Some of you guys suggested I make a sequel, so here you go! (This isn't part of my headcanon anymore). By the way, the first chapter was revised—I revised it like, four times? D: I just...ugh. Too many errors!

Anyway, this is short and silly. Please enjoy.

"What is happening here..." It was more of a demand really. Miyaji was standing by the doorway, displeased at the sight before him as his patience was being slowly shred down to nothing. He turned to Kimura. "Kimura..."

But as if he had read the fuming teenager's mind, Kimura replied, "Sorry. No pineapples today."

As opposed to Miyaji, Kimura was rather amused. He would have to applaud the pair later on as well for pissing off Miyaji this bad and so early in the morning.

Miyaji grunted and turned, walking away just in time to bump into Captain Ootsubo, who had just finished getting dressed from a nice shower and was on his way to greet his favourite kouhai a good morning.

"For the love of god, Ootsubo. We woke them up ten times thirty minutes ago, but look at them," Miyaji began, "look at them," he added and pointed a finger towards the sleeping pair with so much intensity he could have shot laser beams from it. "Did they become deaf from the sounds of their stupid lovey-dovey thumping hearts? Why do we tolerate this?" He sounded almost pleading as he faced the captain.

"Because we're good senpai, Miyaji," Ootsubo only replied. "We care for them."

Miyaji rolled his eyes and scoffed as he stormed out. "Whatever. I'm getting breakfast."

"Oh! Save me some miso soup, will ya?" Kimura called off just before Miyaji rounded the corner. The power forward was not planning on leaving. Not until he got himself a little 'souvenir' in the form of candid photographs of the two.

Ootsubo, on the other hand tried to make sense of the situation—Midorima who was looking uncomfortable and as stiff as a board, and Takao, who was laid over him, arms and legs spread wide around Midorima's body, his face snuggling the side of Midorima's neck.

"Now… How in the world…" He stared at the two sceptically.

"He kind of looks like a crab, doesn't he?" Kimura commented, to which Oostubo nodded in agreement to.

"I guess it's time for them to rise and shine." Out of nowhere, Ootsubo had pulled out an air horn from some place. Kimura cupped his ears at the immediate sight of it. He feared for his hearing. And just like that, the whole camp had awakened.

"WHAT? WHERE'S THE FIRE?!" Takao shot up in genuine panic. Midorima, who was underneath him, winced at the sudden shift of weight. "Shin-chan…" Takao suddenly began, realizing that he was on top of (and practically crushing) someone. "How did you get there?"

Midorima turned away, embarrassed at the close proximity and their compromising position, but annoyed because the point guard was indeed heavy. "T-Takao…" He sputtered. "Get off me!"

"Oh, but wow. You make such a good pillow, Shin-chan." As if ignoring Midorima, he had simply patted his shoulder, a wide grin across his face. Midorima held back the urge to smack him.

"Get. Off. Me." Midorima repeated more gravely.


There were crashing sounds and Takao yelling out frantically as Kimura and Ootsubo made their way to the dining room for breakfast.

"That's why we care, Kimura. That's why we care."

I just love these three senpai.