Chapter 4

The two vehicles carrying the teens pulled up in front of a huge mansion. "Wow!" Brooke gasped from the back seat. "I come from money but this place puts mine to shame."

"Mine too," Rachel agreed.

"It's beautiful, Esme," Haley added.

She smiled brightly, "Thank you. I designed it myself."

"You did?" Peyton asked in surprise. "It's a work of art."

"I think that's the best compliment I've ever received, Peyton. Thank you."

The girls climbed out of the car and formed a line looking up at the house that would be their home for the next seven days. The front door suddenly opened and out came two bronze skinned boys as previously arranged by Esme. She let out a low sigh of relief when the pair appeared wearing the shirts she'd requested they put on.

Carlisle and the boys joined the girls, bags in hand; the boys that had come from the house approaching them. "Please tell me those two don't play basketball,"Nathan groaned looking up at them.

Carlisle chuckled, "No they don't so you don't have to worry about that in the games this week."

Nathan let out a sigh of relief, "Thank god for that."

"Do they build all the boys in this town like them?" Rachel asked hopefully.

Esme chuckled, "There are one or two more of the pack around."

"Was it these two you asked to put shirts on?" Rachel asked, "cause if it was it truly wasn't necessary."

"These are our boys, Jake and Seth," Carlisle introduced them.

"Boys would you please carry the ladies things into the house," Esme told them authoritatively.

"Yes Mom," Jake said winking at her and grabbing a couple of the bags from the trunk and leaving a couple for Seth. "Come on bro you need to earn your keep."The two disappeared back into the house. And Esme led the way for them to follow her inside, Carlisle bringing up the rear closed the door behind them.

They looked around, "This place is unbelievable," Mouth whispered.

"Nice digs," Skills threw in. "My compliments to your decorator."

"Esme designed the house," Carlisle said proudly, "Inside and out."

"With some help from yours truly," Alice said appearing in the room. "Hi, I'm Alice."

"Where are the others?" asked Esme.

"Ness and Erin are in the living room and the others aren't back from their run yet."

"Come along and I'll introduce you to the kids that are here." Carlisle said showing them into the living room. When they entered the room everyone got up from where they'd been sitting. "I'd like to introduce you to our guests, they're the Ravens from Tree Hill, North Carolina."

Esme jumped into the conversation, "Each of you can introduce yourselves."

"Jake Jagielski," each of the Cullens nodded committing the name to memory.

Carlisle chuckled at the look of consternation on his Jake's face. "This Jake," he said placing his hand on Jagielski's shoulder, "has agreed to go by either his last name or Jacob to avoid any confusion between the two of you."

"Thanks," Jake said reaching out and shaking Jagielski's hand. "I appreciate it."

"No problem."

"I guess that cleared that up, easy enough," Carlisle said.

"Lucas Scott," he said introducing himself.

"Antwon 'Skills' Taylor but you can call me Skills."

"Peyton Sawyer."

"Brooke Davis."

"Rachel Gatina."

"Marvin McFadden but you can call me Mouth."

"Bevin Mersky but you can call me Bevin," the bubbly blonde said making everyone grin.

"I'm Nathan Scott and this is my wife, Haley James Scott."

"Their actually married," Esme whispered only loud enough for her own to hear.

"These are a couple of our children," Carlisle said, "Jake and Seth Black, Erin, Alice and Renesmee Cullen."

"Renesmee, that's a beautiful name," Haley said brightly. "Where did you find it?"

"It's a combination of her grandmother's name and mine," Esme explained, "but we call her Nessie."

"Like the monster?" Skills asked.

Jake laughed, "Exactly. She's the baby and she really can be a monster sometimes. We all spoil her terribly." Nessie blushed as the new people smiled at her.

"The others should be along shortly," Esme told them. "Would any of you care for something to eat?"

"Yes!" Jake and Seth yelled out causing the Tree Hill kids to laugh.

"I wasn't talking to you two, wolves. I was talking to our guests."

"I can always eat," Skills told her.

"None of us has really eaten much since we left Tree Hill, Esme, just train food. We should probably all eat something and I can certainly cook for this horde, I'm used to it."

"Oh no dear," Esme said. "I love to cook. I'll take care of it. You should all go and settle yourselves into your rooms while I get something prepared."

"Are you sure?" Haley asked concerned by the amount of work that went into feeding this bunch.

