A quick note before the ONE TWILIGHT HILL

This is a combining of two worlds, both Twilight and One Tree Hill, the main characters and their relationships are true to their worlds. We're just combining the sand from both sandboxes so the characters can play together. Please even if you aren't a One Tree Hill fan give this story a shot, it's a lot of fun. We have made some minor changes to some of the characters and time lines to make it a little easier to write and a little more fun.

The Twilight pairings are as followed Edward~Bella Rosalie~Emmett Alice~Jasper Carlisle~Esme Jake~Nessie Seth~Erin(My character from Shooting Star)

The One Tree Hill pairings are as followed Nathan~Haley Skillz~Bevin Lucas~Peyton

Other One Tree Hill characters in this story Brooke, Rachel, Jake, Mouth

One Twilight Hill is being written but two writers, AllLayton and TwilightSy. AllLayton is writing the One Tree Hill parts and I'm writing the Twilight


The Tree Hill Ravens from Tree Hill North Carolina are headed to the national basketball championship and this year it just happens to be being held at Forks High School in the small rainy town of Forks Washington. Come along for the ride as ten human children unknowingly enter a world of vampires and werewolves.

This first chapter is all One Tree Hill which is why we've posted both Chapter One and two. Please read and Review. Let us know if we should continue on or not.


Chapter 1

Nathan and Lucas Scott stood in the gym their mouths gapping open as Coach Whitey Durham continued his speech about Nationals. "So this year's competition is going to be held in Forks, Washington."

"Forks, Washington? Where the hell is Forks, Washington?"

Whitey chuckled at Nathan's question having had much the same reaction himself when he'd received the invitation. "It's on the other side of the country, Nathan," he told him. "You know north of California but south of Canada," he explained with an eye roll.

Nathan smirked at the older man, "I know where Washington State is Coach, it's just a strange place to be holding a national basketball championship."

"Are the cheerleaders coming again this year?" Tim, one of the other players asked, interrupting the geography lesson.

Whitey sighed, "As always, the Tree Hill Ravens cheerleading squad will be joining us if they can raise the funds for their own transportation to the event. The cheerleaders are not my responsibility," he huffed changing the conversation back to the team. "Now you boys know how this works. You can either stay in a hotel or we can make arrangements for you to billet. Hotel rooms would, as always, be paid for by the student or students involved. The State of North Carolina and the school board would rather take advantage of the kind people of Forks with their offer to house players at no charge to them. Please let me know what you decide to do. Since the tournament is being held on the other side of the country and we're taking the train, we'll be leaving the Thursday before the start of the competition,"he told them. "Are there any questions?"

"And we're taking the train because…?" one of the new players asked.

"If man was meant to fly, he'd have been born with wings," Whitey growled, a shiver running up his back. "Any other stupid questions?" he looked around at his players who shook their heads negatively and he ended the practice. "Hit the showers, we're done for the day."

"Do you think Whitey left the information about Nationals until the last minute because he doesn't want the girls to come?" Tim pouted as they entered the locker room.

"He does this every year, Tim, and every year the cheerleaders go with the team. They're expected to be there too," Nathan reminded him before he turned to his brother, "So are you going to billet or do we split on a hotel room for the week?"

Lucas shrugged his shoulders, "If Peyton is coming, I want a room of my own," he chuckled.

Nathan held up his fist and his brother knocked his against it, "I'm hoping Haley and Peyton will share too," he winked.

"We should get right on that," Lucas replied not wanting Brooke to make other arrangements for their girls. "Do you think Jagielski's gonna be able to come?"

"Skills!" Nathan called out.

"What up Scotts?"

"Is Jagielski coming to Nationals?"

Skills shrugged his shoulders, "I talked to him 'bout it last night. His cast come off yesterday and he be kinda stiff so he don't know if he be able to play at the tourney."

"As much as I'd like to have him on the court, I'd much rather he came and kept the Brookie Monster off my girl's back. This isn't going to be like the Sparkle Classic where she made it impossible for me to spend any time alone with Peyton," Lucas growled. "I need him to distract her so she's not focused on what I'm doing with my girlfriend."

Skills nodded his head in agreement, "Sho nuff. Brooke be makin' it hard on all us since you dump her ass an' hook up wit Skinny Girl."

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that," Lucas said coming off as less than sincere when he grinned to himself about getting away from Tree Hill with Peyton. Larry, Peyton's father, had come home from sea a few weeks ago to spend time with her so they'd not been able to spend any time alone together and were both feeling it.

Nathan chuckled at the look on his brother's face, "Larry still in town?"

Lucas gave his brother a dirty look, "Laugh it up little brother. It was awesome of him to offer to let me stay at their place after Mom left but coming back to Tree Hill to spend time with Peyt…really?"

Nathan laughed, "Larry's no idiot, Luke. Peyton's emancipated and can do whatever the hell she wants; he's just trying to run a little interference. Larry's been back almost as long as your Mom's been gone that was no accident."

