

Kaitlyn awoke the next day, her profile in mind.

"I can't believe I'm actually caring about this…" She mumbled to herself before swinging her feet over and making her way towards her bathroom. She quickly brushed her teeth and then made her way back to her laptop.

She felt her hands shake with nerves as she turned on the computer. Kaitlyn rolled her eyes at her nerves as she signed onto the site.

Before here was her profile and a little number three at the top, indicating that she got three 'Interested People' . Her heart skipped a beat as she saw this. She closed her laptop and picked up her cellphone.

"Nattie? Yeah you need to come over. I'm not checking these by myself!" She said into the phone.

Breakfast and a few re-runs of Simpsons later Natalya was at Kaitlyn's door. With a huge smile she walked into her home and went straight for her laptop, lifting the top and finding that the profile was up.

"Oh you got 3 messages?" Natalya refreshed the page. "Oh, I mean 5!"

"What? 5 now?" Kaitlyn asked, surprising lacing her voice. She sat next to Natalya and looked over her shoulder.

"Let's see." Natalya clicked on the envelope button. "Miz, Derrick…oh he seems cute. Hmm. Dolph, Cody and Sheamus." Natalya looked over with a nod. "They aren't too shabby!"

Kaitlyn scoffed as she looked through the messages, they have all been along the line of wanting to talk to her. "I don't know where to start…"

"Just look through their profile…see what you like." Natalya said, handing the laptop to Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn clicked on them one by one. Starting with Miz.

"Oh he looks cute." Natalya said as she skimmed down his profile. "Oh, but he was in a reality TV show!"

"So?" Kaitlyn asked.

"Come on, Kaitie. You know that probably means he's a douche bag." Natalya said with an eye roll as if it was common knowledge. Kaitlyn simply took her word for it and clicked on the next person, Derrick.

"Oh I seem to have lots in common with him!" Kaitlyn thought out loud, looking through all his interests.

"Wait I'm sorry" Natalya started, leaning in closer to the screen. "Is that a picture of him kissing a girl?!"

"Why would you post that up in a dating site?!" Kaitlyn asked incredulously. She shook her head and clicked on the next profile. So far this wasn't looking too good for her at all.

"Oh no…" Kaitlyn said, quickly leaving Dolph's page and pushing the laptop away from her.

"What are you doing?" Natalya asked.

"I'm done. They're all assholes!"

"How would you know? You still have two more left!" Natalya pushed the laptop back over to her friend and clicked on Cody's page. "Look see, he has a mustache! You love mustaches!"

"I don't care…he doesn't even look that great in it!" Kaitlyn sighed out, really not wanting to look through all the profiles anymore. This online dating was stupid; she didn't know how she let Natalya talk her into this.

"Just look at this last one. The least you owe these guys is a profile viewing." Natalya said.

Kaitlyn grabbed the computer with a huff and pulled it closer to her, in front of her was a man with red firey hair. He had green-blue eyes and a pale complexion. Kaitlyn found herself grow interest as she read through his page, he liked Mexican and his hobbies were pretty similar to hers as well. Looking through, she clicked through his pictures and landed on a photo with him shirtless.

"Hello…" Kaitlyn muttered out as she showed the photo to Natalya.

"He's okay...but that body." Natalya started, looking up at Kaitlyn. "Oh, you like this one! Message him back!"

Kaitlyn grew surprisingly nervous at the thought, she looked through his profile some more and noticed he was a bit older than her by a few years; almost double digits. She was nervous she'd be too immature for him, or better yet, he'll be too mature for her.


"Are you nervous? The brave and fearless Kaitlyn? Nervous?" Natalya teased with a smile on her face.

"No! …Yeah…" Kaitlyn breathed out as she threw her hand on the keyboard.

"All you have to do is say hello, your name and arrange a meeting. Or, you can just talk to him first." The blonde shrugged.

Kaitlyn bit her bottom lip. Did she want to meet him? No, no that was too soon. She'd have to talk to him first and get to know him. She slowly clicked on the inbox button, quickly writing a reply and sending it out to him.

"My heart's actually pounding, Nattie." Kaitlyn confessed.

"I'm so excited for you!" Natalya squealed. "See aren't you happy I convinced you?"

"I don't know…we'll see how this goes." Kaitlyn said.

A/N: So this is a new two chapter story I'm doing influenced by watching Catfish minus the Catfishing. haha. I know I should be working on Blood Thirsty but this came to mind and wouldn't leave. x{D I hope you enjoy this chapter, until we meet again! Please review? ^.^