"Yes of course, go ahead. This group cannot rival Jake, Seth and their pack of friends when they come for dinner. I'll be fine. You go on ahead."

Alice turned to Brooke, Rachel and Bevin, having seen that this was the best way to separate the girls, "I'll show you the way, come on." They followed her up the long flight of stairs to the third floor of the massive house.

Jake motioned for the guys to follow him. The boys grabbed their bags and followed him up the stairs. He led the way with the others following, Lucas at the back of the line with Seth.

"Is the dark haired married guy your real brother?" Seth asked. "I noticed you two have the same last name."

Lucas smiled, "Yeah my younger brother actually."

"Younger brother? You look the same age," he said in surprise.

Lucas laughed, "I'm three months older; same father, different mother."

"Hmmm, I guess you two would like to room together then."

"We'd appreciate that."

"Not a problem. Hey Jake, the brothers in the two man room."

"Alright," he replied.

When they reached the third floor, the girls' luggage stood against the walls. "This is your room," Alice said showing them the two tone pink space. "If you grab your luggage we can get it all moved in there so you can unpack."

Brooke spoke up, "The Prada Pink bags are mine," she said reaching for the handles.

"The Tiffany blue are mine," Bevin put in grabbing her suitcases.

"The Gucci Leopard print are mine," Rachel said grasping the handles of two of her four bags.

"You girls like clothes," Alice said excitedly as the girls started to unpack; knowing the answer before any of them could speak.

"We live for clothes," Brooke told her.

"Worship them is more like it," Rachel added.

Alice clapped her hands together joyfully. "Me too. I'd show you my closet but I've had to move some things around recently so it's not as impressive as it usually is."

"I have a big walk in at home but nothing like this one," Bevin said coming out of the closet, hangers in hand setting them in a pile on the bed. "I got dibs on the top bunk," she squealed, "I love being on top."

"I've got the single that gives you the bottom, Rach."

"Fine, whatever," the girls with Alice's help, continued unpacking their suitcases and talking about current fashions.

Downstairs Nessie and Erin offered to show Peyton and Haley to their room. "It's this way," Erin told them.

"This place is truly beautiful," Peyton said appreciating the artistic lines of the space and the beautiful paintings on the walls.

"Mom chose each piece in the main living areas," Erin told her. "Individual spaces were done by the owner."

"I hope we're not putting y'all out too much," Haley said. "Taking in ten strangers is overwhelming for anyone."

"Mom loves this stuff," Erin replied. "She's always wanted the opportunity to help out in Forks and this tournament is really letting her get involved."

"You two take this room," Jake pointed to the first door on the left. "You others, it's the door further down on the left at the end of the hall. Come down when you're ready." He gestured for Seth to follow him as he headed back downstairs.

The boys separated into their rooms and started unpacking; Lucas and Nathan waiting impatiently for their girls to show up. It had been a long time since they'd had a few moments alone together since they'd arrived in Washington and they missed it. "We're a long way up in this house, big brother. You think anyone would notice if I kicked you out of here and spent some time alone with my wife tonight?"

"God I hope not, Nate, cause I'd like to spend some alone time with my girl too." The brothers bumped fists and quickly finished up, flopping down on the beds when they were done.

"Your brothers are HOT!" Rachel suddenly blurted out during their discussion of current designers.

"Uhm, thank you, I guess."

"Are the others that hot too?" Rachel asked. "Your Mom mentioned there are five boys in the family."

"Jake and Seth are the only Native American brothers I have," Alice told her.

"Okay but are the others hot?"

"They're my brothers. I'm not sure how to answer that."

"Do they have girlfriends?"

"Yes!" she said quickly. "All of them do."

"That will make this all the more fun," she muttered under her breath not knowing that Alice could hear every word clearly.

Half way up the stairs, Nessie, Erin, Peyton and Haley, ran into Jake and Seth coming back down from showing the boys their space, "I'm going to our room," Jake said looking at Seth but running his finger along Nessie's arm. I'll see you in a little while."

Nessie nodded only slightly, and Peyton smirked in both recognition and confusion at the gesture. These two were supposed to be brother and sister but she could sense a strange connection between the two; something like what she shared with Lucas. The intuitive blonde thought that maybe things were not quite what they seemed in her beautiful home away from home and she couldn't wait to figure out the answers.