"Yeah you may be right, Nate."

With their showers over, the boys went back into the gym to meet up with the others. "Rivercourt?" Lucas asked raising his eyebrows at the small group. He looked around and noted all the nodding heads "See you all in a few."

Splitting up, they disappeared into the parking lot to get into their cars for the short trip to the public basketball court; Lucas making his way across the lot made a quick call to Jake to inform him of the impromptu gathering.

Ten minutes later, the group reformed and Nathan opened the meeting of the group of friends. "This is really starting to feel like a club with these little meetings we keep having outside of school. People are going to start getting the wrong impression and think we're up to no good," he smiled as the others laughed at the truth behind his words. "Okay so we need a plan for Nationals, people. Hales, did you grab the map out of the car?"

She nodded as she unfolded the map on the worn asphalt, "Forks, Washington is here," she said pointing to the small town's location on the Pacific coast.

"Whitey not kiddin' 'round when he say it be on the other side of the country, man," Skills said in awe. "It's gonna take fo eva to get there."

"It's about an eight hour flight including a stopover in Chicago where we'd have had to change planes. We'd have landed in Port Angeles," Haley told them knowledgably pointing to that city on the map, "and it's just under an hour's drive from there to Forks."

"Where did you find the time to look all that up, Tutor girl? We just found out tonight where the tournament is going to be held," Brooke asked amazed by her friend's readiness to answer their questions.

Haley pulled out her iPhone and wiggled it at her, "There's an app for that." Everyone laughed. "However, since Whitey won't fly and we're taking the train, it's more like two days from here to there. We still end up in Port Angeles and have to drive from there but this could prove to be way more fun than flying would have been."

"So are we billeting this year?" Peyton asked nervously looking at her boyfriend and crossing her fingers behind her back that he was going to say they were staying at a hotel.

He winked at her, "I'm going to book a room at whatever hotel is available. Does anyone else need one?" Lucas chuckled as he looked around him. "Okay, so I need to book one for me and Nate, Haley and Peyton, Brooke and Bevin…"

"Skills and I," Jake said joining them.

"Tim and Vegas, Rachel and Theresa," Lucas finished marking all the information down on a piece of paper he'd pulled out of his gym bag. "I'll book this on my card and you can all pay me later, cool?" The group nodded.

Nathan took on a serious look, crossing his arms over his chest, "We cannot have a repeat of last year," he said looking directly at Tim and Vegas who had caused a hell of an uproar the previous year in Buffalo. "Whitey will have a coronary if you two do something that stupid again and I can guarantee Coach will have us on the next train back to Tree Hill whether the tournament's over or not. I personally don't care who any of you sleep with while we're there," he said looking at all of them now, "I just don't want to have to see it."

"I'm with Nate on that one," Haley said turning her nose up at the two responsible for the school's embarrassment at the New York competition.

"You're lucky Whitey is even letting you two idiots go," Peyton added tucking herself under Lucas' arm and glaring at Brooke who was eyeing him hopefully.

"You guys just need to get over it. We made a mistake. It won't happen again," Vegas offered.

"See that it doesn't," Jake and Lucas said together.

"Is there any other business?" Rachel asked chuckling at how official these little meetings had become. When no one offered up anything for further discussion, she said, "I'm gone. Anyone need a lift?" Theresa, Tim, and Vegas followed her to the car.

"Alright now that those idiots are gone, let's make some real plans," Nathan smirked. "You good to go, Jake?"

"My cast is off," he said holding up the arm. "it's a little stiff but I still may be in a position to play and if not, I'd rather watch you guys than be stuck here while you're having a blast in Washington."

"Glad to hear it man," Lucas said heartily. "And maybe you can help keep Brooke off my back," he muttered so only Jake would hear him. The other boy gave a slight nod of his head in acknowledgement and they bumped fists.

While the girls made lists of who was responsible for what and the things that were needed for the eight of them, Haley suddenly realized that someone had been missing from their number. "Mouth! We forgot to count him," she said interrupting the conversations that were going on around her.

"Shit! You're right. I'll make sure to book a room for him too," Lucas agreed.

Peyton who had been online on her phone checking out hotels in Forks looked at Lucas, "We may have to billet after all, baby."

"Why?" he asked putting one of her soft blonde curls behind her ear.

"Forks only has a few hotels and a couple of bed and breakfasts and I'll bet the rooms are going fast; it's a small town of just over 3100 people. There's ten teams in the tournament coming from out of state and as many squads and their coaches, that's nearly 300 people right there…plus chaperones," she said dejectedly.

"Don't worry, sweetheart, let's go take care of this right now," he wrapped her in his arms and kissed her temple, rolling his eyes at the glare he was getting from Brooke. It had been over a year; it was time the girl got over herself. "Come on, Blondie," Lucas said taking Peyton's hand as they made their way toward her car."I'll let everyone know what's going on tomorrow at school. Later!" The blondes climbed into the vintage comet and disappeared down the road.